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Selected items from the "Locals" column of the Valley County Gazette, R.X. Lewis, editor - January 1898 to November 1898. All opinions are of R.X. Lewis. Unless otherwise noted, all items are from the "Locals" column Page 4.

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January 1898

January 8, 1898
Lee Cook and Mac Hunter have sold their cattle and will leave Valley county in the spring. Hunter will return to his home in Oregon to take charge of his father's farm and Cook will return to his home in Texas for an extended visit.

Asleep in Jesus - Florence Truscott was nine years of age and died Monday morning at 4 o'clock from typhoid fever. Her body was taken by her parents to Helena for burial in consecrated ground.

January 22, 1898
Moses Polley, father of O.D. Polley formerly county assessor of the county, died in Seattle the 10th of this month. He was full of years having passed the allotted three score years and ten.

January 29, 1898
From a letter received from Clara May, the young and last wife of Chas. May, arrested here for bigamy, it is learned that her husband has admitted three more wives than the laws of Dakota permit and will plead guilty to the charge of bigamy. Clara is in deep distress not so much apparently over the exile of her love to the penitentiary as over the loss of three meals a day without working. She is a buxom lass and looks strong enough to work in a yoke, but she has an abhorence of labor almost as great as a hack driver.

Jacques Altmeyer, last Sunday celebrated his silver wedding and was remarried in the Catholic Church in pursuance of some custom.

Defended His Sister - A Valley County Man makes a Gun Play in New York City - New York, January 20 - H.G. Henz to-day shot a man her for insulting his sister. He says that he is from Culbertson, Mont., where he was at one time a deputy sheriff, and that he has friends in Montana who will help him out and will vouch for his good character... Henz shot his brother-in-law as a result of a quarrel arising over the manner in which the sister was treated by her husband... Henz worked there (Culbertson) for some four or five years and while he was regarded as harmless it is generally acknowledged that he was a would be bad man. He made several gun plays while in Culbertson, once taking a shot through a window to intimidate Tom Dupree with whom he had trouble. The killing of his brother-in-law may be justified but Henz's reputation here is not such as he represents it.

February 8, 1898
Clara I. Humphry, of Poplar, has instituted proceedings against her husband, John W. Humphry, for divorce. In her allegations she claims foul language, inhuman treatment, physical assaults and on these she bases her claim for divorce. The case will come up at the March term of court.

Sky Small this week received a letter from his father, who is quartermaster of the government relief corps sent into Alaska to relieve distress. The letter advised Sky to come to Oregon at once and get a bunch of his father's horses and follow the expedition and join them. Sky left Wednesday.

February 1898

February 12, 1898
p.1 - A Klondike Farewell - A number of friends gathered at the home of Chas. St. Clair Wednesday evening to congratulate and big God speed to Albert Wedum and Judge Kent who anticipate leaving shortly for Alaska.

p.4 - Wellman Beede and Miss Annie Lansing were quietly married at the home of J.C. Deede yesterday afternoon by the Rev. St. Hill.

John W. Clark, formerly engineer on the Great Northern road on this division is now in the soldier's home, Marshaltown, Ia. He has recently been granted a pension of $10 per month from Jan. 9, 1894.

List of Jurors - The following list of jurymen have been subpoenaed for the March term of the district court: W.H. Davis, John Taylor, Chas. Kertz, Wm. Lovell, Elmer Cain, Robt. Able, Saco; W.B. Haw, S.P. Mitchell, John Archer, Jacob Bauer, Culbertson; O.S. Cutting, W.S. Griffith, Chas. Unger, A.J. Wedum, Sam Morrin, A.J. McMillan, E.C. Stevens, W.H. Beary, J.C. Beede, John Kent, Glasgow; John Survant, Harry Cosner, C.P. Spellman, Herman Robinson, Jas. Wilson, Wm. McLellan, T.B. Green, Malta; Fred Groves, Hinsdale.

February 26, 1898
p.1 - Malta Siftings - There was a quiet wedding at Exter last week. James Fineron and Mrs. Day were the happy couple who decided it is not well for man to live alone. The groom is section foreman at Exter while his newly made wife is a leader in the dizzy whirl of society.

p.4 - A son made its advent into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vagg, of Saco, Wednesday. The young man seems to be a healthy youngster with a desire to usurp his father's position in the home and handle the post office.

From a telegram to John P. Eder, from his friend Herman G. Hinz, who killed his brother-in-law in Brooklyn, it is learned that Hinz went free.

