This is a suggested reading list for further research into Madison County, Montana. If you know of other good local histories, please email the County Coordinator.

A word about Interlibrary Loans.....
For those of you haven't tried "Interlibrary Loan" - it is the greatest thing since ice cream! If you want to read a book that you can't get locally talk to your librarian. Most US libraries participate in the program. Write down the book title, author, and any other details you may have such as publisher. Give it to your librarian and she will order the book in for you. My library charges me between $2-$5 to get any book that circulates in the country. The process usually takes several weeks. The library calls you when it comes in. Usually you can take the book home for several weeks. Some libraries require you read the book on the premises. It depends on the policy of the lending library and the value of the book. Some books are so scarce that they don't circulate.
If you can't obtain your book through interlibrary loan - there is still hope. Make a trip to the Library of Congress in Washington DC some day. They have a copy of almost every book ever published in the U.S. Everyone needs to visit this wonderful repository at least once in their life! And don't forget Ebay - always a good source for obscure books, as is One final place to look - check out the local historical societies - they usually have books and transcriptions available for sale because sale of their transcriptions is one of their major sources of funding.
Golden Gulch, The Story of Montana's Fabulous Alder Gulch
by Dick Pace
The Vigilantes of Montana
by Prof. Thos. J. Dimsdale
Vigilante Days and Ways
by Nathaniel P. Langford
Cowboy Memories of Montana
by Mark Perrault, a story of growing up in the Madison River Valley
by Hoffman Birney
Perilous Passage: A narrative of the Montana Gold Rush, 1862-1863
Written by Edwin Ruthven Purple and edited by Kenneth N. Owens. 211-page volume featuring black and white photos and drawings, most antique reproductions.
Golden Treasure
A history of Bannack City, Montana, its environs, and events/trails associated with the city during the 1860s written by Mable Ovitt. Copyright: 1954. Fully clothbound, 254-page volume. Illustrated with over two dozen antique photos/documents as well as map endpages
Alder Gulch
by Ernest Haycox
Prospecting for Gold, From Dogtown to Virginia City, 1852-1864
by Granville Stuart
Gold Camp
by Larry Barsness
X. Beidler, Vigilante
by William H. Bertsche, Jr. and Helen Fitzgerald Sanders
The Frightful Punishment
by Warren J. Brier
Montana's Righteous Handmen
by Lew L. Callaway
Incident at Big Sky
by John France and Malcolm McConnell
Bannack: Cradle of Montana
by F. Lee Graves
Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865
by Sarah Raymond Herndon
Montana High, Wide and Handsome
by Joseph Kinsey Howard
The Bloody Bozeman
by Dorothy Johnson
Pioneer Trails and Trials
by Madison County History Association, 1976
Montana, A History of Two Centuries
by Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder
Frontier Woman: The Story of Mary Ronan as Told to Margaret Ronan
by Margaret Ronan,
Montana: Its Story and Biography, Vol. 1
by Tom Stout
Pioneering in Montana: The Making of a State, 1864-87
by Stuart Granville
Reminiscences of Alexander Toponce
by Alexander Toponce
Montana Pay Dirt
by Muriel Sibell Wolle
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