1897 Rand McNally map
of Sweet Grass County.
(David Rumsey Collection)

Sweet Grass County, Montana,
1895 Tax List

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This is the 1895 Tax List for Sweet Grass County, Montana. The county was created in 1895 and formed from parts of Park, Meagher and Yellowstone Counties. The Stillwater River marked the eastern boundary for the county. In 1913, Stillwater County was formed from parts of Carbon, Sweet Grass and Yellowstone Counties.

A tax list provides an excellent snapshot of a community or an individual for any given year. In addition to listing who was living in the county, it lists items of value that were owned from goods to livestock to property. Included are businesses that were active in the area.

There are 46 classifications in this tax list, but every individual does not have a listing under every heading. If the computer brings a file up as text, the name and residence can be ascertained. If the computer brings a file up as a spreadsheet, the entire contents can be easily followed. A text file can be moved into a spreadsheet program.

Property owners may have lived in a county or state other than Sweet Grass or Montana. If the individual lived in the State of Montana, only the town of residence is listed. If the individual lived out-of-state, that information is noted. 1895 Sweet Grass County towns and communities represented in this tax list include: Big Timber, McLeod, Melville, Grey Cliff, Howie, Nye, Contact, Big Elk, Independence and Shawmut.

Thanks are extended to the Crazy Mountain Museum and its benefactors who made this database possible.

Three items of note: First, the Northern Pacific Railroad owned an extensive amount of property in the Crazy Mountains. It has been consolidated to one listing. Second, individuals and firms holding mortgages were listed separately and they are here at the end of the alphabet. Third: Chas. McDonald of Melville found his way into the "D" file. The columns and their headings are:

7         A, To whom assessed

7         B, Post office address

7         C, Description of land

7         D, Section

7         E, Township

7         F, Range

7         G, Number of acres

7         H, Cash value of real estate other than city or town lots

7         I, Improvements on such land

7         J, Cash value of improvements

7         K, City and town lots

7         L, Lot

7         M, Block

7         N, Cash value of city and town lots

7         O, Improvements on city and town lots

7         P, Lot

7         Q, Block

7         R, Cash value of improvements

7         S, Cash value of improvements assessed to a person other that owner

7         T, Full cash value of real property and improvements

7         U, Number of road district

7         V, Number of school district

7         W, Mortgage, county, city, municipal and other taxable bonds

7         X, Watches, jewelry, furniture and firearms: no./value

7         Y, Musical instruments, sewing machines and libraries: no./value

7         Z, Goods, wares, merchandise and consigned goods: value

7         AA, Fixtures of saloons, stores, farming utensils and machinery: no./value

7         AB, Wagons and other vehicles, robes, saddles, blankets: no./value

7         AC, Horses, stallions and mules: no./value

7         AD, Cows, bulls and stock cattle: no./value

7         AE, Sheep and goats: no./value

7         AF, Hogs, no./value

7         AG, Grain, hay, wool, coal, liquor, lumber and wood: kind/value

7         AH, All other property; described: value

7         AI, Cash value of all personal property exclusion of money

7         AJ, Amount of money

7         AK, Total assessed value of all real property including improvements

7         AL, Total assessed value of all property

7         AM, Total assessed value after equalized by County Board

7         AN, Increased by State Board of Equalization

7         AO, Decreased by State Board of Equalization

7        AP, Total assessed value as equalized by the State Board of Equalization

7         AQ, Libel for Poll Tax

7        AR, Amount of Poll Tax

7        AS, Total amount of tax on all property

7         AT, Date when tax is paid

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