A Watery Grave - Word was received her yesterday that L.P. Roundy and Percy Roundy, former residents of this place, but recently of Oregon, were passengers on the Clara Nevada, supposed to have been burned while on the way to Alaska.

March 1898

March 5, 1898
p.1 - David Ross, brakeman on the Great Northern road, was recently married to Miss J. Donaldson, of Havre. The couple will make Glasgow their future home.

p.4 - John Edwards, of Saco, procured a marriage license from the clerk of the district court Wednesday to wed Miss Bessie L. Parker of the same place.

The sad news of the death of Ed. Murphy, formerly of this place, was received here Wednesday. He was killed in the railroad yards of the Galveston & Santa Fe road while engaged in switching in Galveston. He was one of the leaders of the strike on the Great Northern.

James Williams, one of Havre's brightest and most influential young men, died Wednesday. He had pneumonia and typhoid fever. A widow is left to mourn his early death.

District Court - The following cases are set for trial: Sarah N. Whittal vs. John Whittal, divorce; Clara Humphry vs. John Humphry, divorce.

March 12, 1898
p.1 - Dave Denslow Dead! - His Tempestuous Career Terminated Early Sunday Evening by T. Blackman - A Pistol Shot Did the Work - The Whole Thing Enshrouded in a Mystery. Blackman Out on a Bond of $10,000 - The rough checkered career of Davis Denslow, punctured with the cares entailed by a life of reckless prodigality met its period Sunday as the shades of night were falling on the village (Malta). He was shot and instantly killed by T.L. Blackman, with a 45 colt revolver, after a short altercation of about ten minutes. The tragedy occurred on the main avenue of the city in front of the city bakery wile numerous pedestrians were on the street. Blackman immediately gave himself up to Constable Wilson, of Malta, who was close by and the two walked up to the jail... Denslow did not have a gun on his person... Denslow was a man of about 36 years of age. He was a roundup cook for a number of years on the range, but had recently built himself a fine ranch on Cherry creek about forty miles from Glasgow... The body was ordered shipped east to his mother who lives in New York state.

p.4 - The remains of Davis Denslow were shipped to his mother's home in Jamestown, Ny.W., Thursday where they will be entered in the family lot.

Albert Wedum, Judge Kent and Ole Sieverson left Monday for Cook's Inlet, Alaska.

March 19, 1898
Mr. and Mrs. Griffith were made happy by the arrival of a fat baby boy in their home Thursday evening.

Clara Humphry, of Poplar, was given a divorce from her husband John Humphry, on the grounds of inhuman treatment.

March 26, 1898
We have been informed that Buck Ferguson and Miss Bertie Stevens were recently married in Great Falls and are now in the east spending their honey-moon.

Jas. Stephens, of Culbertson, this week received a letter from Pat Nacy who is now located at Skagway, Alaska, and working with a pack train between that point and Lake Bennet.

Dan Tovey, formerly a saloon man of Malta, died last Saturday at Fort Benton.

Prof. Bryant went east Thursday in response to a telegram stating that his wife and child, who are located in Wisconsin, were dangerously ill with la grippe.

April 1898

April 2, 1898
Out for the Dough - Hon. M.S. Griggs, of Lincoln, Neb., was recently in Glasgow investigating into the wreck that occured near Hinsdale in which Engineer Henry Neate and Fireman John Gartan were killed. Mr. Griggs is the attorney and council for Mrs. Gartan and has brought suit against the company for T25, 000.

April 16, 1898
p.1 - Mrs. Sam Brooks will leave Sunday with her son for her home in Glen Ross, Ont., while her husband will go west to lookup a location.

p.4 - Hank Shuefelt Killed - Hank Shuefelt was shot and immediately killed last Saturday evening by O.M. Dean, in the little town of Grinnell a few miles east of Williston, N.D. Dean is proprietor and editor of a small newspaper and the publication of a certain article that reflected on the moral character of Shufelt caused bad blood to exist between the friends of the two men in what is known as the "Grinnell bottoms."... Ed. and Jack Shufelt, brothers of the deceased left this place immediately upon the receipt of the sad news of their brother's death.

