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This is an abstraction/ transcription of vital records – birth, marriage, divorce, death – that appeared in Montana, for the most part The Tri-County News (Columbus) newspaper for 1903. If the information is from a different newspaper, that newspaper will be listed. If additional information appears in the news item, (FS) will appear at the end of the item. This means that the full news item or story has been copied. Transcribed and copied information submitted to the Museum of the Beartooths by 1 July 2008. Copies may be obtained by contacting the Museum staff. The microfilm used was obtained through interlibrary loan from the Montana State Historical Society.

In these transcriptions, the spelling of names and locations is as it appears in the newspapers.

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Born, 1 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Chas. C. Green’s son is the first child that has been born to a member of the tribe. In recognition of this fact, a handsome little pipe has been presented by the tribe to the young man.

Born, 8 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Fishtail Items – Born to Dr. and Mrs. McKay a boy, Jan. 2.

Born, 8 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 5. A little daughter was born to Geo. McCarty and wife, Saturday, Dec. 27.

Death, 15 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. The infant child of Geo. McCarty died Friday evening and was interred in the Absarokee cemetery Sunday afternoon.

Death, 15 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 2. Miss Phoebe Friend of Reed died Saturday of scarlet fever.

Death, 15 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Fishtail Items – The community was greatly shocked last week Monday night Jan. 4, to hear that Ole Hoyem had committed suicide by taking strychnine. His father saw him take the poison, and Dr. McKay was called and every means tried to save him; but he died about 4 a.m. Tuesday. Insanity was the cause, as he was known to have shown symptoms before several times. The funeral was held Wednesday from the home.

Death, 22 Jan. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Fishtail Items – Fishtail, Mont., Jan. 20, Guilford Cunningham, an old and highly respected citizen, died near here last night at 10:17 p.m. of general disability and lagrippe. He leaves an aged wife, two sons and one daughter and hosts of friends to mourn his loss. His remains will be buried (sic) at Rosebud cemetery near here tomorrow at 2 o’clock p.m.

Birth, 29 Jan. 1903, p. 3 c. 3. A daughter was born to J.L. Montgomery and wife Sunday, Jan. 18.

Marriage, 5 Feb. 1903, p. 2 c. 3. W. Knox and Miss Nora Steinbrink were married at Billings yesterday. The groom is a nephew of F.W. Steinbrink, and has many friends in and around Columbus. The bride is a daughter of Henry Steinbrink, the owner of the fine ranch property just south of town.

Birth and Death, 12 Feb. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. A baby girl ws born to Dr. and Mrs. Wearne of Bigtimber Sunday, Feb. 1; and she was taken away to a better land last Friday.

Birth, 12 Feb. 1903, p. 5 c. 3. A son was born to C.W. Doyle and wife Thursday, Feb. 5.

Birth, 26 Feb. 1903, p. 1 c. 4. A baby boy, weighing 12 pounds, was born yesterday to the wife of Frank Sanderson of Canyon Creek.

Birth, 26 Feb. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. A son was born to Prof. and Mrs. Fraser this morning.

Birth, 26 Feb. 1903, p. 5 c. 2. Born to John Nichol Jr., and wife, Feb. 21, a twelve pound boy.

Death, 5 Mar. 1903, p. 5 c. 2. The infant child of R.L. Potter and wife passed away Friday morning, and the funeral services were held at the Congregational church at 2 p.m. Saturday. The little one had been ailing for some time, but was thought to be improving until a few hours before its death.

Death, 12 Mar. 1903, p. 2 c. 1. Park City – Death entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Z.B. Brown, taking from their happy family of children the infant boy. The child had been ailing for several days from tonsillitis, and was getting along nicely, when complications set in, causing a rather sudden death. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon.

Birth, 12 Mar. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. We should have reported last week the birth of a little daughter to G.H. Simpson and wife, Monday, Feb. 23.

Death, 19 Mar. 1903, p. 1 c. 4. Death of Ruth, the 12 month old daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Pope of Big Timber. (FS)

Birth, 19 Mar. 1903, p. 5 c. 3. A little daughter was born to C.E. Edwards and wife Saturday.

