SLATER, HUFFMAN                               Lorene Frigaard                                       January 27, 2000
I am searching for information about Llia (Huffman) Slater who was living in Forsyth at the time of her father's death in Anaconda on 12 DEC 1922. Her parents' names were: John W. & Jennie Huffman, and she had several siblings living at this time: Mrs. Ada (Huffman) Slosson, Goldie Huffman, Arron Huffman (all of Anaconda); Mrs. Dottie (Huffman) McMillan of Sidney; Roy Huffman of Missoula; Leonard Huffman of Tacoma. I am interested in the Slater family and would like to hear from any descendants of this family if they are still in the Forsyth area because I know so little about this woman and her family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if the spelling of this woman's first name is correct, Llia, but that is how it is spelled in her father's obituary. Perhaps it is Lila.

STANTON, FISHBURN, WOOD                   
Barbara Dooley                                   April 10, 2000
My name is Barbara Dooley, maiden name Wood. My father was Virgil Frankie WOOD, his mother's name was Leona Belle STANTON FISHBURN, her mother was Mildred May PARSONS STANTON. She lived in Rosebud, Montana with her husband, my grandfather, John STANTON. I'm trying to locate any information on my family history and learn more about them. If anyone knows any information please mail me. I know I still have relatives in Montana but do not know names of these people and I also know they own about 130 acres of land. I'm very interested in my family history and would appreciate any information someone might know of. My grandfather, John STANTON, passed away March 5,1955 and my grandmother Mildred May PARSONS STANTON passed away in 1982. My grandmother, Leona Belle STANTON FISHBURN, passed away on March 15, 1996. Anyone knowing anyone of these people please email me thank you so much.

Nancy Eckel                                               June 12, 2000
Seeking info. on GUS STOEHR, my g-g-uncle. He operated the Rosebud Trading Post - here or in North Dakota. He died in June, 1944. Any info appreciated - even negative info. Also, need info on August C. Stohr, my Great Uncle. I need info about him. He married Fannie Pierce from Quebec, and he ran the Trading Store. He died in May, 1944. Did they have children? Any stories, photos and memories would be greatly appreciated.

SULTZER                                               Janie Boatright                                        January 26, 2000
I am looking for relatives that lived in Rosebud, Montana. My grandmother's name was Mary Myrtle (Stark) SULTZER. Mary's mother was Irene (Jackson) Stark. Mary's grandmother was a Jackson (I don't know her first name). I have a letter Belle Jackson wrote to my grandmother on November 17, 1961. She was approximately 76 years old on October 18. Belle Jackson must have been Irene Stark's sister-in-law. (Belle Jackson was born October 18, 1885 and died in September 1981. She lived at 59347 Rosebud, Rosebud, MT. Also, Robert Jackson lived at the same address, his birth date was May 27, 1913, he died in May 1979.) I am looking for any information. I do know that she had a son named Floyd, an Uncle Al (I don't know his last name). She also mentions a Uva?? if it was her sister. Also, she mentioned a Maggie Saffell, who she lived with at the County Hospital in Billings.

Midge Stokley                                                    January 4, 1998
Seeking any information on Eli SUNSET. It is not known what year he moved to Forsyth. He was born December 1894 in Murray, Utah, died November 1939 in Helena, MT. He lived with L.W. ROBINSON in Forsyth in the early 1900's. Any info on either of these two would be very much appreciated.

