Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Nagel Ida Theresia Koenig 1895-1917 
Naples Edna Darlene Hythecker 1920-1971
Napton Arlene Faye Anderson 1926-2014
Napton Harry "Ray" Ellis 1922-1978
Narum Mathilda Johnson 1875-1965
Narum Willhelm E 1866-1941
Nason Anna Louise Pelz 1882-1969
Nason Carla Louise 1926-1934
Nason Clyde Alexander 1875-1947
Nasset Bertha J Sipma 1903-1925 
Nasset Mathias John 1892-1964
Nasset Olaf 1878-1942
Neary Dorothy May Reese 1940-2016
Neary Gerald Omar Link
Neary Jessie Mae Howe 1934-2010
Neary William Omar 1905-1969
Neiffer Mary Feiock Link
Neiffer William Frederick Link
Neimerg (girl) Link
Nelson (baby) Link
Nelson Betty Janssen Link
Nelson Chris Jr Link
Nelson Edward J Link
Nelson Marian Good Link
Nelson Rebecca Joyce Link
Ness (baby) Link
Ness E T Link
Ness Mabel Ann Draper Link
Ness Oscar Emil Link
Netzer Anna Kathryn Koenig Link
Neumann Ellen Henrietta Hanson Link
Newmann Frank  Joseph Link
Neumann Mikell Joyce Peck Link
Neumann Robert Link
Newberry Anna M Link
Newberry Wilton Otto Link
Newbury Otto D Link
Newell Alice Orvilla Myhre Link
Newell Elmer E Link
Newell Elmer Ellsworth Link
Newell Kevin Link
Newell Leon Bennett Link
Newell Lon Kenton Link
Newell Quinton Elmer Link
Nichols Harvey Link
Nichols James Harvey Link
Nichols John Eldridge Link
Nichols John Odin Link
Nichols Perry Link
Nichols Ruth Adeline Myhre Link
Nicks Betty Jean Cole Link
Nicks James Dowdall Link
Nicks Kenneth Kirby Link
Nicks Rodger W Link
Nicks Betty Jean Pond Pool Link
Nielson Fred Link
Nielson Stephen Link
Nieman Ernest N Link
Nieman Fred Link
Nieman Fredrick Link
Niklas Isabel McPhee Link
Niklas Susan Link
Niklas William Link
Nitcy Harriet Harris Link
Nitcy Joseph William Link
Nitcy Moses Aaron Link
Noftsker Anna Augusta Wetzel Link
Noftsker Charles August Link
Noftsker Charles Oren Link
Noftsker Emma Melissa Young Link
Noftsker Evelyn Myhre Link
Noftsker Irvin F Link
Noftsker Margaret Evelyn Drager Link
Noftsker Raymond A Link
Noftsker Roger R Link
Noftsker Royal Wayne Link
Noftsker Samuel Link
Nordman Anna T Berg Link
Norman Rangwold Odin Link
Norris Enoch Leslie Link
North Albert Henry Link
North Dayle W Martin Link
North Gertrude Vogt Link
North Glade A Link
North Isabelle Yokley Speelmon Link
North Morris Victor Link
North Robert Maurice Link
North Stanley Hail Link
North Sterling Ernest Link
North Virginia H Link
Northrup Clarence A Link
Northrup Doris Link
Northrup Edna M Corum Link

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