New Rockport Colony Cemetery
Rockport Colony, MT

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Hofer, Andrew
b. Mar. 10, 1968 d. May 3, 1976

Hofer, Mary G.
b. 1923 d. Sep. 4, 2008
wife of George Hofer

Kleinsasser, Helen J. Waldner
b. Mar. 14, 1951 d. Nov. 21, 2010
wife of Jonathan Kleinsasser; daughter of John & Katie Waldner

Kleinsasser, Paul J.
b. 1943 d. Jan. 30, 2010
husband of Ruth Wipf Kleinsasser

Waldner, George G.
b. 1969 d. Apr. 14, 2010
husband of Mary Waldner

Wipf, Aaron Joseph
b. 2002 d. Jan. 16, 2005
son of Joseph & Katie Wipf

Wipf, Dan
b. Jan. 22, 1988 d. Jan. 22, 1988
son of Elizabthe Hofer & Jacob Wipf

Wipf, Maryann D.
b. Oct. 3, 2005 d. Sep. 23, 2008
daughter of Daniel & Linda Wipf

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