WOOD, STANTON, FISHBURN             Barbara Dooley                                            April 10, 2000
My name is Barbara Dooley, maiden name WOOD. My father was Virgil Frankie WOOD, his mother's name was Leona Belle Stanton Fishburn, her mother was Mildred May Parsons Stanton. She lived in Rosebud, Montana with her husband, my grandfather, John Stanton. I'm trying to locate any information on my family history and learn more about them. If anyone knows any information please mail me. I know I still have relatives in Montana but do not know names of these people and I also know they own about 130 acres of land. I'm very interested in my family history and would appreciate any information someone might know of. My grandfather, John Stanton, passed away March 5,1955 and my grandmother, Mildred May Parsons Stanton, passed away in 1982. My grandmother, Leona Belle Stanton Fishburn, passed away on March 15, 1996. Anyone knowing anyone of these people please email me.

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