Rhonda Michael's Family Files

Rhonda Michael has had a very nice web site on Geocities for a good many years with tons of information on Glacier and Pondera County people.  Last spring Geocities announced it would be deleting their free web pages as of October 2009.  I have emailed Rhonda without a response offering space for her files on MTGenWeb.  I have never heard back from her.


What I have now done is copy Rhonda's pages and I am uploading them to Glacier and Pondera counties keeping Rhonda as copyright holder.  I didn't want all her valuable data to get deleted next month when we could have saved it.  I have made the decision to copy her info and displaying it here without her express permission but I hope she will appreciate me saving all her hard work.  Rhonda if you see this note please contact me letting me know you are all right and also letting me know if the display of your work on this free web site is acceptable to you.  This page is an index of her family files.  A majority of the cemeteries are Rhonda's work as well.


  John Hall Family

  Cattle Driving (John Hall and friends)

  Josephine "Beaver Eyes" Hall Family

  Dubray and Steele Families

  Hoyt Family

  Evans Family

  Whiteman Family


Rhonda also had a reservation page linked which I am disassembling and making into several pages as the subjects are not all the same.  Look for that in the near future. 


Thanks much,


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Pages constructed and online Sep 22, 2009