Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Haagenson Elvera Matilda Stevens 1899-1925 
Haagenson Mary Adeline Bunker 1854-1932
Haar Edward Edgar 1925-1998
Haar Juanita Pauline Feiock 1928-1996
Haaser Hedi Mae 1983-2017
Hackett (baby) 1917-1917
Hackett Corrine Ellen Bishop 1896-1984
Hadley John L "Jack" Link
Hahn Henry W 1904-1916
Haigh Nora Elizabeth "Betty" O'Connor Helgeson 1911-2004
Hajney John Henry "Bud" 1927-2002
Hale Carl Proctor 1884-1918
Hall Allen John Link
Hall Ethel Moore Link
Hall Eulina A Ehrmantrout Link
Hall Glenn Link
Hall Jesse Case Link
Hall John Allen Link
Hall Rush Jackson Link
Hall Rushmore Link
Halmans Anna Mary Zeemer Link
Halmans Bernace Rose Tiedemann Link
Halmans Eleanor Votruba Link
Halmans George Link
Halmans George Silvester Link
Halmans Mable Lucinda Scoles Link
Halmans William Thomas Link
Hamilton Pearl Eva Baum Link
Hammersmith Clara Emily Kreager Link
Hammond Marilyn J Patton Link
Hanley Myrna Kay Rountree Link
Hanley Pearl Lucille Noftsker Link
Hanratty Beverly Jean Link
Hanratty Denise Lorene Link
Hanratty Mattie H Link
Hanratty Percy Thomas Link
Hanratty Theresa Anne Link
Hanratty Thomas B Link
Hansen (boy) Link
Hansen (boy) Link
Hansen Albert Link
Hansen Annetta Erma Sipma Link
Hansen Audrey L Link
Hansen Charles Garfield Link
Hansen Fred Link
Hansen Gale Frederick Link
Hansen Inga Bertina Kristengaard Link
Hansen Isabell E Clark Link
Hansen Kathryn Link
Hansen Milford Albert Link
Hansen Terrance Eugene Link
Hanson Anthony "Antonia" Golob Schauer Link
Hanson Floyd V Link
Hanson Hans Julius Link
Hanson Harry F Link
Hanson Louise "Lewisa" Kristiansen Link
Hanson Marion E Fost Link
Hanson Russell Harry Link
Harger Joyce Ellen Link
Hargis Donald Thomas Link
Harper Dorothy B Link
Harris Foster Gerald Link
Harris Lola Jean Schweigert Link
Harris Shirlene Link
Hartle George C Link
Hartman Fred Link
Hartnek Jerald Allen "Jerry" Link
Hartse Dennis E Link
Hartse Edwin Konrad Link
Hartse Esther Viola Thompson Link
Hartse Lila May Mengel Link
Hartse Marion Ellwood Link
Hartse Sadie Ellenbaum Link
Hartse Shirley Mae Link
Hastig Doris Elin Linden Link
Hastig Henry Link
Hasty Alice Lehmann Link
Hasty Alvin Fred Link
Hasty Daniel W Link
Hasty Fred Daniel Link
Hasty Glenn L Link
Hasty Sarah J Libby Link
Hatton Conrad Arnold Link
Haugen Knute S Link
Haugen Torgrim S Link
Havens Catherine Murray Link
Havens Charles E Link
Havens Debra Ann Link
Havens Douglas Grant Link
Havens George M Link
Havens Robert Elsworth Link
Haydal Hans Link
Hayden Arlie Maple Link
Hayden Merle Link
Hayden Sadie Adeline McManigal Link
Hayes Mrs Link
Hayes Jesse F Link
Hayes Lillian Esmay Link
Heaps Eugene Jesse Link
Heaps LaVerna Rae Scott Link
Heaps Shirley Gladys Grant Link
Heberle Kristin Margaret Link
Hede Franklin Jack Link
Hede Shirley Ann Link
Hehir Kathryn Link
Heib Virginia Gladys Link
Heifern Mary Lutz Link
Heifrin John Link
Heim Arlene M Scheetz Link
Heim John W Link
Heimbuch Emma Schell Link
Heimbuch Gideon Link
Heiser Clarence Bernard "Bernie" Link
Heiser Clarence Burkhardt Link
Heiser Dack Joseph Vilhauer Link
Heiser Earl Leroy Link
