GERTENSON, HANSON                        Donna Hilmar                                    January 21, 2000
My grandfather, Anton August Gertenson, born in Sweden in 1870 and my grandmother, Wilhelmina Andrea Hanson, born in Norway in 1869, were married in Miles City February 24, 1893.  They ranched (homesteaded?) west of Forsyth near the river then lost everything (cattle) in a severe blizzard.  They moved to Forsyth and supposedly ran a ferry (maybe just a row boat) across the Yellowstone River around 1900-1901.  He "drowned" about that time, though he later turned up in Colorado and California!  Grandmother, thinking he was dead, married a John Larson and lived in Forsyth.  Think he was a railroad worker.  She passed away in 1958 and is buried in Forsyth.  I would appreciate any information on the location of their ranch land and also on the ferries across the Yellowstone in that time period.

GRANT, WANSTRATH                       Joanna Wanstrath Thompson               January 19, 1999
My grandfather Floyd A. GRANT is buried in the Mountview Cemetery in Billings, MT.  Born 1875, buried Aug. 1, 1931.  His wife (Anga Traver GRANT), and two daughters (Beryl (Peggy) Grant Cross), (Reva Maude Grant Wanstrath) my mother, homesteaded in Rosebud County.  The family moved from Weedsport, NY in about 1908.  In about 1916 the family took a train car load of horses back to NY so the girls could finish high school in NY.  Somewhere around 1925 Floyd and Anga GRANT moved to Canada then back down to Montana to homestead again close to Billings, MT.  Floyd and Anga owned the Grant news stand in Billings.  After Floyd's death in 1931, the news stand was sold.  The two girls and Anga moved to the Bitterroot Valley above Darby, owning the Medicine Tree Ranch.  Love to hear from anyone knowing this family or related to us.

GREEN                                                  Tomas Green                                          February 27, 1998
I'd like to know if someone could tell me about my ancestors Janne GREEN (he worked for the railroad company filling water & coal on trains at a station near Forsyth) and his sons Ernst, Carl & John GREEN (Janne and his sons were from Sweden, they came to US in 1890).  I know that Ernst had a friend named Claude Mercy (?) and played with the kids in a nearby Indian nation.  Does anyone know something about these people or the place they lived in? 

GROOM, BARINGER                         Daniel D. Shutt                                September 4, 1997
Seeking help with research on John H. BARINGER and hi s son Fred H. BARINGER.  They lived c. 1883-1905 on a ranch on the Tongue River, at Lay Creek (South of Brandenburg).  Also info on B.B. GROOM of the Anglo-American Cattle Co. who owned the ranch previous to the BARINGERS.  The BARINGERS were involved in the Indian "Scare" of 1897 when their employee, John Hoover, was killed by Cheyennes.

GROOMBRIDGE, MAPLE, SIMPSON         Lori Maple                                       January 8, 2002
My mother in law is Winifred (Groombridge) Maple, born approx 1921 in Forsyth, Montana. Her father's name was Edward Groombridge. Her mother's name was Olive Lorraine Pemberton and I believe Olive's mother was named Louella Simpson.

HALEPESKA                                    Joseph Halepeska                                    January 16, 2001
My uncle William M. Halepeska was born on Feb. 27, 1894 and lived many years in Rosebud, I believe working for the railroad.  He was a WWI veteran.  He died in 1968.  He was born, I believe, in Miltonvalle, Kansas.  His wife's name was Stella.

