John J. Streb
Born April 27, 1851 in Bavaria, Germany
Died December 20, 1900 in Melrose, Silver Bow County, Montana


John J. Streb served as a deputy sheriff in Melrose, Silver Bow County, Montana. On December 7, 1900, John left to go to Jackson in western Beaverhead County, almost eighty miles away, to serve legal papers to a man there. While on the way, a harness on his team of horses broke and the horses bolted and began running out of control. To save himself, John jumped from the wagon.  When he struck the ground he fractured his leg and fainted. The pain was so great that it made him come to and he called for help. He was picked up by an old neighbor in a buggy and taken back to Melrose. He was attended to by the local surgeon as well as doctors from Butte. He seemed to be doing fine and was resting easy the first day.  Unfortunately gangrene set in. He was in and out of consciousness on his last couple of days. He died on December 20, 1900. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Dilllon, Montana.

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