William Arthur Rader
Special Deputy Sheriff
Born June 18, 1852 in Center, Green, Indiana
Died: May 9, 1893 at Warm Spring (6 miles from Castle), Meagher County, Montana


Special Deputy William Rader was shot and killed as he and a posse attempted to arrest two men who were wanted on larceny warrants out of Wyoming.  The suspects had been involved in a shootout with a posse days earlier but had escaped.

When the second posse located them another shootout ensued in which Special Deputy Rader was wounded.  The suspects were again able to escape, but were located two days later.  Deputy James Mackay was shot and killed during a third shootout.  The suspects escaped for a third time.

The suspect who was identified as shooting Deputy Mackay was arrested in Needles, California, in 1895. He was returned to Meagher County, convicted of Deputy Mackay’s murder, and hung on December 20, 1895. A second suspect was hanged in Helena, Montana on June 8, 1896.

Special Deputy Rader had also served as Sheriff of Meagher County. He is buried at Mayn Cemetery in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.


Fergus Count Argus
Lewistown, Montana
May 18, 1893