Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  07 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Wagner Albert "Slim" Link
Wagner Anna Steinmetz Link
Wagner Catherine Isabel Currier Link
Wagner Charles Ed Link
Wagner (child) Link
Wagner Christian "Chris" Link
Wahl Arthur George Link
Wahl Dorothy Wageman Link
Wahl Duane Donald Link
Wahl Jacob Link
Wahl Rachel Elaine Elhard Link
Waldo Charmainge Cannon Link
Waldo Iva Kathryn Weagel Link
Waldo Wayne Hiram Link
Walker Chester P Link
Walker Ida M Link
Walker Robert H Link
Walla Jane Alice Clarke Link
Walla William B "Bill" Link
Wallace Aaron G Link
Wallace Earl Link
Wallace Magdalena Yochim Link
Warden Angie Link
Warner Alvin "Buck" Link
Warner Arthur Jacob Link
Warner Donald James Link
Warner Katherine Zimmerman Link
Warner May Elizabeth Link
Warner Melvina Bomyea Link
Wasvig Hedvig Magnuson Link
Wasvig Lilly Constance Link
Wasvig Ole Andrew Link
Weaver John G Link
Wedeking William Link
Wedstske (girl) Link
Weest Charles F Link
Weigum Norman Oroville Sr Link
Weigum Robert Louis Link
Weinberger Alex F Link
Weisner Edward Link
Weisner Louis Link
Welch Caroline P Link
Welch William F Link
Wendorff Mynne E Link
Wengel Helen Koschel Link
Werle Lindy Link
Whitcomb Irene Leona Link
Whittmayer Carlton Link
Wight Dale Wendell Link
Wiley Charles Link
Wiley Nora Link
Wilkinson James Alfred Moore "Al" Link
Willardson Burl Link
Williams Chester Samuel Link
Williams Edna M Thurston Link
Williams Janet May "Jennie" Link
Williams Margaret Ross Link
Williams Owen Rowland Link
Williams Phoebe Mathea "Mattie" Olsen Link
Williams Roy Ross Link
Wilmot Angel Link
Wilson Charles Link
Wilson Ellen J Stuhlreiter Link
Wilson Frank Link
Wilson Helen Marian Rand Link
Wilson Larry Dee Link
Wilson Peter G Link
Wilson Philip R Link
Wold Caroline Marie Bragnas Link
Wold Martin C Link
Wolf Gertrude Elsie Scheid Link
Wolf Martin Link
Wolff Ann Hoagland Link
Wolff Christian Link
Wolff Christina Rath Link
Wolff Edna Link
Wolff Joan L Hoagland Link
Wolff Katherine Hettick Link
Wolff Lennie Dean Link
Wolff Leonard Link
Wolff Matteus Link
Wolff Ralph "Lefty" Link
Wolff Walter A Link
Wolliver Marmon Alfred Link
Wonus Pearl Anna Grimes Grist Link
Wood Agnes Ann Fillion Link
Wood Anna Link
Wood Charles William Link
Wood Fern Fay Link
Wood Harry Grant Link
Wood Ida Mae Fuller Link
Wood O B Link
Woodard George W Link
Wright Alfred Link
Wright Baldy Link
Wright Charles Cecil Link
Wright Charles Eber Link
Wright Christine Kalfell Link
Wright Fanny Marie Burton Link
Wright Jack E Link
Wright Kate Young Link
Wright Letha Ann Chapman Link
Wright Mildred Parr Link
Wright Thomas Link
Wyatt Andrew Jackson Link
Wyatt Clarence Otto Link
Wyatt Laura Jane Gillespie Link
Wyatt Robert Carlton "Jack" Link
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