ANDERSEN                                           Melissa McCoy                                    February 26, 1997
Looking for any info on ANDERSEN of the town of Ingomar in Rosebud county.  Danish ancestors Thorwald and wife Ingemar, their children Val (Valdemar?), Bjorn, and Inge raised horses and lived In Ingomar vicinity in late 1800's.  Believe the town of Ingomar is named for g-g-grandmother Ingemar.  Bjorn later returned to Denmark.

ARNOLD                                               Nancy S. Hoffman                                   October 5, 2000
I am trying to find out about my cousin Jack Arnold of the Brewster Arnold Ranch in Birney, Montana.  He was alive in 1939.

ARONHALT                                        Carolyn Robinson                                    May 25, 2000
I am seeking any information on Beatrice ARONHALT who, according to the Bureau of Land Management, purchased 232.8 acres of land in Rosebud co., Montana in Nov. 1921.  I do not know whether this was her maiden or married name.

BARINGER, GROOM                        Daniel D. Shutt                                September 4, 1997
Seeking help with research on John H. BARINGER and hi s son Fred H. BARINGER.  They lived c. 1883-1905 on a ranch on the Tongue River, at Lay Creek (South of Brandenburg).  Also info on B.B. GROOM of the Anglo-American Cattle Co. who owned the ranch previous to the BARINGERS.  The BARINGERS were involved in the Indian "Scare" of 1897 when their employee, John Hoover, was killed by Cheyennes.

BATEY family of Forsyth                        Joy                                                April 7, 2001
Looking for descendents of George and John BATEY, brothers who moved to MT from Missouri and had cattle ranches.  George and wife, Bernice, had two children that I can remember, Mary Ann and Ray.  I believe Ray still lives in the Forsyth area.  He has a son, Dee and a daughter, Cindy.  There could be other children, but these are the only ones I have names for.  John BATEY, as I remember, had a daughter named Carol.  George and John were my grandfather's cousins.  Their mother, Mary Ann (BELL) BATEY, was my grandfather's sister.  I am researching my grandfather's family and could use a little help.  I am hoping someone in the BATEY family will contact me.

BEASLEY                                                Nancy Eckel                                     October 7, 2000
Seeking info for George BEASLEY and his parents, probably starting at the TT Outfit, which ran mostly horses in Rosebud County.  George BEASLEY married Emma Stohr and they lived in Glendive, Dawson County.  Their daughter, May, married Edward A. Shabel.  George BEASLEY was born in 1860 and died in Glendive on October 20, 1923.  Seeking the TT Ranch in Rosebud County (probably - or what is now Rosebud County) owned by Washington West Beasley, married to Nancy O'Neil Beasley. They ran horses, mostly. Any info, leads appreciated. They are my gggrandparents.
Any information appreciated. 

BEEBE, FERGUSON                         Betsy Beebe Castle                           August 12, 1998
I am researching family history and cannot seem to get information on my ancestors.  This is what I have:  G-Grandfather George Franklin BEEBE came to Virginia in 1884 to live with FERGUSON brother (cousin?) in Kirby.  Married Rosalinda (Rose) DODD, who came from Iowa in 1890 and they were married in Wyoming in 1897.  They took a place on the Missouri Breaks called Beebe Bottoms.  Pal's uncle founded the Beebe Post Office in Beebe, Montana (this could have been George's brother.)  George died in February 1907.  Pal also mentioned a brother named Jim.   In the book,
They Came and Stayed, Rosebud County History, published in 1977, R.A. FERGUSON writes about his family . . . Bob FERGUSON homesteaded east of Sanders in 1906.  His parents, brothers and sisters, George, Janet and Mae.  Bob came from Butte to Sanders and established a boarding house now owned by Claude Church.  Robert FERGUSON, Sr. homesteaded on Bear Creek and it is now owned and operated by Ed Warren's nephew.  Mae married Dennis Warren and is the mother of Ed Warren.  Both Mae and Janet were telegraphers for the Railroad.  Janet and Bob Jr. never married.

BOGGESS, HUTCHISON              Linda Gudgel Finnell                                August 29, 1998
I am interested in a family named BOGGESS who homesteaded in Montana about 1916 near Colstrip/Coldstrip in Rosebud County.  Mr. BOGGESS was married ancestor of mine name Amonia Beretha HUTCHISON BOGGESS, who was born in Anderson Co., KY about 1859.  She married and they went to Montana.  I have a letter dated 1916 or 1919 which "Aunt Monie" wrote from Castle Rock, Montana to my grandfather in Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., KY, telling about her life in Montana and her worries about her son, Eugene (Gene), who was serving in World War I.  Would like to know who her husband, Mr. BOGGESS was and something about their lives and deaths in Montana.