HAMMOND                                           Glendora Hammond                                       July 19, 1998
Thomas Edward HAMMOND, an early pioneer of Custer/Rosebud County was born in Ireland in 1855 and at about the age of 12 immigrated to Kane County, Illinois.  Setting out for his destination of Montana, at the young age of about 21, young Tom worked in Colorado and was in charge of an irrigation ditch.  He then moved on to the Yellowstone Valley hunting buffalo, selling the meat to the army.  Recollections are that in 1879, he entered the cattle business on Sweeney Creek.  In 1883 he started in the sheep business and in 1887, he was able to amass 2140 acres on the South side of Porcupine Creek, 10 miles from Forsyth.  His early experience of working on the irrigation ditch in Colorado gave him the expertise to design a system of irrigation that covered 700 acres of his land.  The area to this day is still known as Hammond Valley.  He build a ranch house and on July 23, 1885 he married Adelaide Minnie Livernash at Fort Keogh, MT.  They had four children, Lizzie May, John, Walter, and Marvel.  He was County Commissioner from 1883 to 1897.  There was a country school named after him in Hammond Valley and also a two-story brick building in District 23 in Forsyth.  I have a railroad pass issued to him on the Northern Pacific System dated November 27, 1896.   He was traveling from St. Paul to Forsyth with a live stock shipment.  There is a notation handwritten on it that states the train was delayed 92 hours on the Dakota Divide by snow and dated Dec. 1, 1896.   I also have a photo of the train, with people around the very top of the train, which is almost completely covered with snow.  This must have been quite an adventure for him to have saved the ticket!  In 1900 he remodeled the ranch house and I have pictures of before and after.  When he became ill with bladder cancer, he came to Santa Ana, CA where in 1918 at the age of 63 he died.  My husband is his grandson and also named Thomas Edward HAMMOND.

HARSTAD                                        John Feuster                                                     March 3, 1999
I am trying to obtain information relating to the ancestry and descendents of Albert J. and Minnie HARSTAD.  Minnie (2/22/19--11/30/89) lived in Forsyth, Rosebud County, shortly before her death (per SSDI).  Minnie's father was John Kremer.  Albert was born around 1887.  I don't know where either Albert of Minnie were born.  Two of their sons were Albert HARSTAD (2/26/10--6/20/90) and John HARSTAD (3/16/19--11/30/89).  John was living in Forsyth shortly before his death.  Their daughter was Elsie Harstad (born 1912).  Elsie married Rollin Squires, whom I believe died in 1996 in Cascade County.  Information from obituaries would be very helpful, but any information is appreciated.

HATHAWAY                                     Michael Hurd                                           December 22, 1999
I am looking for the surname of HATHAWAY.  The town of Hathaway was named for a Major Samual HATHAWAY, who was there when the railroad was being built.  A possible link to the Hathaways is James C. Patrick and his wife, who in 1971 wrote a letter to my grandmother whose maiden name was Dorthy HATHAWAY.  Mrs. Patrick told my grandmother in her letter that there were several Dorthy HATHAWAYs in the Hathaway family book.  I really need some help here.

HUFFMAN, SLATER                        Lorene Frigaard                                 January 27, 2000
I am searching for information about Llia (Huffman) Slater who was living in Forsyth at the time of her father's death in Anaconda on Dec. 12, 1922.  Her parents names were:  John W. & Jennie Huffman, and she had several siblings living at this time:  Mrs. Ada (Huffman) Slosson, Goldie Huffman, Arron Huffman (all of Anaconda); Mrs. Dottie (Huffman) McMillan of Sidney; Roy Huffman of Missoula; Leonard Huffman of Tacoma.  I am interested in the Slater family and would like to  hear from any descendants of this family if they are sill in the Forsyth area because I know so little about this woman and her family.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I don't know if the spelling of this woman's first name is correct--Llia, but that is how it is spelled in her father's obituary.  Perhaps it is Lila.

HUTCHISON, BOGGESS             Linda Gudgel Finnell                            August 29, 1998
I am interested in a family named BOGGESS who homesteaded in Montana about 1916 near Colstrip/Coldstrip in Rosebud County.  Mr. BOGGESS was married ancestor of mine name Amonia Beretha HUTCHISON BOGGESS, who was born in Anderson Co., KY about 1859.  She married and they went to Montana.  I have a letter dated 1916 or 1919 which "Aunt Monie" wrote from Castle Rock, Montana to my grandfather in Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY, telling about her life in Montana and her worries about her son, Eugene (Gene), who was serving in World War I.  Would like to know who her husband, Mr. BOGGESS was and something about their lives and deaths in Montana.

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