Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
LaBree Genevieve Cynthia Rosenbaum Lane 1876-1938
Lacquement Damian Kyle 1992-1992
Lacquement Desiree Keely 1992-1992
Lacquement Dorothy Irene Killman 1916-1973 
Lacquement Ralph Virgil "Lock" 1912-1993
Lacquement Rosemary Ann Loran Varner 1913-1984
LaCross Esther Martha Barke 1894-1962
LaCross Francis B 1916-1975
LaCross Julia Marie Bennett 1925-2005
LaCross Lewis Berry 1893-1974
Lake Abraham 1852-1926
Lake Edwin 1879-1945
Lake Pearl Gillam 1880-1944
Lamb Alice Hieb Link
Lamb Calvin Alexander Link
Lamb Minnie Swanson Link
Lamb Robert John Link
Lamb William Link
Lambert (baby) Link
Lambert Alice Molstad Link
Lambert Charles Leonard Link
Lambert Mark Link
Lambert William Link
Lang Christ Link
Lang Elizabeth Naasz Link
Lang Ernest "Ernie" Link
Lang Ida Follmer Link
Lang John Link
Lang Louise Burkle Link
Lang Norman Link
Lang Viola Irene Karch Link
Lantis James Link
Larson Arda T Young Link
Larson Betty Kingsley Link
Larson Bonita "Bonnie" Moody Link
Larson Charles O Link
Larson Elizabeth Anne "Betty" Kingsley Link
Larson Jean Marie Komarek Link
Larson Michael Anthony Link
Larson Phillis R Link
Larson Relvin Montague Link
Larson Robert Christian Link
Larson Robert Melvin Link
Larson Rodney Autry Link
Laskey Rosemary Pleissner Link
Lawler Dove Ellen Schenck Link
Lawler Edward Francis Link
Lee Mary S Morrison Link
Lee Millicent W Clark Link
Leischner Arthur Link
Leischner Bertha Link
Leischner Clarence Arthur Link
Leischner David Clayton Link
Leischner Elwood A Link
Leischner Emma Pasco Link
Leischner Genevieve Greenlee Link
Leischner Gottfried Link
Leischner Gottfried Link
Leischner Hilda Koenig Link
Leischner Hiram Link
Leischner Isadore Leonard Link
Leischner John Link
Leischner Lillian Janz Link
Leischner Mary Link
Leischner Melena E Freier Link
Leischner Oren Donald Link
Leischner Otto Link
Leischner Paul G Link
Leischner Ruth Leona Link
Leischner Sophia Link
Leischner Sophia Baesler Link
Leischner William Link
Lentz Edna May Baker Link
Lentz Karl Oliver Link
Lentz Robert Edward Link
Linden Alice Emma Elizabeth Link
Linden Carl Oskar Arthur Link
Linden Lena Dragseth Link
Lindstrom Edwin Oscar "Swede" Link
Lipke Benjamin Link
Livengood DuWayne Kermit Link
Livengood Frederick Ross Link
Livengood Kermit Frederick Link
Livengood Tina Marie Broutie Link
Livesey Earl C Link
Livesey Wilma Myrtle Pratt Link
Lizer John Ernest Link
Lizer Roberta Lou Moline Link
Logar Carl Link
Logar Frances Gruden Link
Long Augusta Weyerbacher Link
Long John J Link
Long Lloyd Emil Link
Long Margaret Weyerbacher Link
Long Pamela Kay Link
Long William Link
Longnecker Sara Evelyn Kellog Link
Loran Cornelius Benjamin Link
Loran Winona Josephine "Josie" Link
Losing Albert Link
Losing Christine Bechtold Link
Losing Elizabeth Hepperle Link
Losing Emma Burkle Link
Losing Henry Link
Losing Henry D Link
Losing Ivan Roland Link
Losing John H Link
Losing John William Link
Losing Karen Irene Wollesen Link
Losing Keith Wayne Link
Losing Magdalena Ehret Link
Losing Paul Ludwig Link
Losing Pauline Bechtold Link
Losing William Link
Loutzenhiser Dwight Lewis Link
Loutzenhiser Erna Mae Wang Link
Loutzenhiser Ivan William Link
Loutzenhiser Kristia Beth Wright Link
Loutzenhiser Lewis Morgan Link
Lovec Odes J Link
Lovec Orva Mae Clocksin Link
Lowry Lois Dayle Link
Ludwig Adeline A Allen Link
Ludwig Earl M Link
Ludwig John M Link
Ludwig Magdalena Margaret Wenz Link
Ludwig Michael Link
Ludwig Rosina Shultz Link
Ludwig Roy M Link
Luetkens Esther Allison Link
Luetkens Walter William Link
Lund Beverly Dickman Link
Lund Calvin Harold Link
Lund Fern Luella Tommerdahl Link
Lund Harold B Link
Lund Lydia Louise Stark Link
Lunder Lavern A Link
Lunder Nickolis T Link
Lunder T T Link
Lunder Thomas Link
Lutts Lolita Hazell Link
Lutts Ora Gulnare Link
Lutts Rudolph Fowler Link
Lyman Ada O Turner Link
Lyman Herbert Wright Link
Lyons Troy Dennis Link

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