Boulder Community Library

Address: 202 South Main Street, Boulder, Montana, 59632 

Phone: (406) 225-3241

Web: http://sites.google.com/site/bouldercommunitylibrary

Email: bldrlib@mtlib.org

Clancy Library

Address: 3 North Main Street, Clancy, Montana, 59634

Phone: (406) 933-5254

Web: http://sites.google.com/site/northjeffersoncountylibraries

Email: northjeffersoncountylibraries@gmail.com

The Heritage Center

Address: 210 North Main Street, Boulder, Montana, 59632 

Phone: (406) 422-9879

Web: http://theheritagecenter.yolasite.com

Email: theheritagecenter@gmail.com

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

Address: 102 South Monroe Street, Boulder, Montana, 59632 

Phone: (406) 225-4020

Web: http://jeffersoncounty-mt.gov/clerk_recorder.html

Email: gkunz@jeffersoncounty-mt.gov

Jefferson County Museum

Address: 5 North Main Street, Clancy, Montana, 59634 

Phone: (406) 224-5106

Web: http://jeffersoncountymuseum.com

Email: jcmuseum.mt@gmail.com

Montana City Community Library

Address: 1 Jackson Creek Road, Montana City, Montana, 59634 

Phone: (406) 204-4468

Web: http://sites.google.com/site/northjeffersoncountylibraries

Email: northjeffersoncountylibraries@gmail.com

Whitehall Community Library

Address: 110 First Street West, Whitehall, Montana, 59759 

Phone: (406) 287-3763

Web: http://sites.google.com/site/whitehallmontanalibrary


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We would like to recognize the contributions of Ellen Rae Thiel.  For many years, she was the Jefferson County coordinator.  We appreciate her hard work and dedication.