Cyrus King (C.K.) Wyman
Born March 29, 1867 in Whitefield, Lincoln County, Maine
Died April 21, 1920 in Monida, Beaverhead County, Montana




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     He left Maine at age 19 to go to Montana. He was a miner, and also became a Deputy Sheriff.  He married Alice Hall on March 2, 1898. He began working for the Forest Service in 1904, and in 1905 he became a Supervisor for the Beaverhead National Forest. In 1916 he was elected Sheriff.  He was well liked, and was elected for a second term. 

     Sheriff Wyman was shot and killed on the streets of Monida, Montana on April 21, 1920 at the age of 53. He had broken up the kid Brady Gang, and it is thought that he was killed possibly to avenge that deed.

     He was shoty by Albert Yek or Yiek, who was a horse thief.  Yek/Yiek was hanged on August 26, 1921 for his murder.
Wyman was survived by his wife and daughter.

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