Adolphus "Tin Cup Joe" Dubray QC>MT>CANADA
Steele Family from Ontario, Alberta, Montana and British Columbia

Antoine Dubray (b. QC, Canada) and Delphine Delores Gotter (b. QC, Canada).

1. Adolphus Joseph Dubray b. 1833, St. Theresa, QC, Canada
2. Antoine Dubray b. 1835, Ste. Therese, QC, Canada

Adolphus Joseph DuBray came to Montana and settled in Butte, selling hardware to the miners. He later went to Fort Benton, MT and married Under Fox Woman (Blackfeet Indian).
Their son:
1. Aleck Dubray was born est. 1865 in Fort Benton, MT (see below for family). After Under Fox Woman died, Adolph and Aleck Dubray went to Canada.

Adolphus Joseph DuBray was nicknamed: Tin Cup Joe.
2nd wife: Louisa Kirkness b. ca. 1849, Manitoba, Canada, Metis.

Adolphus and Louisa Kirkness Dubray's children:

2. Elizabeth Dubray, b. abt. 1868

3. Adolphus Dubray, Jr., b.ca. 1870 Manitoba, Canada
married Margaret Ann Hourie b. 7-9-1879, Halcro, SK, Canada (daughter of Peter Hourie and Margaret Thomas, both Metis)

4. Antoine Dubray, b. 3-24-1872, Cypress Hills, Canada

5. Mary Dubray, b. 3-24-1874, Milk River, Saskatchewan, married John S. Pendygrasse

6. John Dubray, b. 2-10-1876, Cypress Hills, Canada, d. 11-1-1876, Milk River, Saskatchewan.

7. Catherine Rosine "Kate" Dubray, b. 2-3-1878, Poplar Point, Manitoba, Canada, married Fred Butcher.

8. Henry George Dubray, b. 5-18-1880, Halcros or Prince Albert, Sask, Canada.

9. Caroline "Carrie" Dubray, b. 12-1-1882, Halcro, Sask.

10. John Edward Dubray, b. 12-1-1883, Soputh Branch, Northwest Terr. d. 2-1-1884

11. Florence "Flora" Dubray, b. 9-24-1885, Halcro, Sask. married Joseph McDonald.

12. Alfred Dubray, b. ca. 1887

13. Thomas Dubray, b. ca. Jan. 1891, Sask. Canada married Mary Jane McDougall (dau of Henry-Andre McDougall and Cecile Montour)

14. Hartwick Dubray, b. Sask. Canada

15. Norman Albert Dubray b. Sask. Canada

16. Francois Dubray

Adolph Dubray living in Saskatchewan heard that the United States Government was allotting land to the Blackfeet Indians in Montana. He instructed his son, Aleck Dubray to returned to Montana and look for Mrs. Pambrun. Mrs. Pambrun would verify that he was a Blackfeet Indian and he would receive his allotment of land.

After returning to Montana, Aleck married Lilly Steele who was part Cree Indian and Scotch, her father was Richard Steele. Aleck and Lillie had 10 children and lived on the Blackfeet Reservation all their lives. Aleck and Lillie Dubray are buried at the St. Michael Cemetery in Browning, MT. along with James Dubray and Polite and Cathrine DuBray Pepion. George and Eva Dubray Hoyt are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Cut Bank, MT.

Aleck DuBray b. 1865. Silver Bow Co. MT died 1/29/1930, Blackfeet Reservation, MT.
Lilly Millecent Steele b. 1/10/1878 died 1947. Aleck and Lilly was married at 1897, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Aleck and Lilly Steele Dubray's children:

1. Joseph Dubray, b. 10/23/1898 d. 4/23/1964 married Emily Higgins
2. Gordon Dubray, b. 11/22/1899, d. 9/30/1963 married LaVern Hudson.
3. Eva Charlotte Dubray, b. 3/14/1902, d. 1/20/1990 married George Edward Hoyt
4. Elmes 'Alex' Dubray b. 1/1/1904 d. 3/29/1962
5. James Dubray, b. 1211/1906, d. 8/13/1954 (never married)
6. John Easter Dubray, b. April 11, 1908 d. at birth (never married)
7. Catherine Dubray, b. 10/15/1910 d. 3/30/1968 married Polite Pepion
8. Carl "Bud" Dubray, b. 10/8/1911 d. 2/5/1971 married Katherine Flammond
9. Herbert Dubray, b. 8/17/1915 d. 11/29/1978
10. Ernest Dubray, b. 3/8/1921 d. 1/12/1963

Steele Family

Elmes Steele and Elizabeth Seely Coucher had six children.(Names unknown at this time)

Elmes Steele and Anne MacDonald Steele's children:

1. Samuel Benfield Steele, b. January 5, 1849/51 at Purbrook, Medonte, Simcoe, Ontario. Died: January 30, 1919.(see link below)
1(1). Harwood Robert Elmes Steele, b. 1897

2. Elizabeth Jane Steele, b. June 6, 1849 d. April 10, 1865

3. Richard Elmes Steele, b. Jan. 17, 1851 at Purbrook, Medonte,Simcoe, Ontario d. abt. 1926 married Anne Norn, b. 3/3/1859, Manitoba
3(1). James Norman Steele, b. 6/23/1889
3(2). William Steele, b. 5/23/1899
3(3). Arthur Steele, b. 11/17/1897 (Arthur lived in England and raised a family there)
3(4). Joseph Gordon Steele, b. 5/19/1890
3(5). John 'Bony'Wilford Steele, b. 1/8/1894
3(6). Lillian (Lilly) Millicent Steele b. Jan. 10, 1878, Edmonton, Alberta (see above)
3(7). Harold Francis Steele, b. 2/29/1892
3(8). Florence Eveline Steele, b. 12/24/1880 married William Douglas
3(9). Sarah E. Steele, b. 1/23/1889
3(10).Richard E. Steele, b. 5/25/1883
3(11).George Steele, b. 3/23/1901

4. Edith Ann Steele, b. Nov. 1, 1853 d. Jan. 19, 1911
5. Godrey MacNeil Steele b. June 8, 1854 d. May 15, 1928
married Julia Mary Whitford b. 1865, Portage, La Prairie, Saskatchewan.
5 (1) Olive Steele d. est 1912, married Alexander Nicol 1912.
5 (2) Lily Violet Steele, married Alexander Nicol 1913
5 (3) Ina Maude Steele, married Jack Nichol
5(3)1. Fred Nicol Ina Maude Steele, married Flynn Pone
Ina Maude Steele, married Walter Sidney Wadsworth
5(3)2. Violet Jane Wadsworth
5(3)3. Eva Pearl Wadsworth
5(3)4. James Robert Wadsworth
6. James Bond Steele b. April 7, 1857 d. May 1, 1923

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