Fallon County, MT

Last Updated:  06 April 2021 

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Fallon County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Babcock Eugene Ralph 1889-1933
Bailey Chester Oliver 1917-1938
Bailey Johanna Bertina Moberg 1888-1951
Bailey John Alvin 1887-1960
Bailey Kenneth Alvin 1928-1958
Baird Gerry Dean 1932-1995
Baird Violet E Schueler 1926-2019
Baker Claude Smith 1878-1948
Baker Francis Marion 1905-1935
Baker Malissa Gertrude Rumsey 1880-1972
Baker Phylis Elouise 1920-1924
Bakken (baby) Link
Bakken (boy) Link
Bakken Connie Rae Link
Ballou Alvina Krausz Link
Ballou Charles Augusta Link
Baneck John Link
Banning Duane Edison Link
Banning Esther Mae Robinson Link
Banning Patricia Penor Link
Barkley Cleo Jay Link
Barkley Eber Link
Barkley Samuel John Link
Barkley Sarah Daisy Croninger Link
Barnes Allen Wayne Link
Barnes Clyde Westley Link
Barrett Elaine Marie Link
Barrett Leo Duane Link
Barrett Lila Rebecca Barkley Link
Barrett Nicholas Michael Link
Barrett Shirley Askin Link
Barstow Angeline Anglea Link
Beach Arleen Stieg Link
Beach Arnold Delane Link
Beach Arnold Paul Link
Beach Cindy Jo Link
Beach Donald Lee Link
Beach Dwight Emmitt Link
Beach Edmund Elsworth Link
Beach Jack Ray Link
Beach Joan Arlene Hartse Link
Beach Lois Regene Bowen Link
Beach Paul Fay Link
Beach Phyllis Jean "Sally" Sallgren Link
Beach Richard Murril "Dick" Link
Beach Robert Lee Link
Beach Russell "Fay" Link
Bean Charles Edward "Chuck" Link
Beaudry Edward Link
Bechtold Alma Link
Bechtold Anna Marie Link
Bechtold Arden Dianne Burns Link
Bechtold Carol Ann Irvine Link
Bechtold Christine Rueb Link
Bechtold Edward J Link
Bechtold Edwin Leon Link
Bechtold Elizabeth Schell Link
Bechtold Ernest Emil Link
Bechtold Henry Link
Bechtold Irene C Herr Link
Bechtold John Fred Link
Bechtold John J Link
Bechtold Ludwig G Link
Bechtold Mable D Link
Bechtold Mayme Vera Korneychuk Link
Bechtold Otto Link
Bechtold Robin K Link
Bechtold Theodore T Link
Bechtold Viola I Link
Beck Annetta Ellen Grow Link
Beck Lenore G Link
Beck Susie F Flohr Link
Beck Thomas Lawrence Link
Beck Wanda M Koehmstedt Link
Beck William Arthur Link
Beck William Arthur Link
Becker Arthur Harry Link
Becker Lenore M Kelly Link
Becker Leo Link
Becker Mary Anna Poster Link
Beckers Dorothy Fay Wyrick Link
Beckers Roland Link
Beckman Alfred C Link
Beckman Mrs Alvin Link
Beckman Alvin Morris Link
Beckman Bertha Mundahl Link
Beckman Carl Gustav Link
Beckman Cecil Palmer Link
Beckman Elsie C Quinlan Link
Beckman Gerald Francis Link
Beckman Henry G Link
Beebe Roy Allen Link
Beedle Ethel May Link
Belanger Bertha Link
Belanger Joseph Link
Bellis (baby) Link
Bellis Francis Reed "Frank" Link
Beltz Byron E Link
Beltz Delia Simons Link
Benner Luke Link
Bennett George W Link
Bensen Alfred Link
Benson Theresa Link
Berg Charles Alfred Link
Berg Otto E Link
Berger Elizabeth "Beth" O'Donnell Link
Bergeson Harold E Link
Bergeson Ingeborg Link
Bergland Ole Link
Berglund Gunborg Wilhelmina Link
Bergman Augusta Amalie Friederike Abicht Link
Bergman Ernst Link
Bergsen Mrs Henry Link
Bergstrom Charlotte L Steen Link
Bergstrom Edith Lydia Larson Link
Bergstrom Henry J Link
