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The following books have information about the history and families of McCone County.  Many are available through inter-library loan, or copies of specific pages may be available from the

McCone County Library
P.O. Box C
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If all else fails, contact the McCone County Coordinator.

Alt, David & Donald W. Hyndman. Roadside Geology of Montana. Missoula: Mountain Press Publishing Co., 1994. Explains the geology of eastern Montana and what can be seen from highway 200.
Baker, Don. Ghost Towns of the Montana Prairie.  Boulder, CO: Fred Pruett Books, 1997.  Stories about railroad towns that disappeared after the homestead era.  Includes Brockway and McCone City
Baker, Don. Next Year Country: The Story of Eastern Montana. Boulder, CO: Fred Pruett Books, 1992.  The story of homesteading in eastern Montana and the small towns that grew up and died during those years.
Boyum, Hans. Hans Boyum's Story.  Self-published, c1999.  Hans has cowboyed, lambed, worked at Ft. Peck, plus a lot of other jobs.  The story of his life.
Brockway Homemakers Club, compiler. As It Was Yesterday. Billings: Western Printing and Lithography, 1977.  Biographies of families in the Brockway community.  A large book that covers quite an area.  Still available for sale.
Brown, Mark H. & W.R. Felton. Before Barbed Wire.  New York: Bramhall House, 1956.  The story of frontier photographer L.A. Huffman and includes visits to large cattle ranches in the area that is now McCone County.
Cheney, Roberta Carkeek. Names on the Face of Montana.  Missoula: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1984. A listing of Montana post offices.  Often lists origin of name, dates of operation, postmasters, and interesting stories.
Circle Homemakers Clubs, and Pioneer Historical Circle, compiler. Pioneers and Progress on the Prairie, Billings: Gazette Publishers, 1964.  Published for the Montana Territory Centennial, it has stories of McCone County communities, families, and organizations.  Was reprinted in 2001.
Doran, Clare, compiler. Memories from Montana's Crow Rock Country.  Stories of families in the south-east corner of McCone County and Garfield & Prairie Counties.
Federal Writers Project of the Work Projects Administration The WPA Guide to 1930's Montana. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1994.  A reprint of a 1930's guide book.  Lindsey, Circle, Brockway, & Paris are part of one of the tours.
Greene, Jerome A., editor. Battles and Skirmishes of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877: The Military View.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1993.  Chapters on Cedar Creek, Bark Creek & Ash Creek battles.
Greene, Jerome A., editor. Lakota and Cheyenne: Indian Views of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1994.  Chapter on Cedar Creek Council and the Battle of Cedar Creek.
Greene, Jerome A.  Yellowstone Command: Colonel Nelson A. Miles and the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877.  The story of the Sioux War following the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  Includes Cedar, Bark, and Ash Creek.
Guldborg, Henry. The Homestead Days of Henry Guldborg, Miles City: Star Publishing, 1963.
Hedren, Paul L. Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War.  Helena: Montana Historical Society Press, 1996.  How to find the sites of the battles on Ash and Cedar Creeks. 
Hoar, Jay S. Montana's Last Civil War Old-Soldiery.  Farmington: University of Maine, 1984.  Biographies of the last surviving Civil War veterans.  Includes Harvey Buffington.
Huntsberger, Eleanor Fraser. A Mouth Full of Toes. New York: Carlton Press, 1975.
Kohrs, Conrad. Conrad Kohrs: An Autobiography. Deer Lodge: Platen Press, 1977.  Kohrs was the owner of the Pioneer Cattle Co (the CK), a large cattle ranch that headquartered on the Prairie Elk.
McDonald, Marie Peterson. After Barbed Wire.  Billings: Maynard Stationary, 1963.  Reprinted in 1983.  A pictorial history of the homestead rush into the northern Great Plains.  Many pictures of homesteading in McCone County.
Moulton, Gary E., editor. The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Vols. 1,4,8,9,10, & 11. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1983-1997.  Vol. 1 is the map book of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Vol. 4 is the journal entries covering their travels along the northern edge of McCone County on their way west in 1805. Vol. 8 is the return trip of Lewis along the north side of the county in 1806. Vol. 9 is the journal of John Ordway. Vol. 10 is the journal of Patrick Gass. Vol. 11 is the journal of Joseph Whitehouse.
Quick, Orville M., compiler. McCone Boys - Girls In The Service As Reported in "The Circle Banner" 1940-1945.  Self-published. Photocopies of newspaper articles regarding local soldiers in World War II.
Ralston, William M. Those Were The Days. New York: Carlton Press, 1970.  Autobiography of an early cowboy.
Rorvick, Pete. Pete's Story. Charleston, SC: News Publishers, 1953.  Story of the first postmaster of Circle.
Scherger, R.H., compiler. Synopsis of old Glendive Newspapers, 1882-1910. Self-published, 1993. Before McCone County was formed the county seat was in Glendive and there were a number of newspaper stories dealing with western Dawson County.  Not a complete listing of all stories so the newspapers should be rechecked.
Schloss, Ella Waldon, History of the Rural School Districts of Dawson County, Montana 1883-1972. Glendive: Self-published, 1973. Listing of schools in old Dawson County as well as school board members and miscellaneous information about the schools.
Schloss, Ella Waldon. Post-Age. Glendive: Self-published, 1980. Listing of post offices in old Dawson County, along with postmaster, mail carriers, and patrons.
Utterback, Gretchen & Isabella Murphy. Pioneers of Old Dawson County. Glendive: The Review Publishing Co., 1965.  Biographies of George McCone and Peter Rorvik.
Vine, Mrs. P.L. Three-Twenty or Bust: A True Story of Montana Homesteading.  Vida: self published, 1976.
Wangen, Mary, et al. The Historical Background of McCone County, Montana.
Whiteman, Betty. Honyockers Heritage: A History of the Richey Community.
Wischmann, Polly. Lists of McCone County.  Self published, 1981.  Lists of post offices, school graduates, cemeteries, and other historical information.  

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