Holy Cross Cemetery

The memorial called "Babyland," located at the Holy Cross Cemetery, lists over 500 names of infants and toddlers who are buried in one of the oldest sections of the cemetery. Lady Hibernians came up with the idea to start a memorial in 2002 after the group had toured the cemetery. The wooden grave markers had all but disintegrated and the ground was overgrown with weeds.

The Lady Hibernians spent the next few years cleaning the site and raising money for the project. Hibernian volunteers went over the cemetery's old log books and copied the names of all those buried in the baby section. Many of the deaths occurred during the Spanish flu epidemic that killed millions worldwide between 1916 and 1926 .

A large metal archway now marks the entrance to Babyland. Five large, black granite slabs were erected that lists the known names of the children buried at the site. The memorial displays the engraved names, the year they died and in which block and lot they are buried. An empty space on one of the slabs is available to list names of other children who may be buried there.



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