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Butte & Other Montana Links

Butte Family Pictures
Dolan Family

The Butte Daily Post Oct. 1, 1919

Butte Menus - Interesting bit of Butte history

The Creamery Cafe
Butte Cafe
Truzzolino Tamale & Chili Parlor
The Club liquor list
The Finlen Gun Club
Chequamegon Cafe Menu, 1901

Butte - Postcards from the Past

Rocker Schoolhouse
Columbia Gardens
Basin Creek Reservoir
Uptown Butte

Granite Mountain Memorial

Miscellaneous Genealogical Web Site Links

Mining  Records

Montana - Silver Bow County - Map

Montana Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial

Pictures of unknown people

Prison Records

Resources & Links

Silver Bow County - Brief History

Women's Suffrage--"Excerpt of a Speech on Womans Suffrage - Delivered Feb. 1st 1913 at Butte, Montana"


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Butte Montana Churches

Cemeteries in the United States

National Cemeteries in the  United States

MTGenWeb Photo Archive - Silver Bow County
Montana Historical Society Library and Archives
MHS Genealogy Research Requests

Montana - Old High School & College Yearbooks, Graduation Programs, Reunion Booklets, Class Rolls, Alumni Lists, School Photos & Memorabilia




World Museum Of Mining - Butte, MT


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