Roosevelt County, Montana

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Montana Cemeteries

Cemetery  Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Bainville Cemetery 480831N 1041246W Bainville
Bauer Cemetery 480855N 1043606W Culbertson
Box Elder Cemetery 480830N 1051537W Chelsea
Chicken Hill Cemetery 480407N 1054310W Wolf Point
Courchene Cemetery 480558N 1053534W Macon
Freidensgemeinde Cemetery 481443N 1043736W Fort Kipp
Greenwood Cemetery 480613N 1053900W Wolf Point
Hillside* Cemetery 480850N 1043159W Culbertson
King Memorial Cemetery 480542N 1053909W Wolf Point
Kvile Cemetery 482043N 1042948W Froid
Mondak Cemetery 480113N 1040248W Bainville SE
Poplar Cemetery 480645N 1051122W Poplar
Riverside Cemetery - - Brockton
Riverview Cemetery 480940N 1045450W Brockton
Saint Ann's Cemetery 480819N 1051532W Chelsea
South Cemetery 481929N 1042955W Froid
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 482051N 1045751W Smoke Creek SW

*The Hillside index refers to GFR index only, posted on the Odessa website. 
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