Sanders County History

Sanders (SND) County Seat: Thompson Falls. Bordering Idaho, Sanders County was organized from a part of Missoula County. It was named after U. S. Senator W. F. Sanders, a nephew of Sidney Edgerton, the 1st territorial governor. A portion of the Flathead Indian Reservation is in this county along with populations of Salish, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Kalispell and Pendoreille Indians.

Montana Historical Society

Letter from visitor going to Montana through Yellowstone

"T....... in Livingston MT. I have to tell you it is stunning here in Livingston. We drove through Yellowstone (supposedly they are shutting down tomorrow). Saw 100s of buffalo, a grizzly and 3 wolves. I was impressed with the wolves because I know that they were recently re-introduced. They were so pretty and crossed the highway right in front of our car. (D.... and I have always had huskies and Samoyeds which look like wolves). Then we got to Gardiner MT which is on the north boundary of the park and there were Elk grazing on everyone's lawns. They know when hunting season starts! Muledeer grazing in all the pastures with the cows. And a view to die for. And no .....touristas from CA, TX, NY and FL! One tourista excepted of course! Weather is wonderful and the geysers are steaming. Wish you were here - you would love it. What I really emailed you for was to tell you that Sanders County is looking great! You have really turned that site around. T..... roared with laughter about your transcribing cemeteries and eating steaks remark.