Bergstrom Ida Marie Lee Link
Bergstrom John Henry Link
Bergstrom John Henry Jr Link
Bergstrom Lowell William Link
Bergstrom Robert James Link
Bergstrom Ruth Lavina Archer Link
Bergstrom William August Link
Bergwall Annette Anderson Link
Berry C C Link
Berry Mary Angeline Robertson Link
Berry Moses Grant Link
Berry Rufus Jack Link
Bertic John Link
Bertrand Minnie Stevens Link
Bertsch Adeline Dockter Link
Bertsch Frances Mae Link
Bertsch Herbert Link
Bertsch John R Link
Bertsch Karl Harry Link
Bertsch Paulina Breitling Link
Bertsch Theodore Karl Link
Bessert Eugenia Muller Link
Bessert Julius Fritz Link
Bethel Hazel Aldena Hufford Link
Bethel John Brewer Link
Bettenhausen Alice Elvira Beckman Link
Bettenhausen Roy Harvey Link
Beyers Harold "Buzz" Link
Beyers Teryn Link
Beyers Wade Link
Bickford Lee W Link
Bickle Dorothy Mae Link
Bickle Ida Marie Randash Link
Biffle Henrietta Self Link
Biffle Jim W Link
Biffle Lee Link
Biffle Lydia May Hythecker Link
Biffle Robert Lee Link
Billingsley Mary Ann Link
Billingsley Mary E "Babe" MacKay Link
Birkeland John Link
Birkeland Ole S Link
Birtic Frank George Link
Birtic John Link
Birtic Margaret Tronstad Link
Birtic Mary Logar Link
Bishop Clarence E Link
Bishop Grace May Townsend Link
Blaisdall Mary Link
Blaisdell Byron W Link
Blake (baby) Link
Blake Agnes Rose Klauzer Link
Blake Eric Allen Link
Blake John Leslie Link
Blake Leslie Link
Blake Moses W Link
Blakemore Sue D Dew Link
Blakemore William Harvey Link
Blanchard Anna V Williams Link
Blanchard Ora Link
Blanchard Ora Leroy Link
Blaser Bertha Margaret Reinecke Link
Blaser Cora Adeline Peabody Link
Blaser Edward Link
Blaser Louis Link
Bleecker Margaret A LaCross Link
Bleecker William Link
Boardman Myrtle Mae Woodard Link
Boehm Richard Link
Boesflug Joe Link
Boggs Gloria Janet Varner Link
Bohle Barbara Schlect Link
Bohle Emil Link
Bohle Friedrich Link
Bohle Heinrich "Henry" Link
Bohle Heinrich F "Henry" Link
Bohle Mae Link
Bohle Mary Elizabeth Lausch Link
Bohle Rudolf Link
Bohle William Link
Bohlman Herman Leopold Link
Bolais Pearl Alice Link
Bolton Edward Charles Link
Bolton James Ralph Link
Bolton Rose Casper Link
Bolton William Seward Link
Bonacci Gionvanna Link
Bondell Braxtyn Fox Link
Bondell Dinah Maria Madsen Link
Bondell Robert Link
Bondell Vern Link
Bonness Dorothy Olive Stark Link
Botsford Beverly Joyce Hufford Link
Boucher Edgar Wiehl Link
Boucher Evelyn Trudeau Link
Boulais Pearl Alice Link
Bowen Bryce Buel Link
Bowen Valdene Christy Nelson Link
Bowers Roxanne Link
Bowmer Frank E Link
Bowmer Frank G Link
Boyer Marie A Thome Link
Bradbury Florence Wagner Link
Bragab (baby) Link
Braun Agnes Mae Linden Link
Braun Alfred Michael Link
Braun Amelia Kreager Link
Braun J P Link
Braun John P Link
Braun Leon J Link
Braun Mildred Mae Votruba Link
Braun Theodore J Link
Braun Victor Harold Link
Brayton Arthur E Link
Brayton Ida Mae Stanhope Link
Brayton John Obed Link
Brayton Mabel May Link
Breckenridge (baby) Link
Breckenridge Agnes Doris Link
Breen Barry Odean Link
Breen Bernard A Link
Breen Cecil Emma Clark Link
Breen Francis Eugene Link
Breen Francis Wayne Link
Breen Larry Douglas Link
Breen Robert Lee Link
Breen Thomas James Link
Breitbach Howard O Link
