as listed by GNIS

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This information was gathered by using the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Query Feature of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names website. Additional information may be found on their site. Partial burial information (unverified) may be found at the Find A Grave website for Daniels County.
Cemetery Name County State Latitude Longitude Map
Fairview Cemetery Daniels MT 483835N 1052952W Cabarett Coulee
Flaxville Cemetery Daniels MT 484837N 1051013W Flaxville
Orville Cemetery Daniels MT 484411N 1051208W Pleasant Prairie NW
Pleasant Prairie Cemetery Daniels MT 483349N 1050516W Pleasant Prairie
Scobey Cemetery Daniels MT 484739N 1052634W Scobey
Saint Michaels Cemetery Daniels MT 485700N 1052530W Scobey NW
West Fork Cemetery Daniels MT Unknown Unknown Unknown
Whitetail Cemetery Daniels MT 485348N 1050854W Whitetail
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