Heiser Inez Renee Link
Heiser Margaret Mary Perzinski Link
Heiser Ruth Regina Eickoff Link
Heldt (baby) Link
Heldt Arnold Albert Link
Heldt Bessie Marie Laun Link
Heldt Irene Ida Link
Helgerson Marine Clara Afrank Link
Helgerson Russell Link
Helgeson Betty Link
Helgeson Daniel Hartvig Link
Hencke Harry Link
Henderson Elmer Sherman Link
Henderson Frances S Beck Link
Henkels Matt Link
Henry Edward Link
Henry John Marshall Link
Henry Lizzie M Link
Hepperle Adam Link
Hepperle Albert Link
Hepperle Alma Alvina Bechtold Link
Hepperle Arthur Link
Hepperle Barbara Jarvis Link
Hepperle Darlene Viola Follmer Link
Hepperle Eleanor Ruth Link
Hepperle Elizabeth Opp Link
Hepperle Emma Kautz Link
Hepperle Ernst Robert Link
Hepperle Henry Link
Hepperle Karl Link
Hepperle Louise Bechtold Link
Hepperle Magdalena Krueg Link
Hepperle Milton Link
Hepperle Theodore Albert "Ted" Link
Herbst (girl) Link
Herbst Delilas Korth Link
Herbst Edward A Link
Herbst Elizabeth Sartar Link
Herbst Ernest Peter Link
Herbst Heather Link
Herbst John Jacob Link
Herbst Mary Thielen Link
Herbst Peter Link
Herbst Peter John Link
Hermanovid Stanley Link
Hernandaz Jose Mella Link
Herndon Edward Link
Herndon Martha Schell Link
Hess Albert Lloyd Link
Hester Shawn Link
Hewitt (girl) Link
Heyd Christian Link
Heyd Christine Sandmeier Link
Hibbard Anna Williams Link
Hibbard Elmer Pomeroy Link
Hibbard Mary Julia Link
Hickey Roger Dreo Link
Hickey Roland Lowell "Red" Link
Hieb Edwin Jacob Link
Hieb Rose Feiock Link
Higgins Ernest Ralph Link
Higgins Ingeborg Huber Link
Higgins Ralph E Link
Hildreth Carrie Scott Link
Hinman Donald F Link
Hinman Doris Jean Ekre Link
Hinton Lawrence Link
Hinton Leslie M Davis Link
Hitch Evelyn B Bradshaw Link
Hitchcock Alice E Link
Hitchcock Ella Doris Pleissner Link
Hitchcock George William Link
Hitchcock Verne Robert Link
Hoenke Alice Link
Hoenke Arnold "Bud" Link
Hoenke Arthur John Link
Hoenke David Link
Hoenke Delphine Fost Link
Hoenke Garhardt Link
Hoenke Georgia LaVonne Anderson Link
Hoenke Harriett M Freeman Link
Hoenke Leonard Link
Hoenke Louise Christman Link
Hoenke Mary Koenig Link
Hoenke Morris Link
Hoenke Otto William Link
Hoenke Rose Koschel Link
Hoenke Rudolph Edward David Link
Hoenke Ruth I Young Link
Hoff Alexis Jean Link
Hoff Betsy Louise Berget Link
Hoff Eugene R Link
Hoff Lora Margaret Zook Link
Hoffman Bradley Clinton Link
Hoffman Buddy J Link
Hoffman Edward Gottlieb Link
Hoffman Edward Gottlieb Link
Hoffman Elizabeth S Schopp Link
Hoffman Jacob Gottlieb Link
Hoffman Karl Benjamin Link
Hoffman Mathilda Tillie Kinzle Link
Hoffman William Jacob Link
Hoke Della Mae Link
Hoke Earl Merlin Link
Hoke Harold Link
Hoke Harry Hoyt Link
Hoke Hiram G Link
Hoke Mary G Radel Link
Hoke Robert Francis Link
Hoke Susan Emma Link
Hoke Velma S Foss Link
Holbrook Clara Josephine Lewis Link
Holbrook Jesse Leon Link
Holcomb Della Octavia Collier Link
Holder Alvin Leroy Link
Holder Laura Elida Wang Link
Holm Karen Sue Cassity Link
Holm Lynn Earl Link
Holm Paris Lynn Link
Holman Mable Link
Holmes Kenneth Faye Link
Holmes Lois Velma Plummer Link
Holmes William Link
