Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Wade Donald R "Jake" 1931-2004
Wagner (baby boy) 1925-1925
Wagner Anna Mary DeGrand 1904-2003
Wagner Anthony Winston 1894-1970
Wagner John Edward 1918-1919
Wagner Lawrence Allen 1926-1996
Wagner Maxine Susanna 1927-1928
Wagner Rodney Mark 1955-1955
Wagner Ruby Ann Wash 1939-2001
Wagner Stanley David 1999-2015
Wagner Stanley Eugene 1937-1989
Wagner Theresa Angela Rohe 1894-1962
Wagner Wilhelm 1897-1940
Wagner William John 1877-1962
Walker Jean Kruger Link
Walls Floyd Leslie Link
Walter Grace Sievertsen Link
Wang Anna S Steen Link
Wang Arthur Ivan Link
Wang Edward Elling Link
Wang Elmer Olai Link
Wang Ervin Leonard Link
Wang Jason Jon Link
Wang Lee Roy "Doc" Link
Wang Lena Dahl Link
Wang Michael W Link
Wang Mildred Phyllis Johnson Link
Wang Ruth Marie Harlow Link
Ware Leon L Link
Warren Jacob Edward Link
Wash Kenneth Cary Link
Wash Lawrence A Link
Wasnuk Stanley Francis Link
Wassink Dollie Edna Link
Wassink Evelyn May Link
Wassing Henry Link
Wassink Henry John Link
Waterland Georgianna Link
Waterland Maude Ellen Link
Watkins Elaine Jane Schweigert Link
Way Floyd Everett Link
Weber Jennette E Thompson Haarstad Link
Wee Anna C Link
Wee Even A Link
Wee Miles A Link
Weeks Katherine B Link
Weeks Kristin Link
Weeks Samuel A Link
Weinschrott (baby) Link
Weinschrott Charles Michael Link
Weinschrott Frances Rosa Link
Weinschrott Franciska Barbara "Frances" Herold Link
Weinschrott Johanna Schaffer Link
Weinschrott John Link
Weinschrott John Adam Sr Link
Welch Birten K Link
Welch Susan Luella Edwards Link
Wellenstein Catherine Ann Link
Wellenstein Gene V Link
Wellenstein Merva Ridgeway Link
Wellenstein Nickolas Michael Link
Wellenstein Robert John Link
Welsh William M Link
Wenz Andrew Link
Wenz Andrew J Link
Wenz Clarence Aaron Link
Wenz Eduard Link
Wenz Emanuel Link
Wenz Emil Link
Wenz Emma Link
Wenz Erna Krueg Link
Wenz Ida Kron Link
Wenz Irene A Link
Wenz Johanna Straub Link
Wenz Johanna Blum Link
Wenz John Link
Wenz Jonathan A Link
Wenz Karl Link
Wenz Lydia Kron Link
Wenz Mathilda Schuetzle Link
Wenz Richard Christ Link
Wenz Rosina Flemmer Link
Wenz Ruth Margareta Lindemann Link
Were Edmond Link
Werre Hilda "Ann" Hagemeister Link
West Bernard L Link
West George Alvin Link
West Harry Calvert Link
West Mabel Alice Thornton Link
West Maude Emory Link
West Wayne Woodrow Link
Westerfield Elizabeth Theodorson Link
Westerfield Silas Link
Westrope Gerold Dean Link
Wetzel Albert Link
Weyerbacher Jacob Link
Wheeler Beverly Faye Parks Link
Wheeler Frank E Link
Wheeler Lucy Louisa Link
Wheeler Russell James Link
Whisenant Henry Hugh Link
White Dora Link
White Lloyd Link
White Lydia Thomas Link
White Walter Samsel Link
Wickham Jane Link
Wickstrom Danny Lee Link
Wickstrom Gustaf R Link
Wideman Gottlieb Link
Wiedenbeck Otto Link
Wilcox (boy) Link
Wilcox Graham Link
Wild Ida S Gunderson Link
Wild John George Link
Wildish Darrell Kenneth Link
Wildish Harry Edwin Link
Wildish Millie S Lampke Link
Wildish Roland John Link
Williams Anna Mae Lawler Link
Williams Arthur Link
Williams Clyde Phillip Link
Williams Elmer Lewis Link
Williams Fred III Link
Williams Fred C III Link
Williams Fredrick C Link
Williams Hazel Link
Williams Jesse Link
Williams John Link
Williams Mary Jane McHone Link
Williams Melita Elizabeth Omara Link
Williams Nolan Chester Link
Williers William J Link
Willman John Link
Willman John Robert "Jack" Link
Willman Monte Newland Link
Willman Monte Rene Newland Link
Wilson Daniel Link
Wilson Eillen Ellen Link
Wilson Ellen Amelia Anderson Link
Wilson John Marion Link
Wilson Margarett Mable Link
Wiman Ida A Sweeney Link
Wiman Irene Thelma Johnson Link
Wimas John Holger Link
Wiman Kenneth B "Kenny" Link
Wiman Patricia Ann Oldis Link
Wiman Sten Rudolph Link
Wiseman Alice Fay Link
Wiseman Alice Marie Parent Link
Wiseman Anna Jean Ammons Link
Wiseman Carol Florence Link
Wiseman Dalbert Earl Link
Wiseman Dolores E "Dorie" Hoenke Link
Wiseman Earl Link
Wiseman Florence Rost Link
Wiseman G Dee Link
Wiseman Gerald Leon Link
Wiseman Harold Leslie Link
Wiseman Harriet Irene Lentz Link
Wiseman James Dale Link
Wiseman Jeffrey James "Jeff" Link
Wiseman Leona Marcella Link
Wiseman Lorene Hazel Stark Link
Wiseman Matthew Link
Wiseman Olen Link
Wiseman Pearl Florence Link
Wiseman Terry Faye Gonsioroski Link
Wiseman Vernon W Link
Wittmer Phillip Link
Wolenetz Darlene Marie Jesok Link
Wolenetz Douglas Ray Link
Wolenetz Floyd Elmer Link
Wolenetz John W Link
Wolenetz Melvin Lyle Link
Wolenetz Minnie K Kitterman Link
Wolenetz Sadie Amelia Johnson Link
Wolf Ruth Marion "Pinky" Griffith Link
Wolverton David Clayton Link
Wolverton Donald M Link
Wolverton Rose Nolton Link
Wood Ella Louise Hepperle Link
Wood Elphie Ruth Tunby Link
Wood Richard Laurence Link
Wood Susan F Link
Woodsend (boy) Link
Woodsend Alvin Albert Link
Woodsend Charles Thomas Link
Woodsend Frances Catherine Fulton Link
Woodsend Mary Ann Link
Woodward Melba Joyce Coons Link
Woodworth Nancy E Goodwin Link
Woolston Lyle Link
Wooten Barbara Koenig Link
Wortman William D Link
Wosnuk Henry Link
Wosnuk Lewis Link
Wosnuk Louise Koenig Link
Wosnuk Simon F Link
Wright Anna E Ellington Link
Wright Henry Matthew Link
Wright Thomas J Link
Wyrick Diane Lorbiecke Link
Wyrick Harold Abraham Link
Wyrick Morgan Marie Link
Wyrick Sarah Ann Link

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