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Preserving our history...

    Many times information we are looking for is not yet available on the internet. Paper records are very important and are often found in a variety
    of locations including: libraries, historical societies, and local genealogy groups. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for potential records
    and genealogy contacts in the area.

    You may also want to make inquiries at area nursing homes to find a longtime resident of the area. These citizens usally love to visit and can often help
    you put places and names together that give you more clues in your hunt.

    Don't forget to check your local museums, too -- they are a wealth of information and insight into the history of the area. And, you never know -- you
    may find pictures of your ancestors hanging on the wall or perhaps items or diaries that have been donated to the museum that connect to your family.

Museum Upper Wheatland Historical Society
11 South Central Avenue, Harlowton, Montana 59036
Telephone 406-632-5519
Open May 1st through Oct 31st and 10am to 5pmTuesday through Saturday and 1pm to 5pm on Sundays

Upper Wheatland Museum has an extensive collection of photographs, exhibits, etc. They also have file copies of all newspapers dating from 1906 (Harlowton Press, Harlowton Times, Times-Clarion). Some work has been done on cataloguing items, but it is probably in pretty rough format. They do not have a standard research fee, and usually only charge for photocopying of items that are desired

Harlowton Chamber of Commerce; P.O. Box 694 Harlowton, MT 59036- (406)632-4694

If you know of other records that are available, specific to Wheatland County,
please contact me so that we can work to make that information available here.

Wheatland County Courthouse Records
Clerk & Recorder, Wheatland County
P.O. Box 1903, Harlowton, Montana 59036
Telephone: 406632-4891
Records available: Birth, Death, Miliitary Service, Lease, Mortgage & Deeds from 1917. Fees: Birth: $5.00; Death: $3.00; Uncertified Copies: $1.00; Searches: $5.00. Charges for other documents: $.50 per page. (NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice here.)

Clerk of the District Court, Wheatland County
P. O. Box 227, Harlowton, Montana 59036
Telephone: 406-632-4893
Records available: Marriage, Divorce, Probate, Criminal & Civil Court and some Naturalizations from 1917. Fees: Marriage record: $2.50. Searches over a period of years: $.50 per name, per year. Other copies: $.50 per page, first five pages, then $.25 per page. (NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice here.)

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