Published in
The Montana Standard
2, 1941

Date: Monday, November 22, 1920  
Paper: Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana)  
Volume: XXXII  Issue: 80  Page: 1  


Mayor of Mining Camp in Early Days and Associated with William Owsley in Livery Business. Later Years Devoted to Office of Po9lice Magistrate in Home Town. Among First Gold Seekers in This Section.  

     Judge Henry G. Valiton, Mayor of Butte in 1890, died at his home in Deer Lodge yesterday forenoon, following an attack of heart trouble. Judge Valiton was 77 years of age. He had been a resident of Montana since 1865, when he engaged in mining on Reynolds creek. From that time he had been active in affairs in Deer Lodge and Butte and made either one of these places his home for more than 50 years.

     “Hank” Valiton, as he was known to his countless associates, was of a type to attract attention anywhere. Despite his years he gave an impression of strength and power. He was tall and broad shouldered and old timers tell of him that he was able in the rough days to take care of himself in any crowd. Genial and companionable, he made friends wherever he went.

For years he had held one office in Deer Lodge, that of police judge, and to this position his fellow townsmen elected him again and again.

Born in France

      Judge Valiton was born in France, but his family came to this country when he was but a child and first settled in Iowa, where they made their home for several years. Later they were in Colorado and Nevada, eventually following the mining excitement into Idaho. From there the young man started out for himself and in succession mined in Idaho and British Columbia, finally reaching Montana in 1865.

     His first attempt at mining was made at Reynolds creek and after a couple of years at this he concluded to enter business and removed to Deer Lodge, where he started a livery stable. This he ran for 12 years, selling out to come to Butte. This was 1879.

     Judge Valiton was first associated with William Owsley in that famous livery stable, on the present site of the Owsley block, Park and Main streets, the firm being Owsley & Valiton. Later he was in the grocery business as McCraner & Valiton. In 1886 Mr. Valiton bought out C. B. Hauser & Co., and engaged in the wholesale liquor business on West Park street, where the Paxson & Rockefeller drug store now is located.

     His first entrance into politics in Butte was in 1883 when he ran for sheriff, but was defeated by a narrow margin. A few years later he served as alderman of the city and in 1890 he was nominated by the democrats as their candidate for mayor. He defeated Dr. E. D. Leavitt, the republican nominee. Judge Valiton served one year as mayor.  

Master of Mount Moriah

      Entering Masonry while he was in Butte, Judge Valiton became the first master of Mount Moriah lodge, serving in the capacity in 1880, 1881, 1882 and 1884. He was affiliated with Mount Moriah lodge at the time of his death.

     Judge Valiton’s brother Peter, who died some years ago, joined him in Butte and built the first brick building in the city, the Marchesseau & Valiton block, now the Beaver block, at the corner of Main and East Granite streets.

Heart Attacks

     His physical condition caused Judge Valiton to remove from Butte and he went back to Deer Lodge. For years he had been subject to heart attacks and these came at frequent intervals. He suffered the last while visiting his daughter, Mrs. Ernest Eaton, at Billings a short time ago. On his return his friends saw that his condition was serious and made every effort to have the judge rest as much as possible.

      Besides his daughter, Mrs. Eaton, the judge is survived by a son, Fred, and electrician of Deer Lodge; a nephew, Peter Valiton, who is in business in Polson, and a sister, Louise Valiton, at Deer Lodge.  

     Funeral arrangements have not been completed but probably will be held Wednesday at Deer Lodge.