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The Auditor


Butte got its beginning in the late 1800s as a mining town in the valley near Silver Bow Creek. Butte sits high in the Rocky Mountains near the Continental Divide.  Gold and silver were mined at first, but with the invention of electricity, copper soon came in demand.  The Butte hills were rich in copper making Butte known as “the Richest Hill on Earth.”  

The population soared to over a hundred thousand people at one time.   Workers came from many countries including but not limited to Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Finland, Austria, Serbia, Italy, China, Croatia, Montenegro, Mexico, and Canada, as well as areas all over the United States.  Butte is so rich in its history that people come here just to see where their ancestors lived so long ago.

Prior to 1881, Butte was part of Deer Lodge County. For that reason, Butte records before that time are housed in the Powell County Courthouse in Deer Lodge.

In 1977, the city of Butte and Silver Bow County combined governments to form Butte-Silver Bow. In 1980, under the guidance of the Butte Historical Society, Butte-Silver Bow established the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives. All existing records of both bodies have been gathered and are preserved in the Archives. They are now available for research.

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 Butte's new history center to note
anniversary of union leader's brutal death

by Renata Birkenbuel, The Montana Standard

 1920's violence revisited: 
Butte history, massacre featured in Irish radio documentary
Mike Smith , The Montana Standard


Patrolman George H. Pace Took Risky Chance

A Midnight Horror-Officer Fred A. Parlin Shot in Cold Blood   
Submitted by Darren Conn 

Judge Jeremiah J. Lynch

Women's Suffrage--"Excerpt of a Speech on Womans Suffrage - Delivered Feb. 1st 1913  at Butte, Montana"

Fortune Tellers of Butte



Engraving reads:
“The Auditor was an extraordinary dog who lived alone on the Berkeley Pit Mine site from 1986 until his death on November 19, 2003. He was afraid of human contact so the miners built a dog house, left food and water, and treasured him from a distance for almost two decades.  The Auditor has become a metaphor for the independent spirit of Butte and for the people who survive the harsh conditions of this old mining town. “

The Auditor was first noticed sometime in 1986 wandering around the Berkley Pit area. He had a coat of dreadlocks.  He got his name The Auditor from the employees as he was “always showing up when you least expected it.”

The only time anyone could expect to see the Auditor was around dinner time. The employees would fill his dishes with food and fresh water.  He avoided people whenever possible.  At times he would disappear for weeks, even in Butte’s coldest days and nights of winter, but as his name indicates, he would always appear just when you would least expect him.  Many times he was given up for dead.

The Auditor died peacefully November 19, 2003 in his dog house located on Montana Resources property. 


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B'nai Israel Cemetery

Holy Cross Cemetery
   Holy Cross Babyland

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery
   Soldier's Monument

St. Patrick's Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Park


Granite Mountain Memorial

MT Law Officer's Memorial


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Butte Chamber of Commerce

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Montana Historical Society-Helena

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Montana State Genealogical Society

Pit Watch

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