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Granite County Feature Name Type
New Chicago

Founded in 1872 on the Mullan Road south of Drummond. There were high hopes that it would surpass it's Illinois namesake. It is now a ghost town.

Nimrod Town
Norton Fishing Access Point
Nowlan Mill Processed Atlantic Cable ore
Oasis Gulch Valley
O'Brien Mine Mine
Old #7 Ski Trail Trail
Old Dominion Mine Mine
Old Red/Bi-Metalic Mine Mine
One Hundred Acre Meadow Flat
Otter Creek Stream
Otters Hump Trail Trail
Ozan Populated place
Packer Gulch Valley
Page Creek & Lake Stream, lake
Palouse Gulch Valley
Papoose Gulch Valley
Parkerville Ghost town
Parnell Group Mine Mine
Parnell Mine Mine
Pat Gulch Valley
Pawnee Gulch Valley
Pearl Fraction Mine Mine
Peggy Ann Mine Mine
Peterson Meadow Flat

County seat of Granite County. It was founded in the early 1860s and has about 1000 residents. It was named after the inventor of square-set mine timbering, Philip Deidesheimer. Originally it was a trading center for nearby settlements and mines.

Philipsburg Bay Bay
Philipsburg Bay Campground Campground
Philipsburg Valley Valley
Pickett Gulch Valley
Pierre Hill Summit
Pineau Mine Mine
Piney Campground & Point Campground, cape
Pitch Ski Trail Trail
Placer Creek, Mine, Town Stream, mine, Ghost Town
Platinum Ski Trail Trail
Poison Creek Stream
Pole Ridge & Trail Ridge, trail
Porcupine Lake Lake
Port Royal Mine Mine
Porter/Field Mine Mine
Porters Corner, Ridge Populated place, ridge
Potato Gulch & Lakes Valley, lakes
Potosi Mine Mine
Powell Mine Mine
Powers Creek Stream
Pozega Dams 1,2,3 & Lake Dams and lake
Princeton Town
Princeton Gulch, Mine, Placer Mine, PO & School, Mountain Valley, mines, historical bldgs, summit
Puller Gulch valley
Puritan Mine Mine
Puyear Ranch Fishing Access Point
Quartz Gulch Valley
Queen/Sunrise Mine Mine
Queener Basin Basin
Quigg Peak Summit
Quigley Populated place
Racetrack Lake, Pass, Peak Lake, gap, summit
Rainbow Bay Campground Locale
Rainbow Lake & Mountain Lake, summit
Ram Mountain summit
Ramona Creek Stream
Ranch Creek & trail Stream, trail
Ranchero/ Sweet Home Mine Mine
Rattler Gulch valley
Rattling Gulch valley
Rau Gulch valley
Ravenna Populated place
Red Hill Summit
Red Lion Mine Mine and mill (historical)
Red Lion Mountain & Ski Trail Summit, trail
Redcloud/Free Coin Mill Mine Mine
Redemption Mine Mine
Redrock Mine Mine
Riddick Field airport
Robert Emmet Mine Mine
Rock Creek Cabin & Forest Service Station locale
Rock Creek School Historical school
Rooster Comb gap
Rosalind Ghost town
Rose Mountain Summit
Ross Fork Stream
Royal Ghost town
Royal Basin Mine Mine
Royal Gold Creek Stream
Rumsey Mine, Town & Mountain Mine, Ghost Town, summit
Russian Smith Mine mine
Ryan Creek Stream
Sagebrush Flat Flat
San Francisco Mine Mine
San Jose Mine Mine
Sand Basin Creek Basin and stream
Sand Park Flat
Sandstone Ridge & Trail Ridge, trail
Sandy Beach Campground locale
Sapphire Mountains, Gulch & Ski Trail Range, valley, trail
Saranac Mine Mine
Sauer Creek & Lake Stream, lake
Savage Mine Mine
Sawmill Creek, Gulch, Mine, Saddle and Fishing Access Stream, valley, mine, gap, fishing access
Sawpit Gulch valley
Schively Gulch Valley
Schoolmarm Gulch Valley
Scotchman Gulch Valley
Scratch All Mine Mine
Secret Gulch Valley
Selmo Gulch Valley
Senate Creek, Mine, & Mountain Stream, mine, summit
Senia Creek Stream
Sequoia Gulch Valley
Shakesphere Mine Mine
Shamrock Mine Mine
Shapleigh Mine Mine
Sheep Gulch Valley
Sherryl Populated place
ShooFly/Great Western Mine Mine
Short Gulch Valley
Showers Creek Stream
Shylo Creek & Gulch Stream, valley
Sidney Lake Lake
Sierra Mine Mine
Signal Rock Pillar
Silver Bow Ski Trail Trail
Silver King Mine, Mountain & Ridge Mine,summit, ridge
Siria Fishing Access Point
Skalkaho Pass Gap
Sleepy Tom Gulch Valley
Sliderock Mountain Summit
Sluice Box Ski Trail Trail
