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Polk City Directory Information – Cooper & Vanaman Families




John A Cooper, clerk, 226 N 26th

EM Cooper, farmer,

Richard cooper, horses, Billings

EN Cooper, horse, Billings,






]Cecil L Cooper, b., 3414 6th Ave S

Charles W Cooper, carpenter, b, 3414 6th Ave S

Elbert N Cooper, stockman, 322 N 31st St

John Cooper, fireman, NPR

ED Cooper, 160 acres, Joliet

EN Cooper, cattle, 800 acres, Billings,

Peter Cooper, 155 acres, Billings

BB Cooper, pp, Luther farmer

CE Cooper, pp, Chance Farmer

Edward Cooper, Rockvale, farmer

Samuel H Cooper, Luther, farmer

Cooper & Tyler, pp, Fromberg





Blanche Cooper, Clerk for Dr. Armed res: 217 S 30th

Charles F.Cooper, Carpenter: 217 S 30th

Samuel S. Cooper , 506 S34th st.

Elbert N. Cooper, stockman, 6 mi. south of city

Harry, warehouse foreman @ GN Freight 423 N 27th

Mrs. Julia A Cooper, 217 S 28th

DJ Cooper, 280acres, Pryor farmer

EN Cooper, 1763 acres, Billings’ farmer

Peter Cooper 155 acres, Billings farmer




Charles F Cooper, carpenter 217 ˝ S 30th

Harry Cooper, Farmer – 223 N 24th

Samuel L. Davis, rancher 506 S 34th

Daniel Cooper, 280 acres, Billings

EN Cooper, 1703 acres Billings

Peter Cooper, 66 acres, Billings

TJ Cooper, pp, Huntley




John A Cooper, car repairman, NPR, 735 Terry

Theodore S Cooper, carpenter, 1921 1st Ave N

Wilmar H Cooper, carpenter, 1211 3rd Ave W

Daniel Coooper, 280 acres, Pryor

EN Coooper, 2103 acres, Billings

Olive E. Coooper, Laurel

Peter Cooper, 66 acres, Billings

Thomas J Cooper, 320 acres, Huntley

Armilda E. Doss, 328 acres Brazwell Summit

William S. Doss, Billings

Ira M Cooper, 320 acres, Columbus





John A. Cooper, car repair NPR, 735 Terry

Theodore S Cooper, carpenter, 1921 1st Ave N

Wilmer H. Cooper, carpenter, 1211 3rd Ave W

Daniel Cooper, 280 acres in Pryor

EN Cooper, 2103 Acres, Billings

Olive E Cooper, Laurel

Peter Cooper, 66 acres, Billings

Thomas J Cooper, 320 acres, Huntley

Ira M Cooper, 320 acres, Columbus




WH Cooper, contractor, 110 N 30th

Miss O. Cooper, 240 acres, Columbus

JA Cooper, car inspector, 314 Miles

Davis F. Pease, farmer, Lodge Grass

Anson H Pease, farmer, Lodge Grass

Sarah W Pease, housewife, Lodge Grass

Emery B. Pease, farmer, Lodge Grass

Benjamin Pease, farmer, Lodge Grass

Ellen Pease, real estate, Lodge Grass

George Pease, Jr. Farmer, Lodge Grass

Sarah W. Pease, retired, Lodge Grass

Donald E Cooper, Yellowstone Co, Billings

Harry L Cooper, Yellowstone Co, Laurel

Nate Cooper, Yellowstone Co, Billings

Ollie Cooper, Yellowstone Co, Laurel

Thomas J Cooper, Yellowstone Co, Huntley

WH Cooper, Yellowstone Co,. Billings

William Doss, Yellowstone Co, Billings

Lulu B Davis, Yellowstone Co, Huntley




William S. Doss, 574 acres, Billings

A Carey Cooper, farmer, Huntley

Thomas Cooper, farmer, Huntley

Manford R Cooper, Police Judge, 18 4th Ave.

Orrie C Cooper, carpenter, 18 4th Ave

EN Cooper, 4040 acres, Billings

Homer, Ballantine

EN Cooper, 240 acres, Pompey Pillar

William S Cooper, 574 acres, Billings

Oscar Vanaman, (2911 1st Ave S Vanaman Ice), res: 810 S 26th

Florence Cooper, clerk Yellowstone Creamery, 221 S Broadway

Harry Cooper, laborer, 110 N 14th

Harvey C. Cooper, laborer, 305 N 14th

James B Cooper, 810 S 26th

John A cooper, clerk, Carpenter Paper Co, 830 Terry

Joseph Cooper, laborer, 2612 8th Ave S

Lulu Cooper, packer, NL Martin Co, 21 S Broadway

Lulu E Cooper (widow Wilmar Cooper), 608 N 30th

Theron W Cooper, bookkeeper, Overland-Mulvaney. 620 N 30th

William & Nephews, Allen McCanless Chemists, bus: 214 Stapleton Building.




Arthur Cooper, clerk, 2823 Montana Ave

EN Cooper, PO 725

Florence Cooper, housekeeper, Owl Hotel

George N Cooper (Helen G), Gazette, 115 N 34th

James B Cooper, 203 S 27th

James B Cooper, laborer, 221 s Broadway

John A Cooper, shipping clerk, Carpenter Paper Co, Clark Hotel

Mrs. Martha A Cooper, Swift Co, 204 S 27th

Martin Cooper (Martha), 204 S 27th

Orie A Cooper, laborer International Harvester, 622 S 32nd

Peter E (Clara), farmer, 221 S Broadway

Theron W Cooper (Marg), Mulvaney Motors, 413 S 29th

William Cooper, laborer, 2413 Montana Ave

Oscar Vanaman (Lulu), 203 S 27st

Carey A Cooper, Huntley

Thomas J Cooper, Huntley




Oscar Vanaman (Lulu), 211 S 24th


Didn’t record Coopers



1933-1934 (Combined Years)


James Cooper (Lydia), 2216 1st Ave S

James Cooper, farmer, 223 S Broadway

Laurence E Cooper (Lucille W ) 319 N 24th

Martin E (Nora B), 310 5th Ave S

Orie A, 240 acres, Custer

Peter E Cooper (Clara), 223 S Broadway

Samuel Cooper, 223 S Broadway

Theron W (Nancy F)(, 502 S 29th

Thomas J Copper, Huntley

Sarah L Cooper, PO 725 Billings

Mrs. OC Cooper, Laurel

EN Cooper, Jr., PO 725 Billings

AC Cooper, Huntley




Dorothy Cooper, South of City

James B Cooper (Lydia), 20 S 24th

James B Cooper, laborer, 223 S Broadway

Laurence E Cooper E (Lucille W), 319 N 24th

Martin E (Nora B), 312 S 26th

Mrs Mary cooper, 510 S 30th

Mary J cooper, student, 510 S 30th

Orie A cooper, 240 Custer Ave

Peter E (Clara), 223 S Broadway

Samuel A  Cooper, 223 S Broadway

Theron W Cooper, 3114 4th Ave N

Oscar Vanaman (Lulu), laborer,  2815 2nd Ave S




Vanamans moved out of area.




Samuel A Cooper, age 23, died on January 24th, 1938.





William S Doss, (Bill Doss Second Hand Store 2617 Montana Ave), res: same.

Peter W Doss (Mildred) USAC, 2087 Hallowell Lane

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