MAPLE, SIMPSON, GROOMBRIDGE         Lori Maple                                       January 8, 2002
My mother in law is Winifred (Groombridge) Maple, born approx 1921 in Forsyth, Montana. Her father's name was Edward Groombridge. Her mother's name was Olive Lorraine Pemberton and I believe Olive's mother was named Louella Simpson.

                        Victoria Stewart                                      February 13, 2001
I am seeking any information on John Hill Matney, who was both a Methodist Episcopalian Minister and a doctor, who came to Birney, MT in 1990 to 1902.  He came with his wife, Cordia Donnelly Matney, and they had three living children:  Pauline, Thomas Wright Matney (Tom) and John Hill Matney Jr. (called Jack).  Rev. and Dr. John Hill Matney usually went by the name "Hill."  I would like any information on any of the individuals mentioned:  Photos, books, document copies, etc.  Hill also served as postmaster at Birney.  The family also lived in Calvin, Warren, Musselshell and Missoula, through into the 1930s.  John Hill Jr. (Jack) and Thomas Wright were cowboys by trade.  Dr. Hill also worked for a Canadian Pacific Railroad as a train doctor, and the Starr Mine as a doctor.  He lived for a time (seven years) in Oklahoma prior to coming to Montana.

PARKER, ROWLAND                             Liane Johnson                                 October 28, 1997
I am searching for any information on the following people.  The Charles PARKER/Alice Jane ROWLAND family came to Rosebud County and probably made their home on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.  Alice Jane was half Northern Cheyenne; her father was William "Billy"  ROWLAND (Rouland).  He was married to a full blood Northern Cheyenne woman known as "Sissy" or possibly "Mary."  He may have been in the Army or traveled with the US Army as an interpreter.  Charles and Alice Jane Parker had the following children:  Alvin, Rhoda, Stella, Charles, Ethel, Guy, Eddie, Francis--all born from 1878 to 1900.  My grandmother was Ethel Parker.  She married George W. Sherman and they lived for many years in the about Lame Deer, with many of their children graduating from the high school in Forsyth.  The George and Ethel Violet Sherman children were Frances, George (III), Otto, Wretha, Carl and Clarence, all born in various places in Montana.  Any info on any branches of these families would be much appreciated.

PRICE, FINCH, JACKSON, KAMHOOT               Sandy Funk                    May 17, 1997
I am looking for info about Oscar and Libby KAMHOOT.  They had a daughter named Ivean who married Walter FINCH in Forsyth.  She was born in 1911.  I am also looking for information about Peter JACKSON, married Mary PRICE who settled on the Little Porcupine in about 1886.  Also Harold FINCH, who was born in Rosebud Creek in 1886.

ROUTON                                              Mathew Routon                                      October 18, 1999
My great grandfather homesteaded 160 acres in the Rosebud County area around the early 1900's.  He died in 1918 and was buried somewhere in Custer Co.  I believe this would be when this Co. was part of Custer Co.  His name was Monroe William ROUTON.

ROWLAND                                     Linda Nixon                                                    August 14, 1997
Looking for any descendants of James ROWLAND who lived in Lame Deer and had family there in early 1900's.  My only clue is a letter  stating James migrated to Colorado and engaged as a tradesman for the Hudson-Bay Fur co. with the Cheyenne Indians and at the time of the letter was still with this tribe.  The Letter said he had personally seen James ROWLAND in Lame Deer and named his children "like the rest of the Rowlands" names like William, Frank, Benton, and Willis being the most pronounced.  The author was living in Billings between 1878-1905.  Does anyone have ANY information to help me find this family.  Greatly appreciated.

RUPE, SIMPSON                                   Terri Beck                                                 December 22, 2001
I would like some help finding a marriage, and property records of James Andrew Rupe b. 4 Oct 1873 in Ottumwa, Iowa to John Alexander Rupe and Sarah Jane Carson and Mable Ellen Simpson b. 6 Mar 1893 in Oshkosh, NE to George Mathew Simpson and Rhoda Rosina Simpson.   James and Mable, I think, were married in Ingomar ca. 1940's. James was a Farmer/Rancher, Mable was a retired Registered Nurse, who had come home from a sojourn as a Methodist Missionary in India. They had property near Ingomar, and raised several orphaned children with varying degrees of disabilities. Would there be anything in the local Social Service Files of their Foster parenting, or newspaper articles? 
They moved to Boulder Colorado and in 1955, they joined Mr. Rupe's sisters, Mrs. A.T. Brooks and Mrs. Francis Olson, in Tacoma WA where James Andrew Rupe died 10 July 1964 and is buried in the Mountain View Cem in Tacoma Wa. Mable Ellen Simpson Rupe followed him on 6 Nov 1980 and is buried beside him.

RUSSLE                                                        February 1, 2002
I am looking for information regarding my gg grandfather ROBERT EDWARD RUSSLE from Rosebud Co., Montana.   Based on the information I have gathered, this is what I have documented.  ROBERT RUSSLE came from Pocatello, Idaho to Montpelier, Idaho in 1904 doing odd jobs like bailing hay, stacking logs, branding stock, etc. By 1906 he had come to Rosebud Co., Montana and applied for a homestead.  That homestead was along the railroad and their was some delays due to figuring out who owned what land. He continued to work at odd jobs when he did some work for EVA HARDING who had come to Rosebud Co. in 1911 and homesteaded. EVA and ROBERT were married July 1, 1914. They had a daughter June 1, 1916. ROBERT died Feb. 22, 1918 of a strangulated hernia and was buried on the homestead. Per the marriage license, ROBERT'S parents were JOSEPH RUSSLE and JENNIE LEE and Robert was born in Stewartsville, Missouri in 1887. I can not find any record of JOSEPH RUSSLE on any census record that I have looked at. ROBERT'S obituary says he was a Range Rider. Does anyone know what type of work that was? Any information would be helpful.

SCHOESSLER                                       Rhonda Erb                                  August 29, 1998
I am looking for more info on Phillip and Emma (Wieck) SCHOESSLER and children.  They settle in Sumatra.  Here's a list of their descendants.

  1. Phillip Scheossler and Emma Wieck (b. about 1870).
      2.  Dorothy Scheossler + ? Kestersen
      2.  Emily Scheossler + ? Shotwell
               3.  Richard Shotwell
               3.  Bonnie Shotwell
               3.  Patti Shotwell
               3.  ? Shotwell
      2.  Florence Scheossler + Fred Hansen
      2.  Henry Scheossler + Mae ?
               3.  Rollo Scheossler
               3.  Ruth Ann Scheossler
       2.  John Scheossler (d. about 1960)
       2.  Walter Scheossler
       2.  William Scheossler + Mae ?
               3.  Connie Scheossler + ? Dudskalski
                     4.  Becky Dudskalski
                     4.  Julie Dudskalski
                     4.  Susan Dudskalski
                     4.  Robert Dudskalski
                3.  Phillip Scheossler + Shirley ?
                     4.  Dan Scheossler
                     4.  Debbie Scheossler
                3.  Cathy Scheossler + Mike ?
                     4.  Bill ?
                     4.  Dale ?
                     4.  David ?
                     4. Nathanial ?
         2.  Rosie Scheossler

I would be grateful for anything you could send me, since I live in Iowa and don't have access to even census records.

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