Cemeteries located in Sanders County, Montana
Some cemeteries have been linked to their
Find A Grave location

Plains Cemetery has been transcribed by Nancy Eastes.  Other Cemeteries are partially transcribed from funeral home records.
A complete transcription of all Sanders Co. Cemeteries is available. "Index to Burials, Sanders Co." by Maurice Helterline.  
Contact The Printery, 1-800-926-4513 or request a look-up from
Nancy Eastes.


NAME City or Location
Camas Prairie Cemetery  
Dixon Dixon
Dolson Family Cemetery Hot Springs
Fitzpatrick Family Cemetery Hot Springs
Fraternal Cemetery Thompson Falls
Gingery Cemetery Knowles
Heron Cemetery Heron
Hominsto Cemetery Sunrise Spring
Indian Cemetery Lonepine
Lynch Cemetery Plains
Maillet Cemetery Hot Springs
Markle Cemetery Markle Pass
McKay Cemetery Mill Pocket Creek
Moore Cemetery Hot Springs
Murray Memorial Cemetery Lonepine
Niarada Cemetery Niarada
Noxon Cemetery Noxon
Paradise Cemetery Paradise
Plains Cemetery Plains
Pluffe Cemetery Sunrise Spring
Thompson Falls Cemetery Thompson Falls
Trout Creek Cemetery Trout Creek
VFW Cemetery (see Thompson Falls Cemetery) Thompson Falls
Ventling Cemetery Hot Springs
Whitepine Cemetery Trout Creek
Wild Rose Cemetery Thompson Falls