Bremer Edwin Richard Link
Bremer Esther Jean Ehret Link
Bremer Gerald Joseph Frank Link
Bremer Patricia Ann Link
Bretzel Albert Link
Bretzel Dorothy Schweigert Link
Brewer Laura Lea Loutzenhiser Link
Bridgers Leo Steffes Link
Briggs Curtice Link
Briggs Kenneth Delmer Link
Briggs Kent Conrad Link
Brockel Bertha Schweigert Link
Brockel Della Ammons Link
Brockel Fred H Link
Brockel Janice Elizabeth Link
Brothers Robert Ferguson Link
Brott Dodd A Link
Brott Mervyl Ione Wetzbarger Link
Brown (baby) Link
Brown (baby) Link
Brown Abe Link
Brown Adele Gilman Link
Brown Alma Ashway Link
Brown Clyde Vernon Link
Brown Edythe E Steiber Link
Brown Ella Grace Link
Brown Foye Belle Whitley Link
Brown Fred Leon Link
Brown Harold Pierce Link
Brown Henry Link
Brown Mary Lee Beardsley Link
Brown Robert Edward Link
Brown Sharon Marietta Link
Brownson Aaron W Link
Brownson Mary F Link
Brownson Mary Ellen Shaum Link
Brownson Wanda Jean Link
Bruce Anna Link
Bruce Barbara Ann Seaman Link
Bruce Gary Link
Bruce James Andrew Link
Bruce Martha Schnaible Link
Bruce Maynard Link
Bruce Rex Raymond Link
Bruce Rhea A Heisteand Link
Bruce Ruby Dianne Burkle Link
Bruce Vera Florence Grow Link
Bruce William Scott Link
Bruha Barbara Pergler Link
Bruha Edmund Charles "Eddie" Link
Bruha John Link
Bruha Regina M Stuart Link
Bruha Theodore "Ted" Link
Bruha Theodore Link
Brummer Frederick J Link
Brunsvold Donna I Burns Link
Bruski Frances L Cate Link
Bruski Gertrude Agatha Sikorski Link
Bruski Julius Adam Link
Bruski Louis Link
Bruski Mary Jean Groff Link
Bruski Ralph Link
Bruski Raymond Link
Bryson Calvin Link
Bryson Lula Link
Bryson Marjorie Link
Bryson Martin Herman Link
Bryson Percy Elmo Link
Bublitz (boy) Link
Bublitz (girl) Link
Bublitz Dwight Vern Link
Bublitz Merella Egland Link
Bublitz Richard Link
Bucklin Adah Mae Jones Link
Bucklin Calvin William Link
Budau August Link
Buerkle Arthur Link
Buerkle Betty Link
Buerkle Carolina E Krueg Link
Buerkle Fred Link
Buerkle John Link
Buerkle John Link
Buerkle Lorene Christine Freier Link
Buerkle Louisa Knopfle Link
Buerkle Martha Lang Link
Buerkle Victor "Vic" Link
Buerkle Wilhelm Link
Buerkle William Jr Link
Buffington Gerald James Link
Bull Ella Mae Jesperson Link
Bunch Dawson Wayne Link
Bundren Mable L Link
Bundren Pearl Glazier Link
Bundren William D Link
Bunis Caroline Link
Burdick Susan Marie Kohler Link
Burgess Robert J Link
Burghardt Fred Jr Link
Burghardt Raymond Link
Burkett Cecil C Link
Burkle (baby) Link
Burkle Erwin Link
Burkle Edward Link
Burkle Frederick Link
Burkle Ida Link
Burkle Jeanette Maxine Losing Link
Burkle Magdalena Opp Link
Burkle Peggy Louis Huber Link
Burns Bernetta Helen "Bee" Sparks Link
Burns Caroline S Cockran Link
Burns Charles A Link
Burns Gordon H Link
Burns Lawrence F Link
Burns Lowell Clyde Link
Burns Lulu Belle Wallace Link
Burns Marjorie Ethelyn Moore Link
Burns Patrick Trocus Link
Burns Thomas Link
Burrell William A Link
Burrill Laura Viola Hart Link
Burvee Duane Scott Link
Busch Dorothy Link
Busch Larry W Link
Busch Nellie Lou Beaverstad Link
Bush Christie Gentry Link
Bussion J G Link
Byrne Barbara Rose Bruha Link

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