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Billings City Buildings

 Revised 5 February 2002

Some of the more prominent buildings constructed before 1930 are shown below. These photographs were extracted from the City Directories and related documents retained by the YGF. For businesses on Montana Avenue, see Buildings.

The NPR track runs through the town at an angle of about 55 degrees, and is between Montana Avenue and Minnesota Avenue. These were the “prime” locations for business development in 1882. The original townsite (platted 1881) is divided into Southside & Northside by the track. The Montana Prime Meridian runs through the “offset” junction the townsite separating Section 33 and Section 3 (not shown). John Alderson’s land (Coulson) was directly adjacent to the west edge of Section 33. The phantom lot marks shown to the right (east) of the plat are actually on John Alderson’s land. The Billing’s Townsite Company tried to purchase 40 acres from him to incorporate the planned development of Billings, but he refused their offer. Eventually the Coulson town was lost.

The Burlington track, which came into being about 1887, initially ran through the town along 5th Avenue North.


Preston Moss’ residence (1906) on Yellowstone Avenue and Division Street.


Monument marker at Boothill Cemetery.

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