Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Faller Lorenz 1861-1932 
Falstead Edward unknown
Feiock Gustave 1900-1933
Feiock Ruth 1931-1931
Felt Virginia Willson 1930-2008
Ferguson Mary Frances Goldin 1896-1971
Ferguson William Thomas 1886-1965
Ferrel Allie Joshua 1908-1988
Ferrel Charles F "Charlie" 1921-2012
Ferrel Elizabeth Pettit 1881-1941
Ferrel Emil Roscoe 1907-1993
Ferrel George Sherman 1870-1959
Ferrel John Thomas "Tom" 1915-2008
Ferrel Larry Francis 1938-1939
Ferrel Nina Pearl 1923-1923
Ferrel Norma Lucretia Barnes Link
Ferrel Roy George 1938-2017
Ferrel Sandra Lynn 1958-1958
Ferris Belle Edna Lockwood Link
Ferris Ernest Theodore Link
Ferris Pierre L Link
Feryance George Martin Link
Feryance LaDonna Kroft Link
Fightmaster (baby) Link
Fightmaster (baby) Link
Fightmaster Bessie Link
Fightmaster Fred Link
Fightmaster Grace E Link
Fimreite Louise Amelia Braun Link
Finch Mary Belle Cobleigh Link
Finch Murrill Raymond Link
Finch Sidney Wallace Link
Findlater John Gardner Link
Finlayson Robert T Link
Fisher (baby) Link
Fisher Dewey Allen Link
Fisher Fred Link
Fisher Josephine Theolina Strand Link
Fisher Marguerite Jeannine Hudson Link
Fisher Mary A Westergaard Link
Fisher Richard Link
Fisher Robert A Link
Fisher Samuel Richard Link
Fisher Thomas Dewey Link
Fitzsimmons Helen Aleta Link
Fleming Calvin Thomas Link
Fleming Louise Catherine Schlauch Link
Flint Edith Irene Bertsch Link
Flint Kregg Lewis Link
Flint Marcee Lee Link
Flint Walter John Link
Flint Willa Mae Beckman Link
Flo Peter Link
Flo Sigri Andersdatter Dahl Link
Flynn Christopher Link
Flynn Thomas Patrick Link
Follmer Andrew D Link
Follmer Emelia Fuchs Link
Follmer George Link
Follmer Glenn Alfred Link
Follmer Henry Link
Follmer Herman Link
Follmer Marvin Link
Follmer Otilla Huber Link
Follmer Ottilea Klukas Link
Follmer Otto Link
Foltz Margery Link
Fost Albert Link
Fost Angela Mae Braun Link
Fost Carl Frederick Link
Fost Ella N Roget Link
Fost Guida Louise Roget Link
Fost James Franklin "Jim" Link
Fost Jessie Mae Bucklin Link
Fost Raymond Albert Link
Fost Rodney Allen Link
Foster Homer C Link
Foster Sally C Link
Frank (baby) Link
Frank Rhonda Marie Link
Frank Rita May Link
Frankland Adelaide Amelia "Ada" Gipson Link
Frankland William Benton Link
Frazer Arnold Link
Freeman Harry Frank Link
Freeman Mae Link
Freeze Reva Joy Johnson Link
Freier Caroline Link
Freier Edmund A Link
Freier Emanuel J Link
Freier Harold Emanuel Link
Freier Idella Kusler Holm Link
Freier Irene Helen Link
Freier Jacob Link
Freier Katherine Wacker Link
French Helen V Link
Fried Alvin Link
Fried Arlee Emil Link
Fried Bonita Anne "Bonnie" Rost Link
Fried Carla Joan Link
Fried Christina Wenz Link
Fried Clara Klos Link
Fried Clarence Albert Link
Fried Donald Link
Fried Earl William Link
Fried Edward Link
Fried Elmer Jacob Link
Fried Frieda Allerdings Link
Fried George Link
Fried Gottlob Link
Fried John Link
Fried Leon Link
Fried Lillian Hilda Link
Fried Lydia Ehret Link
Fried Margaretha Link
Fried Mathilda Klos Link
Fried Roger Allen Link
Fried Twyla Marie Harkins Link
Fried Wilhelmina Ehret Link
Fried William B "Bill" Link
Fuchs Christina Link
Fuchs Daniel Link
Fuchs Frederich Link
Fuchs Frederick Link
Fuchs Henry Link
Fuchs Magdalina Link
Fuchs Pauline Grenz Link
Fuchs Rosalie Rath Link
Fuchs Rosina Link
Fuchs Wilhelm Link
Fuchs William Roger "Roger" Link
Fulton Daniel Link
Fulton Mary Ann Link
Funk Belva Opal Link



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