Born: June 17, 1796, Pleasant Valley, Orange Co., New York Died: August 24, 1854, Benton Co., Iowa, buried on the farm, later moved by William and Winfield Evans to Palo Alto Co. Iowa.

Married: Sarah Kniffen on January 19, 1817, Liberty, Sullivan Co. New York, Sarah was born 1796, Pleasant Valley, NY, died 1882, Huron Co. Norwalk, OH.

John and Sarah Kniffen Evans' Children:

1. Jeremiah Kniffen Evans, born July 10, 1818 , Rockland, Sullivan, Co New York, died May 8, 1857, Webster Co. Iowa.

Jeremiah married Hannah Quimley on November 11, 1837, Webster Co. Iowa. Hannah was born May 15, 1818, died October 18, 1889, Fort Benton, Montana.

Jeremiah and Hannah Quimley Evan's children:

1i. Hiram Evans, born November 27, 1838 in Marietta, Ohio, died March 29, 1884, Fort Benton, Montana. Hiram served in the Civil War and became on prisoner of war and was held at Andersonville, Ga. After the War he came to Fort Benton, MT. Hiram married Strikes By Mistake, later known as "Annie Bad Old Man" (Blackfeet Indian).

1i(1) Hannah Evans, born 1879 est. died January 21, 1971. married Adam Whiteman b. 1874, died December 12, 1954. Children: Minnie Whiteman 1903-1983 married William Hall, Agnes Whiteman 1908-1947 married Aaron Racine and adopted son Clarence Austin, 1900-1912.

1i(2) Joseph Evans b. 1873 died: 4/21/1913 married Mary "Self Kills" Bites on 7/2/1895.

Children: James Evans b. 1897, Irene Evans b. 1900 married James Choate, Francis Evans b.1904 died: 1974 married Mollie Vielle, 2nd marriage to Louise Chewing Black Bones, William Evans b. 1906 , Aloysius Evans b. 12/13/05 died 3/6/1986 and Henry Evans b. 11/8/1911 married Annie Irene Fast Buffalo Horse b. 7/15/1914.

1i(3) Susan Evans b. 1880 (died at a young age)

(see note at bottom)

1ii. Jane M. Evans, born June 10, 1843 in Marietta, Ohio, died 1880 at Fort Dodge, Iowa. Jane married John Mulroney.

1iii. John Evans, born February 21, 1846 in Marietta, Ohio, died April 17, 1929 Chewelah, Washington. 1st Marriage on Sept. 19, 1876 to Clara Peters b. 1858 died October 14, 1882 Fort Benton, MT. Children: John H. Evans, Della Evans and Harry Evans b. April 27, 1882 d. September 21, 1877. 2nd Marriage to Lizzie Copenhaver, Jan. 1885 died 1911 Seattle, Wa. Children: Frank Leslie Evans b. Dec. 6, 1886 died 1914 and Grant Hazan Evans b. Sept. 15, 1888. 1iv. William Curtis Evans, born February 21, 1849 in Marietta, Ohio, died January 12, 1930, Bainsville, Montana. William married Lucinda St. John she died in 1877. Then he married Elizabeth Whaley on March 25, 1878,who died in Fort Benton, MT on Jan. 18, 1896. His third wife was Catherine Ann Walker, on Oct.29, 1898, she died October 26, 1935, buried at Bainsville, MT.

William Curtis and Lucinda St. John Evans' children:

1iv(1) Mary Sophronia Evans, b. 8/24/1870, West Bend, IA

1iv(2) William Evans, died young

1iv(3) Earl Evans, died young

William Curtis and Elizabeth Whaley Evans' children:

1iv(4). Josephine Orella Evans, b. 12/28/1878

1iv(5). Henry LeRoy Evans, b. 12/20/182

1iv(6). Myrtle Isabel Evans, b. 2/9/1884

1iv(7). Elva Edith Evans, b. 2/9/1886, died August 24, 1951, Coram, MT.

1iv(8) Howard Earl Evans, b. 1/11/1888, MT

1v. Winfield Scott Evans, born May 26, 1852 in Marietta, Ohio, died October 18, 1908, Culbertson, Montana. Winfield married Jane E. Sloan July 11, 1865 at Palo Alto County, Iowa.

Winfield and Jane Sloan Evans' children:

1v(1) Winfield Scott "Jack" Evans

1v(2) Charles Sloan Evans

2. Phoebe Evans, born August 29, 1820, Wanwajsink, Ulster Co. New York, Phoebe married Elijoh Steel.

3. George W. Evans, born October 21, 1822, Ulster Co. New York. Died April 17, 1862.

4. Andrew Kniffen Evans, born May 18, 1825 Wanwajsink, Ulster Co. New York, died October 1, 1876. Andrew married Miranda Hoose.

5. Mary Ann Evans, born September 18, 1827, Wanwajsink, Ulster Co. New York, died April 1880. Mary Ann married Isaac Rounds.

6. Saville E. Evans, born December 15, 1830, Wanwajsink, Ulster Co. New York, died October 9, 1845.

7. Susan A. Evans, born July 3, 1835, Rockland, Sullivan Co. New York died August 30, 1850.

8. Sally Evans, born December 21, 1840, Greenwich, Huron Co. Ohio.

Note: Hannah and Joe Evans were Blackfeet Indians. Both children were raised and attended school at the St. Peters Mission at Fort Shaw, Montana. Hannah was a very well educated lady and a very strong catholic. Both children were left at St. Peters Mission and it wasn't until they grow up that they lived on the Blackfeet Reservation.



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