April 23, 1898
p.1 - Mrs. Jno. R. Nelson Passes Away After Three Years of Suffering - Early Tuesday morning a courier from the ranch of Jno. R. Nelson brought the sad, though not unexpected, news of Mrs. Nelson's death at nine o'clock on the morning of the day in question. Her death was not a surprise as it had been hourly expected for many days. For three years she had been an invalid suffering from dropsy in a virulent form... Margret Nelson was born 76 years ago in Plattsburg, N.Y., and is of French descent. She later in life met and married John R. Nelson and after the war came west with her husband and was among the first to settle in the vicinity of old Fort McGinnis. About seven years ago they came to this county and located a ranch on Cherry creek, seven miles from Glasgow, where they have resided ever since. The funeral was held from the Catholic church Wednesday afternoon and the remains were followed to Highland cemetery.

p.4 - Evans-Nelson Nuptials - Eugene Evans and Mary A. Nelson, adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. R. Nelson, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. St. Hill Monday afternoon at the Peterson residence. Mr. Evans will, as soon his affairs are settled, remove his young bride to the more poetic clime of the state of Washington.

April 30, 1898
The family of Engineer Snyder arrived in Glasgow yesterday from Dubuque, Iowa, and will take up a residence in the Polly house.

May 1898

May 7, 1898
Nashua has furnished a recruit for the army in the person of Wm. Tollan who went to St. Paul and enlisted.

Chas. Schlienz, of Matoon, Wis., has opened a boot and shoe shop in Glasgow.

May 14, 1898
Geo. Young, formerly an old N-N cowpuncher, is now at Buford engaged in the saloon business.

Bishop Brewer, of Helena, held divine services in the Guild hall Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Thursday afternoon he baptized the infant boy of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Broves, of Hinsdale.

Another n***er killing occurred at Havre Tuesday. A mulatto girl finding her dusky sweetheart in a house of questionable character... proceeded, with the aid of a six-shooter, to make his body resemble the meshes of a fish net.

Some month ago we clipped from a daily paper the information that L.P. Roundy, formerly a resident of this place, had lost his life in the Pacific, while on his way to the gold fields of Alaska. The report has proven incorrect as Mr. Roundy recently forwarded money to the local lodge of Odd Fellows in payment of his dues.

May 21, 1898
Jerry Cahill, the popular boiler maker in the Great Northern shops, and Miss Katie Freidl, one of Glasgow's most charming young ladies, will next week be united in the bonds of matrimony.

Prof. C.A. Bryant returned to Williston Tuesday from Rock Elm, Wis., whither he was called from Glasgow several weeks ago on account of sickness in his family. We understand Mr. Bryant intends making Williston his future home.

June 1898

June 4, 1898
Ludwig Bretzka recently returned from an extended trip in Wisconsin where he located his family, to give his children a German education.

June 11, 1898
John O'Callaghan has left us. Thursday afternoon Sheriff Kyle took him to Warm Springs where his thinking apparatus will be repaired.

June 18, 1898
Miss Ida Hoffman, Leo Coleman and Wallace Kellison were given certificates of graduation from the public school of Glasgow this week by County Superintendant of schools, Mrs. Jessie Bell.

Mrs. R.H. McNeill this week received a card of invitation from her son Will, of Minneapolis, to his marriage. He weds a Miss Rose Scott of North McGregor, Iowa. Mr. Spears was employed for some time on this division of the Great Northern and has many friends in Glasgow.

Geo. Heron, engineer on this division of the Great Northern road, was married to Miss Betha Lafeyette of Iowa recently.

John Brugler, a half-breed, was found dead in a coulee several miles west of Poplar last Tuesday by Major C.R.A. Scobby... Ernest Stricker a Standing Rock Indian was arrested for the murder.

June 25, 1898
p.1 - Death of Heroes - William McMasters, an American soldier who wore a medal of honor awarded him by a vote of congress, and who died lately at Glasgow, Montana, was born in a little village of western New York. At the breaking out of the civil war he enlisted in the union army and served all through in the army of the Potomac... In 1876 he was in the detachment under Reno which was operating with Custer at the Little Big Horn...

p.4 - Lizzie a Quitter - A few weeks ago we notice the marriage of Mr. Columbus Regli, one of our most prosperous stockmen, and Miss Lizzie Bohms. All did not go well in the new household, and Mrs. Regli agreed to quit for a consideration. - Lewistown Argus.

The wife and family of Conductor Chase, formerly of Waseca, Minn., are now located in Glasgow.

Wallace D. Coburn this morning went to Helena, where he will be married at 3:30 o'clock to-morrow afternoon to Miss Anna Refenrath of that city. Mr. Coburn and bride will go to California for a month's visit and will be at home near Malta about July 20. - Great Falls Tribune.