BRADLEY                                      Robert Hiller                                                February 5, 2002
I am looking for information on George W. Bradley, born about 1871 in Tama County, Iowa who had a Forsyth, Montana address in 1952.   I am also looking for information on John Bradley, an uncle of George W. Bradley, who was born about 1866 in Tama County, Iowa, and who moved to Maddy, Montana in 1892, and then to Lee, Montana sometime before 1899. He was still in Lee in 1926.

BRAY                                                Judy Chown                                                    January 29, 2002
I am looking for information on my mother's great grandfather: William Bray b. 11-13-1837 NY, who moved to Montana circa 1878 to 1880. I think they originally came to Miles City, then to Forsyth, they also had land up in the high country of the Big Horns where they took their livestock for summers. Family records say that he died January 13, 1912 and was buried in Forsyth.  I have family history on him as being the first representative for the state of Montana but can't locate any info to verify that? Do you know where I would search? I know that he was a very private man who even ran off the census taker. I have paper clippings calling him the Hon. Bray which seem to substantiate the Representative info but nothing else.

BROUGHTON, KINGSLEY, WINEY      Art Hawkinson                                   July 4, 1997
Seeking information on Mary E. (KINGSLEY) BROUGHTON (born 1868 in Canada), widow of George Louis "Lou" BROUGHTON (born Feb. 1855 in MO), married Arthur B. WINEY (born Iowa), in Forsyth in June 1911.  Children of Mary & Lou:  William, born 1886, Custer Co.; George, born 1889, Custer Co.; Carrie, born 1892, Custer Co.; David, born 1895, Custer Co.; Dolly, born 1897, Custer Co.

BROWNLEE                                           Bill Brownlee                                             March 23, 2000
I have started to attempt a search of my grandfather's activities in the West in 1889-1893.  Irven W. BROWNLEE was his name.  I have a letter sent to my grandfather, dated January 8, 1890, indicating he had been in the employment of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, Telegraph Division, since April 1889.  He was about 19 years of age and in the Rosebud, MT area from 1889 until about June 1890.  The contents of the letter would indicate he had been in the area for sometime prior to that date.  I am attempting to get information on him through the RR but without any luck at this time.  From Montana he apparently went to Wyoming.  Wyoming sources told me he was not on their 1890 census.

BURGESS                                                     Cheryl Morris                                   February 6, 1999
I've been working on my husband's family and evidently he has an infamous uncle who shot Billy Moses and was tried.  The relative would be John BURGESS.  Is there any one who would have any information on the trial--when was it?  Or on John BURGESS.

BURRIS, DeHART, MAHONEY        Cristine Ham                                      August 27, 1997
Looking for information on Joseph L. DeHART who for 25 years was a resident of Montana.  He came to Montana in 1881 from Wisconsin organizing the DeHart Land and Cattle Company with headquarters on the Rosebud at the old Custer crossing.  In 1888, he moved to Livingston and was general livestock solicitor for the Minnesota Transfer in Montana supposedly known to every cattleman in the state.  He died in Great Falls, MT at the home of his daughter, Mrs. R.M. BURRIS, leaving his wife, Margaret, and three other children:  Jacob DeHart of Conrad, B.B. DeHart of Idaho, and Mrs. Paul MAHONEY of Wisconsin.  Any info would be wonderful.  I estimate the date of death to be about 1906.  I have an obituary clipping from an old scrapbook without a date.

BUSHAW                                            Joan Van Fleteren                                         June 9, 1999
I am looking for the surname of BUSHAW, lived in Rosebud County in 1964.  I'm sure there must be some of the family still there.

BUSHAW                                                                  September 16, 2000
Looking for Joseph "Levi" Bushaw, born Oct. 2, 1877, Big Rapids, Michigan.  Died Feb. 10, 1964, Forsyth.  Married to Rebecca Frasher, born Mar. 27, 1883.  Michigan died Superior, MT, Apr. 20, 1963.  Happy to share info.  It is know that members of this family are still there.  Even phone book listing would help for family members of Carolyn and Floyd ADAMS, Christine and William Miller, Gladys and Theadore MARKAS or Lyman BUSHAW.

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