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Cheyenne Tribe
Tribal Information - History - Genealogy

Northern Cheyenne Tribe
P.O. Box 128
Lame Deer, MT 59043
Phone: (406) 477-6284
Fax: (406) 477-6210
Web Address:
E-mail Address:

St. Labre Indian School
Ashland, MT 59004-1001
Phone: (406) 784-4500
Fax: (406) 784-6161
Web Address:

PLEASE remember that there are different views of Indian history according to the political slant of the author. Read carefully and compare views!

Tribal web site:

One history of the Cheyenne Tribe.

Links for all Indian tribes complete with maps and data:

History according to Wikipedia sources:

Web site Cheyenne Tribe:

Cheyenne Tribal and Community Links

 Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma:
 Homepage of the Oklahoma Cheyennes and Arapahos

 Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council:vNorthern Cheyenne:  Contact information and facts on the Northern Cheyennes.

 Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council:
Coalition of ten Native American tribes in Montana and Wyoming.

 Chief Dull Knife College:
Tribal college on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana.

 Northern Cheyenne Net:
Northern Cheyenne hosting provider, with Northern Cheyenne tribal information and links.

Cheyenne Lifestyle and Tradition

 Cheyenne Indians:
Cheyenne Indian culture and traditions.

 The Cheyenne:vThe Southern Cheyenne:
 Curtis' early 20th-century ethnography of the Cheyenne Indians.

 Cheyenne and Arapaho Nation Flag:vNorthern Cheyenne Tribe Flag:
Cheyenne flags.

 Hoop and Dart Game:vRing and Pin Game:
Traditional games for Cheyenne children.

 Man's Shirt:vCheyenne Shield:
Photographs of Cheyenne artifacts from the 19th century.

 Cheyenne Indian Shirts:vAmerican Indian Clothes:
Cheyenne clothing and other Plains Indian traditional dress.

 Cheyenne Stories:vCheyenne Literature:vHow The Buffalo Hunt Began:vOrigin of Buffalo:

 Race With The Buffalo:vYellowstone Valley and the Great Flood:
 Traditional Cheyenne legends and folklore.

 Native American Religion:
Advice for people researching traditional Cheyenne religion and other Native American beliefs.

 Cheyenne Sweat Lodge:
 Anthropological description of the sweatlodge.

Genealogy Resources

 Cheyenne Genealogy:
 Resources and helps in researching Cheyenne ancestry.

Cheyenne Literature and Arts

 Lance Henson:vCheyenne Sketchbook:vStrong Heart Song:
 Cheyenne poet Lance Henson.

 Native American Authors: Cheyenne Tribe:
Cheyenne literature.

 Jerome Bushyhead:
 Biography and works of the late Cheyenne artist.

 Cheyenne Ledger:
 Images from an archive of 19th century Plains Indian drawings.

 Cheyenne Spiritual Songs:
 Cheyenne music for free download.

 Northern Cheyenne Flute:vCheyenne Nation:
Cheyenne flute music by Joseph Fire Crow

 Windwalker:vCheyenne Autumn:vSoldier Blue:
Movies about Cheyenne Indian history.

 Cheyenne Indian Art:
Beadwork by Cheyenne artist Virgil Greenwood.

 Jerome Bushyhead Artwork:
 Paintings by the late Cheyenne artist.

 American Indian Art:
Information, photographs and links about Cheyenne and other native art.


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