Wedding Bells - Plas Price and Miss Clara M. Galvin, of Saco, were united in wedlock Wednesday morning in the Roman Catholic church, of Chinook, Rev. Eberschweiler officiating. Robt. Conatser, of Glasgow, and Miss Georgia McConnell, of Culbertson, respectively acted as best man and lady. Mr. Price is one of the most prominent and progressive stockgrowers of the county. Miss Galvin is from Michigan and met her husband while on a visit to her brother who resides in Saco.

July 1898

July 9, 1898
A sheepherder was run over by the westbound passenger at Hinsdale on the 4th. The remains were shipped to Glasgow and taken charge of by Coroner Robbins.

Acting Coroner Perrett went to Hinsdale Thursday in response to a telegram stating that Chas. Terry had been drowned while attempting to ford the Milk river at that point. Terry celebrated the 4th in Glasgow and on the day following left in a one horse cart to visit his son who resides on the Belknap Reserve.

July 16, 1898
Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Will Means Saturday morning a husky son who tipped the scales at 10 pounds and has been christened Donald Lafayette. - River Press.

July 23, 1898
Mrs. Dan Sullivan and her mother, Mrs. Jas. Currington, of Wolf Point, have moved to Glasgow where they intend making their future home.

Love Crowned by Hymen - Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock R.L. Branson and Miss Rose Stiler were united in the sacred bonds of matrimony by Justice Robt. Perrett. The ceremony was performed at the pleasant home of W.S. Griffith on Front street. Her bridesmaid was Miss Sophia Peterson. The groom was attended by L.P. Evans.

July 30, 1898
A correspondence from Pearmond says that William Saunders, better known as "Champa," an old time resident of that place and a veteran of the civil war, died Thursday morning at 6 o'clock. He is said to have some relatives living in Germany. In compliance with a dying request, he was buried 'neath the boughs of a sturdy cottonwood that had sheltered him from the noonday sun for years.

Wm. Brandt who started for the Klondike country this spring has returned to Glasgow with his life and a bright future.

August 1898

August 13, 1898
Henry Thompson was given a hearing before Justice Perrett Monday afternoon and set at liberty it being plainly visible that the killing of Dunn was in self defense.

The remains of the late Thos. Dunn were laid to rest in Highland cemetery Sunday afternoon in the presence of many friends of the deceased. In the absence of the local minister S.W. Russell, of Miles City, read the Episcopal services for the dead.

Invitation are out announcing the engagement of James Forsyth and Miss Carolina Curran, of Culbertson. The date fixed for the wedding is August 24th at the home of George McTaggart.

The infant baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Griffith has been quite ill the past week with cholera infantum. His condition at this writing is not improved and grave fears are entertained for his recovers. Later - The little sufferer passed away at 5 o'clock.

Rev. L.D. Luther has been appointed pastor of the M.E. Church at this place by the Northern Montana Conference which met in Great Falls the first of the week. Rev. St. Hill goes to Ubet.

August 20, 1898
Jno. A. Martin, formerly of this place, has been assigned to a pastorate at Hamilton this state.

Mr. Barney Lantry and Miss Marshall were married at 8 o'clock Thursday evening. Mr. Lantry is a conductor on the Great Northern. The happy couple will be at home in Glasgow.

Merle Manley has been weeping for joy during the last week over the arrival of twins in his home. They made their advent into the household Monday morning and manifest a robust disposition to stay a long time. Its a boy and girl weighing seven and a half and seven pounds respectively.

The remains of Mr. and Mrs. Griffith's six months old baby boy were interred Highland cemetery at five o'clock Saturday afternoon. Rev. Lindsay, of Poplar, officiated at the funeral.

John Fanning of Malta and Miss Curley Stetz of Wisconsin were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the Coleman house Wednesday evening at 9 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Judge Manley. The couple will reside at Malta.

September 1898

September 3, 1898
The remaining twin baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Manley died last Saturday morning at an early hour.

Julius Peterson, formerly of this place, but now of Trail, B.C. spent a portion of this week renewing old acquaintances in Glasgow. It is understood that Mr. Peterson and Miss Bingham, of Havre, will join fortunes and return to British Columbia.

A marriage license has been issued to Perry L. Largent and Nina F. Cline, of Poplar. Mr. Sargent is boss farmer on the reservation and Miss Cline is a teacher in the government schools.

