Special Deputy Edmond Trudeau
Missoula County Sheriff's Department
Born June 18, 1853 in Hamburg, Freemont County, Iowa
Died February 14, 1904 in Lolo, Missoula County, Montana



As a Deputy Sheriff, part of his territory included the small town of Lolo Pass, Montana.  He patrolled on horseback. On a routine visit, he was called to the saloon to help with a rowdy customer.  He knew the drunken customer and the bar owner.  He defused the situation and managed to get the drunk out of the saloon and on his way home (or so he thought) then he had a drink with the owner (rules were a bit more lax those days).  When he left the saloon, the man he'd ejected was across the street hiding behind a rain barrel or watering trough. He shot the deputy sheriff with a 30-30 rifle. The guy was taken into custody by citizens, and later convicted. It is said that Edmond Trudeau was pretty well liked.

Submitted by
 Edmond Trudeau's great nephew
January 25, 2011