Esteemed Pioneer Citizen
Butte Succumbs After
Long Illness

     Word has been received in Butte from Arkansas Pass, Texas, of the death there yesterday of Jeremiah H. McCarthy, once mayor of Butte and twice its city treasurer.  Mr. McCarthy had been in failing health for several years and had made his home in Arkansas Pass most of the time on account of the milder climate and because of his interests there.  While it was known he was not in good condition physically, his death was not expected by his friends and relatives in Butte, among whom it caused profound sorrow.

     Jerry McCarthy was a native of St. Lawrence County, New York, where he was born 66 years ago.  He came to Butte in the days of wooden walks and unpaved streets and engaged in business.  His prominence and his popularity made him mayor of Butte in 1899, and he served two years in that capacity.  He had previously served a term as city treasurer, and some years later was again elected to the same position.  On his retirement from public life he spent much of his time in Texas. His most recent visit to Butte was the latter part of last year, when he was drawn on the jury panel of Judge Dwyer’s court.

     Mr. McCarthy is survived by his wife, formerly Miss McNeil, a well-known school teacher of Butte and by one son, Jerry.  Miss Florence McNeil of the Butte public library, and Clint McNeil, deputy sheriff, are sister and brother, respectively of Mrs. McNeil.

Date: Sunday, May 25, 1919  
Paper: Anaconda Standard 
Anaconda, Montana

Volume: XXX  Issue: 264  Page: 9


Once Prominent in Public Life 
City, Famed Character of 
Early Days Dies in Texa

     News of the death at Arkansas Pass, Tex., of Jeremiah H. McCarthy, one time mayor of Butte and treasurer of the city for two terms, was received late Saturday.  While Mr. McCarthy had been in ill health for some years, his death came as a shock to his hundreds of friends and acquaintances among the residents of Butte.

    Mr. McCarthy was born in New York  66 years ago. He came to Butte in the early days and through his popularity and marked ability won election to the mayoralty in addition to two terms as city treasurer.  Upon retiring from public life he spent most of his time at this Texas home in search of health.  Last winter he spent more than a month in Butte and was present when the city passed from what had been termed the “wettest” city in the northwest to a “dry” one and at that time commented on the change from the Butte of his early days.

     In addition to his widow, formerly Miss McNeil, a Butte school teacher, Mr. McCarthy is survived by one son, Jerry; Miss Florence McNeil of the Butte public library, a sister, and Deputy Sheriff Clint McNeil, sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

The Butte Daily Bulletin
Butte, Montana
Monday, May 26, 1919
First Edition
- Page 8