Birth, 26 Mar. 1903, p. 6 c. 4. Fishtail Items – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, a daughter.

Death, 2 Apr. 1903, p. 2 c. 4. Fishtail Items – The infant child of Mrs. Kerr was buried Saturday.

Birth, 2 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. A son was born to Victor Corbeau and wife Sunday, Mar. 29.

Birth, 2 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 2. The birth of a son to R.M. Fry and wife last Sunday is reported to this office.

Marriage, 2 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 3. Sunday morning, March 29, there occurred at the ranch of Jas. Herington near Absarokee the wedding of Stephen a. Knaup of Park City to Gertrude Allen of Absarokee. Rev. Geo. R. Searles officiated, and so steady a hand could not fail to tie a true lover’s knot.

Birth, 9 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. Born, to J.O. Holt and wife, Sunday, April 5, an 11 pound blacksmith.

Birth, 9 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 2. A son was born to T.M. Doyle and wife Tuesday evening.

Birth, 16 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 5. A baby girl was born to Section Foreman Gebhardt and wife Monday morning.

Death, 16 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 5. Arnold Piety died at his father’s ranch near Roberts last Thursday, the cause of death being typhoid fever.

Death, 23 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 1. Lewis Jacobson, a coal-heaver, was thrown from a car at Grey Cliff and was killed on Wednesday of last week, his head being crushed.

Death, 23 Apr. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Death of Miss Bell Odell, the sixteen-year-old daughter of J.B. Odell and wife, of consumption. (FS)

Death, 7 May 1903, p. 2 c. 2. Park City News from the Billings Times – Mrs. Gebhardt, wife of the section foreman of the Northern Pacific, four miles west of Park City, died here yesterday from a complication of diseases. The funeral was held from the Methodist church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. W.E. Snider. The deceased was about 25 years of age.

Birth, 14 May 1903, p. 2 c. 1. Park City – The many friends of the Rev. and Mrs. Snyder tender their hearty congratulations in the advent of a baby girl to their happy home.

Marriage, 14 May 1903, p. 2 c. 1. Park City – Bert Mitchell and Miss Dona Gill surprised their many friends with the announcement of their wedding in Billings last Saturday.

Death, 14 May 1903, p. 2 c. 2. Park City – Death of George Kinney who succumbed to scarlet fever at his home on Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock. (FS)

Marriage, 28 May 1903, p. 5 c. 2. The marriage of M.S. Lord of Forsyth and Miss Mary E. Fraser of Columbus will take place June 4.

Birth, 4 June 1903, p. 5 c. 1. Born to John C. Tilden and wife of Park City, Monday, June 1, a boy.

Marriage, 4 June 1903, p. 5 c. 2. Lord Fraser wedding. (FS)

Death, 13 June 1903, p. 5 c. 1. Mrs. Wm. Budd of Bigtimber died Sunday night of heart failure. She was buried Tuesday.

Death, 18 June 1903, p. 1 c. 4. Geo. Kinney memorial services. – Park City news. (FS)

Death, 25 June 1903, p.1. c. 3. Park City news – Scarlet fever claimed the nine year old boy of Arthur Rich who died Wednesday. The child made a stubborn fight and the doctors were untiring in their efforts but to no avail. The funeral will be private.

Death, 25 June 1903, p. 5 c. 3. Mrs. Atha Wilson, of Absarokee, died in Livingston. (FS)

Birth, 2 July 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Morris – Born, to Mr. and Mrs. S.N. Jenkins, a son.

Marriage, 26 Nov. 1903, p. 1 c. 3. Park City – A wedding which is to take place is announced for Christmas eve. Mr. George Games is to marry Miss Mary L. Williams daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bessette. The wedding will take place at the home of Miss Williams’ parents one mile east of town.

Marriage, 31 Dec. 1903, p. 5 c. 4. Last Thursday, Dec. 24, Rev. Alice Barnes officiated at the ceremony that united the lives of Oliver T. Kem and Miss Myrtle Sylvester. (FS)

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