Honstain Alfred Joseph "Jay" Link
Honstain Arthur Anthony Link
Honstain Dorothy Marie Link
Honstain Mary Evelyn "Mamie" Cain Link
Hopper George W Link
Hornas Oswald Frank Link
Hornung Clayton Charles Link
Horton C Marion Hitchcock Link
Horton Harry Julian Link
Horton Kenneth Gilbert Link
Horton Pearl Amie Adelia Brayton Link
Horton Zella Mae Rush Link
Householder Ella Agnes Schopp Link
Householder Glenn A Link
Houser Elaine Abrams Link
Houston Harry Albert Link
Houston Roy William Link
Houzvicka Charles Frank Link
Houzvicka Charles Westly Link
Houzvicka John Fred Link
Houzvicka Lena Marguerita Timmerman Link
Houzvicka Lottie V Cooper Link
Houzvicka Mary Magdalene Vogele Link
Howard William Bruce Link
Howe Clarence E Link
Hose Elsie Arlene Link
Howe Frank George Link
Howe John Leonard Link
Howe Leonard W Link
Howe Myrtle Munyon Link
Howe Olive Adella Tyler Link
Howe Olive Arlene Link
Howe Seibert Westly Link
Hubbard Amina B Davis Link
Hubbard Clark H Link
Hubbard Elizabeth Ann Bower Link
Hubbard Elmer Link
Hubbard Gertrude Link
Hubbard Irwin Lagrange Link
Hubbard Jeanette Link
Hubbard William David Link
Hubbard Zelda Mary Link
Huber (boy) Link
Huber (boy) Link
Huber (boy) Link
Huber Arlie Wayne Link
Huber Benjamin Link
Huber Charles Link
Huber Christian Link
Huber Christina Schweigert Link
Huber Delilas Katheryn Perou Link
Huber Elizabeth Nannie Link
Huber Emma E Leischner Link
Huber Esther Link
Huber George Link
Huber Gordon Lyle Link
Huber Helen Ethel Bippus Link
Huber Herbert P Link
Huber Irene Feiock Link
Huber Karon Faye Link
Huber Keith Wilmer Link
Huber Loren Lee Link
Huber Marion J Link
Huber Roy Edmund Link
Huber Victor Link
Huber Walter Leo Link
Huber Wilmer Link
Huckins Eda Marie Link
Huckins Vivian Patricia Clark Link
Huckins William Warren Link
Hudson Bert Milton Link
Hudson Carol Evelyn Stark Link
Hudson Frederick "Fred" Link
Huether (boy) Link
Huether (girl) Link
Huether Albert Jr Link
Huether Florence Lydia "Toots" Bean Link
Huether George Link
Huether George Sr Link
Huether Henry Link
Huether Henry Link
Huether Henry Elbert Link
Huether Hulda Sieler Link
Huether Irene Link
Huether Katherine Oberlander Link
Huether Olivia Fuchs Link
Huether Paulina Brenner Link
Huether Russell Thomas Link
Huether Walter Link
Huffman Eda Xina Gilmore Link
Hufford Cornelius Rider Link
Hufford Dorothy Cretsinger Link
Hufford Elizabeth Hara Horton Link
Hufford Gary Donald Link
Hufford Gordon Arnold Link
Hufford John William Pearl Link
Hufford Martha Jane Montgomery Link
Hufford Melvin Pearl Link
Hufford Sara Beth Link
Hufford Susan Frances Tuckness Link
Hufford Tommy Wallace Link
Hughes Milton Raymond Link
Hughes Ruth Kristina Engstrom Link
Huntley Gene Link
Huntley Ray Michael Link
Hurlbert Evelyn Pearl DeGrand Link
Hurley Evan R Link
Hurley Gary Rodney Link
Hurley Michael Francis Link
Hurley Mildred Stella Christenson Link
Hurley Patrick Joseph Link
Hurley Toby Link
Hurley Wayne Laroy Link
Hutton Edward E Link
Hythecker Anthony Fernando Link
Hythecker Mary Lou Link
Hythecker Richard Leroy Link
Hythecker Susie Link

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