Sluice Gulch Valley
Slussers Gulch Valley
Smart Creek Stream
Smith, Russian Mine mine
Snaggle Tooth Ski Trail Trail
Snow Cap Mine Mine
Snyder Gulch Valley
Solomon Creek, Mtn, Ridge, Trail, Sportsman Access Stream , summit, ridge, trail, Fishing Access Point
Sonora Gulch Valley
South Boulder Creek Stream
South Fork Antelope Creek Stream
South Fork Douglas Creek Stream
South Fork Lower Willow Creek Stream
South Fork Montgomery Gulch Stream
South Fork Rock Creek Stream
South Fork Spring Creek Stream
South Franklin Hill Mine Mine
South Gold Creek Stream
Southern Cross Ghost town, shut down in 1969
Southern Cross Spring, Trail Spring, trail
Spartan Creek Stream
Spillway Campground Locale
Spink Point Summit
Spokane Mine Mine
Spooky Hollow Ski Trail Trail
Spring Creek, Gulch & School Stream, valley, historical school
Springtown Populated place
Spruce Creek, & Lake Stream, lake
Squaw Creek, Rock, Campground Stream, cape, locale
Standish Creek Stream
Star Pointer Mine Mine
Stephens Reservoir Reservoir
Stewart Gulch & Lake Valley, lake
Stone Town & Mine Ghost town, mine
Stony Creek & Lake Stream, lake
Strawberry Mountain Summit
Strip Mine Mine
Stump Town Ghost Town
Sugarloaf Summit, historical school
Summer Gulch Valley
Summit Cabin Local
Sunrise Town, Mine and Mountain Ghost Town, mine, summit
Sunrise/Queen Mine Mine
Susie Lake Lake
Swamp Creek, Gulch Stream, valley
Sweet Home/Ranchero Mine Mine
Swensen Gulch Valley
T & A Mine Mine
Table Mountain Summit
Tamarack Creek & Lake Stream, lake
Tank Gulch Valley
Teakan Gulch Valley
Tekoa Gulch Valley
Tenderfoot Ski Trail Trail
Tendoy Gulch Valley
Tenmile Town & Creek Ghost town, stream
Terminator Ski Trail Trail
Thomas McKay/Hobo Mine Mine
Thompson Lake Lake
Thorn, Dora Ridge Ridge
Thornton Lake Lake
Thursday Friday Mine Mine
Tie Gulch Valley
Tiger Mine Mine
Tigh Creek Stream
Tindall Gulch Valley
Tiny Mountain Summit
Tipperary Creek Stream
Tolean Lake Lake
Tom Hynes/Hobo Mine Mine
Toohy Ghost Town
Top O Deep Ghost Town
Tostman Mine Mine
Tower Ghost town
Trail Creek & Gulch Stream, valley
Travlers Home Creek Stream
Travonia Mine Mine
Trout Creek, Mine and School Stream, mine, historical school
True Fissure Mine Mine
True Mine Mine
Tungsten Populated place
Twin Peaks Summit
Two Percent Mine Mine
Tyler Creek, Point, Town Stream, summit, Ghost town
UI Mine Mine
Union Peak Summit
Upper Carp Lake Lake
Upper Carpp Lake Lake
Upper Phyllis Lake Lake
Upper Willow Creek Stream
Valley Cemetery Cemetery
Valley of the Moon Fishing Access Point Point
Valley School Historical school, location unknown
Van Curan Gulch Valley
Ventura Gulch Valley
Venture/Hidden Lake Mine Mine
Wahlquist Creek Stream
Waho Gulch Valley
Walker Gulch Valley
Walkup Gulch Valley
Wapato Gulch Valley
Warren Pass & Peak Gap, summit
Wasa Mine Mine
WB Development Place Mine Mine
Weasel Gulch Valley
Wedge, the Cape
Welch Gulch Valley
Welch-Gillispie Saddle Gap
Welcome Creek, Campground, FA, Hill, Wilderness Stream , Campground, Fishing Access Point, summit, park
Welcome Hill Mine Mine
Welcome Sawmill Saddle Gap
Wenger #2 Mine Mine
West Fork Alder Creek Stream
West Fork Beaver Creek Stream
West Fork Buttes Summit
West Fork Lower Willow Creek Stream
West Fork Ranch Creek Stream
West Fork Rock Creek Stream
West Fork Tyler Creek & Saddle Stream, gap
West Fork Warm Springs Creek Stream
West Fork Work Center Locale
West Gulch Valley
Wet Mulkey Gulch Valley
Whetstone Lake & Ridge Lake, ridge
White Horse Mine Mine
Whiteside Station Ghost town
Whitetail Saddle Gap
Wildcat Gulch Valley
Williams Gulch Valley
Willie Mine Mine
Willis Ghost town
Willow Creek School historical
Willow Harvey Divide Trail trail
Wilma Ghost town
Windlass Bridge & Gulch Bridge, valley
Wolling Wighter Dam Dam
Wood Creek Stream
Wyman Creek & Gulch Stream, valley
Young America Mine Mine
Zekes Meadows Flat
Zeus Mine Mine