Post Offices

Post Offices

Many of these early post offices started in a homesteader's shack.  Homesteaders, being optimists, would often build other buildings such as stores, dance halls, saloons, blacksmith shops, or newspaper offices and a town was born.  Each town had its supporters who felt that it was inevitable that their town would grow into a great metropolis. However, following the selection of Circle as county seat in 1919, and hard financial times in agriculture following World War I, most of the small  towns disappeared.  Today it is hard to imagine that they ever existed when one looks at the country.



Bonin 1917-1933
Bogut 1914-1915
Brockway 1913-present
Blackman 1902-1904
Burch 1912-1932
Circle 1905-present
Cow Creek 1911-1913 & 1930-1934
Hamblin 1913-1928
Kellog 1913-1918
Horse Creek 1912-1925
Mathus 1915
McCone 1923-1924
McCone City 1935-1941
Nickwall 1909-1941
Nina 1914-1923
Nelson Creek 1914-1917
Paris 1914-1937
Pattonhill 1915-1925
Pearmond 1891-1901
Prairie Elk 1914-1933
Quam 1918-1919
Riverside 1908-1934
St. Joe 1911-1912
Sand Creek 1913-1943
Stoney Butte 1912-1915
Terrace 1914-1919
Twitchell 1918-1922
Vida 1911-present
Watkins 1910-1957
Weldon 1915-1953
White 1914-1917

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