District Court. The divorce case of Sarah Whittal vs. John Whittal was given a hearing and taken under advisement. The defendant failed to appear and in all probability Mrs. Whittal will be given a decree.

September 17, 1898 - P4 C2 - Eugene Coleman is authority for the statement that Richard Freidl will take unto himself a wife in St. Paul this week.

October 1898

October 15, 1898
John Conley, herding sheep for Joe Morrison near Malta, was found dead upon the prairie the first of the week. He perished in the blizzard while out with a bunch of sheep.

October 22, 1898
p.1 - Republican Ticket: County: State Senator, W.B. Shaw; Representative, H.H. Hedges; Sheriff, J.R. Stephens; Treasurer, W.H. Beary; Clerk and Recorder, J.W. Wedum; Assessor, Wm. McBride; County Attorney, J.J. Kerr; Supt. of Schools, Jessie Bell; County Surveyor, T.M. Patten; Coroner, W.O. Robbins; County Commissioners, C.S. Stafford, H. Bokholt, F. Whitbred.

p.4 - Democratic Ticket: County: Senator, A.W. Mahon; Representative, J.L. Truscott; Sheriff, R.L. Conatser; Treasurer, F.M. Fryburg; Clerk and Recorder, O.S. Cutting; County Attorney, L.P. Evans; Assessor, Fred Groves; Superintendent of Schools, Miss Elsie Clough; County Surveyor, T.M. Patten; Coroner, Joseph Sayre; Public Administrator, J.W. Williams; County Commissioners, H. Cosner, D.C. Kyle, S.P. Mitchell; Justice of the Peace, Malta Twp., James Wilson; Constable, Malta Twp., Frank Erforth; Justice of the Peace, Saco Twp., W.P. Rutherford; Constable, Saco Twp., Richard Pledge; Justices of the Peace, Glasgow Twp.; S. Blanchard, R.H. Friedl; Constable, Glasgow Twp., Jos. Conroy; Justice of the Peace, Culbertson Twp., J.Z. Bruegger; Constable, Culbertson Twp., Louis Gilbert; Justice of the Peace, Springdale Twp., Wm. Martin; Constable, Springdale Twp., Fox Cochrane.

October 29, 1898
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edwards, of Saco, Wednesday evening.

R.W. Garland left for Ontario in response to a call announcing the serious illness of his father, who subsequently died. Mr. Garland was on his way home when he received a telegram advising him of the sudden death of a younger sister and he returned again to Ontario.

Mrs. James Fox Passes Away - ...Mrs. Fox has been ill for some time but her condition was not thought serious. Wednesday evening about 6 o'clock she called upon Mrs. Weed, who had been nursing her, for a glass of milk. She was assisted to a sitting position and after partaking of the fluid sunk back onto her pillow and expired. Deceased came to Glasgow about five years ago where she met and a year later married her husband, the happy union being blessed with a little girl now three years of age and a baby boy of only five weeks. Her parents reside at St. Louis Park where she was raised and grew to womanhood and to which place the remains were shipped yesterday for interment in the family lot. The cause of death was typhoid fever. Mrs. Fox, who before her marriage, was Miss Falvey, was beloved by all her acquaintances...

November 1898

November 5, 1898
The body of John Horan, who it will be remembered, was drowned in the Missouri with her horse near Culbertson last winter, was found some two weeks ago floating in the river below Bismarck, N.D. Letters on his person made identification easy.

A shooting occured in the section house at Wolf Point Tuesday evening that caused John Shea, a section hand, his life. Ben Clausen, who did the shooting, was given a hearing before Judge Manley Thursday afternoon and was set free, it being clearly shown to have been done in self-defense...

November 12, 1898
Election Results: Senator, Mahon 214, Shaw 160; Representative, Truscott 188, Hedges 186; Sheriff, Conatser 220, Stephens 159; Treasurer, Fryburg 226, Beary 135; Clerk and Recorder, Cutting 214, Wedum 152; County Attorney, Evans 225, Kerr 140; Assessor, Groves 188, McBride 185; Superintendent of Schools, Clough 229, Bell 141; Coroner, Sayre 185, Robbins 160; Public Administrator, Williams 231; County Commissioners: Cosner 178, Kyle 214, Mitchell 194, Stafford 140, Whitbread 158, Bokholt 178.

Married in St. Paul, Minn., July 25th, 1898, Beatrice Atwood, of Glasgow, Mont., and Joseph J. Schulte, of St. Paul, by Rev. H.J. McAvay.

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