Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Rabe Adeena E Hoenke 1902-1972
Rabe Anthony Joseph 1917-1959
Rabe Carl 1899-1968
Rabe Elizabeth Hofford 1874-1952
Rabe Karl William 1869-1930
Rabe Melvin A 1925-2013
Rabe Nancy Ellen Cooper 1935-1996
Rabe Ronald David 1937-2010
Rambur Henry James 1910-1975
Rambur Sebastian Fred "John" 1887-1974
Rambur Seraphina Constance Loran 1891-1982
Rambur Victoria Symanoski 1911-1990
Ramme Christophf Ernst 1837-1923
Ramthun Jasmine Marie Winkley 1979-1996
Randash Dona Mae Link
Randash George Henry Link
Randash Georgette Link
Randash Pearl Ira Mae Hartse Link
Randash Phyllis Joyce Kreager Link
Ranum David Glenn Link
Ranum Elma S Link
Ranum Oscar G Link
Ranum Tuf Cole Link
Rasmuson Eldon James Link
Rasmuson Violet Louise Bach Link
Ratchleger Anna Link
Rath Amelia Allerdings Link
Rath Annie Allerdings Link
Rath Edwin Link
Rath Elizabeth Losing Link
Rath Lonnie Milo Link
Rath Lydia Link
Rath Rhyne Link
Ravey Emil Link
Ravey Ora Jane Richardson Link
Rediske Martha Huether Link
Rediske Sheldon Link
Reed James Tillman Link
Reed Kermit R Link
Reetz Harvey Link
Reetz James Lee "Jim" Sr Link
Reetz John Anthony Link
Reeves Katy Lue Jones Link
Reiman Sam Link
Reko Mrs J J Link
Renner Curtis Dean Link
Renner Joel A Link
Rettber Nina Link
Rexford Rolla J Link
Rice Don Kearny Link
Richardson Christine Ellen Ely Link
Richburg James C Link
Richey Floyd Albert Link
Richmond Judith Mae "Judy" Kohler Link
Riddle William Leo Link
Ridenhower Ralph W Link
Ridenhower Ray L Link
Rieger Adolph Link
Rieger Anna Link
Rieger Benjamin J "Ben" Link
Rieger Betty Quincer Link
Rieger Donald "Don" Link
Rieger Edwin Link
Rieger Emilie "Millie" Singer Link
Rieger Grayson Asher Link
Rieger Helen Adelia Redman Link
Rieger Leon Link
Rieger Lydia Freier Link
Rieger Paul Emanuel Link
Rieger Richard Link
Rieger Robert Fredrick "Bud" Link
Rieger Ruth Adeline Link
Rietteil   Link
Rife Marshell Day Link
Rife Nellie Estelle Lambert Link
Riggleman (boy) Link
Riley Frank Link
Riley Fredrick E Link
Riley Fredrick Edward Link
Riley Leo Kenneth Link
Riley Lucille D Hythecker Link
Ringen Catherine Eleanor Ott Link
Ringen Daniel Link
Ringen Marvin Link
Ringen Marvin Lyle Link
Rittberger Rosa Link
Roberts Barbara Geving Link
Roberts Edward Eugene Link
Roberts William H Link
Robinson Alma Olson Link
Robinson Carlos Dean Link
Robinson Charles W Link
Robinson Dana B Link
Robinson Elizabeth Rachel Sanders Link
Robinson Harve Link
Robinson Mary Susana Sanders Link
Robinson Wallis Halliday Link
Roby Forest Orvil Link
Roe Debra K Link
Roesler Fred Link
Roesler Martha Link
Rogers Amencus V Link
Rogers Susan A McMoran Link
Romey Edna Beatrice Doughty Link
Romey Michael Link
Root (boy) Link
Rose Anna Marie Rustad Link
Rose Bertha Louise Wachler Link
Rose Carl G Link
Rose Carl William Link
Rose Ferdinand E Link
Rose Lois Florence Link
Rose Mercy Josephine Hall Link
Rose Robert William Link
Roseberg Earl Link
Ross Blanche Cobleigh Link
Ross Christian Henry Link
Ross Flossie Link
Ross Irene Link
Rost Anna Martha Dahl Link
Rost Arnold Link
Rost Christopher Link
Rost Elmer Link
Rost Goldie Pearl Schuck Link
Rost Harvey Leroy Link
Rost Katelynn Marie Link
Rost Mary A Metzger Link
Rost Mervin Leroy Link
Rost Orville Danny Link
Rost Roberta Lucille "Bert" Keller Link
Rost Will Link
Rost William H Link
Rost William Murril Link
Rost Yvonne Helen Seaman Link
Roth (girl) Link
Roth Anna Maria Flohr Link
Roth Edward John Link
Roth John Link
Roth Martin Jr Link
Roth Martin Link
Roth Silver Orlet Jensen Link
Roth Walter Joseph Link
Rouse Clyde Link
Rub Mary Stockfisch Link
Rub Phillip J Link
Rudolph Francis Link
Ruff Helen Krueg Link
Ruff Lyle James Link
Ruff Theophil Lenhardt "Tope" Link
Ruggles Amelia Duffield Link
Rumelhart Adelphia May Huff Link
Rumelhart Samuel Sherman Link
Rusley Albertina Keehn Link
Rusley Harold R Link
Rusley John Knute Link
Rusley John Robert Link
Rusley Knute J Link
Rusley Margaret J DeGrand Link
Rusley Sig Link
Rusley Wilma Irene Lacquement Link
Russell Birdie Mary Link
Russell Eugene Leo Link
Russell Marjorie Guidinger Link
Russell Martin Leo Link
Russell Robert Wellington Link
Rustad Ada Jeanette Bowen Link
Rustad Dale Ray Link
Rustad Dean Kay Link
Rustad Ella Irene Mendenhall Link
Rustad Ellen Gustafson Link
Rustad Emil Juel Link
Rustad Gena Emalie Wang Link
Rustad George Link
Rustad Gordon Emerald Link
Rustad Kenneth George Link
Rustad Larry Thomas Link
Rustad Lola Opperman Link
Rustad Mervin Everett Link
Rustad Ralph Eugene Link
Rustad Ruth Lorraine O'Donnell Link
Rustad Taylor Link
Rutschke Rose Kessler Link
Ryan Nellie Link
Rygg Margaret Herbst Link
Ryland Hans J Link

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