BYERLY                                        Lawrence D. Byerly                                               June 19, 2000
Looking for information on Roy G. BYERLY family that settled in Ingomar in 1915 and moved to Forsyth in 1938 with two sons, Ray M. and Guy.  I would like to  find grandmother's maiden name and her genealogy as well as the genealogy of my grandfather Roy.  Guy BYERLY was my father and he married Mary Mathern, the daughter of Cecilius Mathern.  Guy died in Forsyth in 1941 and Mary died in Billings in 1955.

                                   Ben A. Clifton                                            January 19, 1998
My great grandfather Lewis Dewitt CLIFTON married Gertrude CARRINGTON in Grant Co., WI.  Her parents were Elisha CARRINGTON and Caroline KEITH. Elisha CARRINGTON died shortly after helping his sons move to Montana.  These sons were Adam M. CARRINGTON (went to Thurlow, in Rosebud Co.), Elisha L. CARRINGTON (went to Westmore, in Fallon Co.), and Miles G. CARRINGTON (went to Fallon, in Fallon Co.).

COLSON, WIPPS                               Patty Colson                                               April 16, 1998
I am searching for information on Reginald Gordan COLSON or his brother, Richard Crabtree COLSON.   Reginald was a railroad engineer.  Both were living in Forsyth, Rosebud County in 1918.  Maude WIPPS was married to Reginald.  They had three children.  One of them, James Reginald, was born in Forsyth.  The other two are:  a daughter, Geneva, and a son, Gordon.

COULSON FAMILY                       Gary Pflaeging                                              June 11, 1999
Searching for additional info on Charles Maxwell COULSON, wife:  Elizabeth, children:  Ora, Leroy, Mary Nell, Betty, Helen.  Homesteaded south of Rosebud in about 1915.  Lived on the homestead until selling it in 1950?  Moved to Rosebud.  Also any info on John Harvey, wife:  Ora (Ora COULSON above), children:  Thelma and John Leman.  Homesteaded about 1916/1917 south of Rosebud, left there in 1920?  Moved to Lehigh to mine coal at the Cottonwood Coal Company.  Charles was my great grandfather.

DAVIS, MARKS                             Marilyn Schwartz                                            May 19, 1998
My father, Maurice Rollo MARKS (later DAVIS), was born in Rosebud, July 21, 1906 on a ranch where Rosebud Creek meets the Yellowstone River.  I know little about his family.  Dad was the third child (after Dorothy and George A.) of Edith (ROGERS) and George MARKS, both from Sheridan County, Wyoming.  George raised horses for sale, and died the day of my father's birth, as a result of falling in front of a train while loading horses into a boxcar.  Edith had one child (Clyde) with her next husband, a Mr. Chadwick.  He either lost the ranch (gambling?) or sold it and headed south (with a 16-year-old girl), leaving Edith and four kids to be evicted and destitute.  Edith then married Frank DAVIS (possibly the son of the sheriff who evicted her).  Three more children were born (Charles, Betty and ?), then they moved to Washington.  Frank died around 1921.  The old house where Dad was born has an underground bunker sort of storage area where Dad says Custer stored ammunition as he began up the Rosebud Creek.  It was still there when he visited I 1980.  Anyone know the place?  Dad mentioned an old blind Indian chief he knew as a child whom he believed had been involved in the Custer Massacre.  Would love nay info anyone might have.

DECKERT                                                Erin                                                        November 11, 1998
Looking for info on Robert Fino DECKERT born in Forsyth, MT in 1884 to Thomas and Abbie DECKERT.

DOWLIN                                               Jeff Wambolt                                                  July 12, 2000
My great uncle Charlie DOWLIN was storied to be a State Senator and perhaps the owner of a speakeasy in the 1920's.  My grandfather Floyd (Whitey) DOWLIN was the sheriff of Rosebud County for a few decades.  Please if anyone knows more information about the Dowlins, please email me.

DYCKMAN                                      Dennis Dyckman                                                  July 3, 2000
Looking for info on the Dyckman Family.  Particularly William August Dyckman, also known as Gus Dyckman.  Was struck by lightning while working on a barn in Helena, fell off and died in 1891.  He was my great uncle.  I don't know if he was married. Although there are Dyckmans in Lame Deer, MT, I don't know if they are related.

ECHTERNACHT                              P. Echternacht                                               April 18, 2000
Our family received a letter from Alice Schell Knight of Birney, MT, dated April 15, 1935.  She was a cousin of Charles ECHTERNACHT of Sterling, Colorado.  The letter details the only known family history.  In the letter she mentions that she has a pattern book that our grandfather brought from Germany.  He was a pattern maker for bedspreads, linens, and things.  Also, she states that she has the married certificate which was framed and loaned to the Sheridan Neb Old Times in the fall of 1933.  We are wondering if anyone has info about any of the above mentioned.  We have done extensive family research and the pattern book and the marriage certificate are among the things still missing threads.  No records exist at the German Reformed Church in Philadelphia where Anna Mae Harter and Valentine (A) ECHTERNACHT were married.  Other family names are Huntzinger.

FERGUSON, BEEBE                          Betsy Beebe Castle                           August 12, 1998
I am researching family history and cannot seem to get information on my ancestors.  This is what I have:  G-Grandfather George Franklin BEEBE came to Virginia in 1884 to live with FERGUSON brother (cousin?) in Kirby.  Married Rosalinda (Rose) DODD, who came from Iowa in 1890 and they were married in Wyoming in 1897.  They took a place on the Missouri Breaks called Beebe Bottoms.  Pal's uncle founded the Beebe Post Office in Beebe, Montana (this could have been George's brother.)  George died in February 1907.  Pal also mentioned a brother named Jim.   In the book,
They Came and Stayed, Rosebud County History, published in 1977, R.A. FERGUSON writes about his family . . . Bob FERGUSON homesteaded east of Sanders in 1906.  His parents, brothers and sisters, George, Janet and Mae.  Bob came from Butte to Sanders and established a boarding house now owned by Claude Church.  Robert FERGUSON, Sr. homesteaded on Bear Creek and it is now owned and operated by Ed Warren's nephew.  Mae married Dennis Warren and is the mother of Ed Warren.  Both Mae and Janet were telegraphers for the Railroad.  Janet and Bob Jr. never married.

FINCH, JACKSON, KAMHOOT, PRICE               Sandy Funk                    May 17, 1997
I am looking for info about Oscar and Libby KAMHOOT.  They had a daughter named Ivean who married Walter FINCH in Forsyth.  She was born in 1911.  I am also looking for information about Peter JACKSON, married Mary PRICE who settled on the Little Porcupine in about 1886.  Also Harold FINCH, who was born in Rosebud Creek in 1886.

FISHBURN, WOOD, STANTON             Barbara Dooley                              April 10, 2000
My name is Barbara Dooley, maiden name WOOD.  My father was Virgil Frank WOOD.  His mother's name was Leona Belle STANTON FISHBURN, her mother was Mildred May Parsons STANTON.  She lived in Rosebud, MT with her husband, my grandfather, John STANTON.  I'm trying to locate any info on my family history and learn more about them.  If anyone knows any info please email me.  I know I still have relatives in MT, but do not know names of these people and I know they own about 130 acres of land.  I'm very interested in my family history and would appreciate any info someone might know of.  My grandfather, John STANTON, passed away March 5, 1955 and my grandmother Mildred May PARSONS STANTON passed away in 1982.  My grandmother Leona Belle STANTON FISHBURN passed away on March 15, 1996.  Anyone knowing anyone of these people please email my, thank you so much.

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