SWALM or SCHWALM                Terrie Lepkowski                                              January 16, 2000
My Grandfather Charles B. SWALM was born in Canada to John SWALM and Marie Smith SWALM. John and Marie were born in Germany. My Grandfather's place of birth is listed as Ontario on two of his children's birth certificates, Manitoba on another one and just Canada on the other two. We think he was born in Ontario. John and Marie SWALM had a farm in Montana and raised a large family. There was a brother that we know of by the name of Casper SWALM.   My Grandfather, Charles, married Rachel Downing in 1913 and they lived in Forsyth where the children were born. They moved in 1924 to Miles City, Montana where my Grandfather owned a garage and my Grandmother owned and ran the N.P. Hotel. It was across the street from a park. My Grandfather Charles died April 6, 1939.   I can't seem to locate any SWALM'S in Rosebud County. My Mother lived with her Grandparents after my Aunt was born. My Aunt, born in 1921, contracted polio as a baby and my Mother, born in 1918, lived with her Grandparents from the age of three until she was probably four or five. My Mother said that her Grandparents bought the farm her parents owned in Forsyth. I have checked with Rosebud County for death certificates and they don't have any listing for SWALM. The original spelling for SWALM was SCHWALM. I am not sure when the name was changed but think it was early 1900's. My Aunt and Uncle's birth certificates all list the name as SWALM and they were born beginning in 1914.   My Grandmother Rachel Downing was born in Norden, Nebraska. Her family lived in Ainsworth and she raised cattle with her brother before marrying my Grandfather. My Grandmother was thirty years old when she married and my Grandfather was thirty eight. This is all of the information that I have at this time. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

TUCKER                                           Jinx Tucker                                                          June 23, 1998
I am looking for information on John Scott TUCKER. He was a drover from Wyoming to Montana. Family legend has it that he was killed on his last drive from Van Tassel, WY to Miles City, by one of his drovers that he had fired at the end of the drive. His death date is March 28, 1911 and he is supposedly buried somewhere in or around Ashland. Can anyone help with more info?

TRUEBLOOD                               Lane Trueblood                                                      April 24, 2000
I need info on Viola Beatrice Trueblood (nee Ledbetter) born about 1881 & buried in the Forsyth Cemetery.

WAGNER                                      Katja Bernhardt                                                   April 22, 2000
I am looking for any information about Gustav Wagner. He was born November 27, 1876 in Lohre, Hessen, Germany. He settled in Sumatra, Montana around 1912. He had a farm and probably worked for the Rail Road at that time. He lived in a lumber yard.

Please send any information to:
Katja Bernhardt
Gartenstr. #10
34302 Guxhagen

WANSTRATH, GRANT          Joanna Wanstrath Thompson                             January 19, 1999

My Grandfather Floyd A GRANT is buried in the Mountview Cemetery in Billings Montana. Born 1875, buried Aug 1, 1931. His wife (Anga Traver GRANT), and two daughters (Beryl (Peggy) Grant Cross), (Reva Maude Grant Wanstrath) my mother, homesteaded in Rosebud County. The family moved from Weedsport NY in about 1908. In about 1916 the family took a train car load of horse back to NY so the two girls could finish high school in NY. Some where around 1925 Floyd and Anga GRANT moved to Canada then back down to Montana to homestead again close to Billings Montana. Floyd and Anga owned the GRANT news stand in Billings. After Floyd's death in 1931 the news stand was sold. The two girls and Anga moved to the Bitterroot Valley above Darby owning the Medicine Tree Ranch. Love to hear from anyone knowing this family or related to us.

WINEY, KINGSLEY, BROUGHTON           Art Hawkinson                                      July 4, 1997
Seeking information on Mary E. (KINGSLEY) BROUGHTON (born 1868 in Canada), widow of George Louis "LOU" BROUGHTON (born Feb 1855 in MO), married Arthur B. WINEY (born Iowa), in Forsyth in June 1911. Children of Mary Kingsley and Lou Broughton: William, born 1886, Custer co; George, born 1889, Custer co; Carrie, born 1892, Custer co; David, born 1895, Custer co; Dolly, born 1897, Custer co.

WIPPS, COLSON                                     Patty Coulson                                                  May 16, 1998
I am searching for information on Reginald Gordon Colson or his brother Richard Crabtree Colson. Reginald was a railroad engineer. Both were living in Forsyth, Rosebud County, in 1918. Maude WIPPS was married to Reginald Gordon Colson. They had three children. One of them, James Reginald, was born in Forsyth Mt. The other two were a daughter, Geneva; and a son, Gordon. Any information will be appreciated.

WOOD                                                   Robert B. Wood                                         December 14, 1999
Is there any chance that the grave of my Grandfather Edward/Edmond/Eugene Wood can be found? I've heard that the "old" cemetery is no longer and I believe that's where he was buried.
(Bob provided the obituary for his grandfather and I have placed it on the "Stories" page)

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