Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  07 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Sabins Chloris Ayers Link
Sabins Elmer Link
Sabins Kenneth George Link
Sabrowski Friedrich "Fred" Link
Sabrowski Maria Katharina Pacholl Link
Sackman Alvin C Link
Sackman Andrew M Link
Sackman (boy) Link
Sackman Benjamin Clarence "Ben" Link
Sackman Carrie Marie Fotland Link
Sackman Douglas Lee Link
Sackman Fredrich J "Fred" Link
Sackman Freeda Link
Sackman Gottlieb Link
Sackman Isidor Link
Sackman Jacob Link
Sackman Jerry Lee Link
Sackman Johannes J "John" Link
Sackman John M Link
Sackman Katherina Stickel Link
Sackman Katherine Link
Sackman Lyle Link
Sackman Lynn Martin Link
Sackman Martin J Link
Sackman Martin M Link
Sackman Mary Hoffer Link
Sackman Mary Ann M Krausz Link
Sackman Rebecca Link
Sackman Regina Link
Sackman Ruth Esther Meidinger Link
Sackman Salomena "Salma" Maier Link
Sackman Thomas Lee Link
Sackmann Christina Link
Sackmann Fred Link
Sackmann Jacob Link
Sackmann Johannes Link
Sackmann Johannes J Link
Sackmann Katharina Link
Sackmann Nathan Link
Sackmann Richard Link
Sackmann Ruben Link
Sackmann Walter Clifford Link
Saldanna Johnny Ortiz Link
Sanders Elizabeth S Rundel Link
Sanders George W Link
Sanderson Elizabeth Katharine "Ebeth" Link
Sando Betty K Pesman Link
Sando Robert G Link
Sandum Hannah Maria Hendrickson Link
Sandum Jacob Link
Sarvey Edna Eunice Valena Diehl Link
Sateren Norris Olson Link
Satterlee Norman Josiah "Si" Link
Sawyer Mildred Chase Link
Schauer Roxanne J Link
Scheid Dorothy May Hubbert Link
Scheid Edwin Robert Link
Scheid Elmer Robert Link
Scheid Ewald Christian Link
Scheid George Otto Link
Scheid Harold Alvin Link
Scheid Joey Norman Link
Scheid Leo Link
Scheid Leo F Link
Scheid Lydia Richter Link
Scheid Norman Ivan Link
Schell Shirley Beeler Link
Schell Ursula Link
Schierer Ervin Link
Schilling Christina Sackman Link
Schilling Ervin Daniel Link
Schilling John Link
Schilling Johonnas Link
Schilling Kathrina Link
Schiveley Lorna E Malcom Link
Schlenker George Link
Schlichting (baby) Link
Schlinker Christina Borth Link
Schlinker John Link
Schlinker Lydia Buechler Link
Schmidt Agnes Lorna Ross Link
Schmidt George Anthony Link
Schmidt George John Link
Schmidt Gottfried Gundus Link
Schmidt Gottlieb C Link
Schmidt Ida May Morrow Link
Schmidt (baby) Link
Schmidt Jacob Link
Schmidt John Jacob Link
Schmidt Ottilia Maertz Link
Schmidt Wilhelmenia "Minnie" Peterson Link
Schneider A F Link
Schneider John H Link
Schneider Martha A Kittleson Link
Schneider Mary Anna Uelman Link
Schneider Vern Link
Scholl John Link
Scholl June Belva Kinney Link
Schott Fredrich Link
Schott George Martin Link
Schott Gertrude Marie Theilen Link
Schott Gustave Link
Schott Ida Marie Undem Link
Schott Jacob Link
Schott Katherine Bollinger Link
Schott Katherine "Katie" Link
Schott Reynold Link
Schott Rudolph Link
Schrock Opan Helen Link
Schroeber Archie William Link
Schroeber Tevin Lee Link
Schroeder Anne Dorothy Lapp Link
Schultz Lucille Marie White Link
Schultz Robert Lee Link
Schultze Max Link
Schultze Minne Ahrendt Link
Schutz Mathias Link
Schwartz Adolf Link
Schwartz Adolf Albert Link
Schwartz Ann J Link
Schwartz (baby) Link
Schwartz Barbara M Hess Link
Schwartz Erna G Diegel Link
Schwartz Frances Hess Link
Schwartz Fredrick Link
Schwartz Henry "Hank" Link
Schwartz Jacob John Link
Schwartz Lillian "Lilly" Link
Schwartz Maria Margaret Schlenz Link
Schwartz Otto Link
Schwartz Richard John Lee Link
Schwartz Rudolf Link
Schwarz Herman R Link
Schwarz John E Link
Schwarz Sarah Frances Murray Link
Schwarz Shirley V Downs Link
Schwindt Alice Clarabelle Dohn Link
Scully James L "Jim" Link
Scully Mary Alice Tobin Link
Search Bert T Link
Seigman Harry Link
Selleck Edith Irene Melrose Link
Selleck Elizabeth Link
Selleck Sanford Link
Selzle Elmer Link
Selzle Richard George Link
Sendelbach Joseph Henry Link
Senz (baby) Link
Seteren John O Link
Seteren Mabel Adella Wasvig Link
Seteren Marvin Link
Seteren Richard Allen Jr Link
Seteren Richard Allen Sr Link
Shanahan Lucille Link
Shannon Norman William Link
Shannon Vera Yvonne "Vonnie" Steadman Link
Shaw Archie Link
Shaw Elizabeth Kate Link
Shaw Frank Stevens Link
Shaw Marie Helen Link
Shaw Mary Louise Link
Shaw McClellan Link
Shear Addie Jeanette Gage Link
Shear Albert Arthur Link
Shear Floy Jane Hill Link
Sheein William A Link
Sheely Merle R Link
Sheldon Edith Bee Otis Link
Sheldon Harvey DeWitt Link
Shenk Helen R Faus Link
Shenk Isabelle Dalziel Link
Shenk Robert Eugene Link
Sherman Bertha Louise Kirschner Link
Sherman Leigh Watts Link
Shipley Edith Marian Pehl Link
Shisler Jack Link
Shumaker Joseph Raymond Link
Shumaker Lorraine Mae Rasmussen Link
Shumaker Payton Jacob "Jake" Jr Link
Shumaker Shawn K Link
Shumaker Theresa Marie Gutierrez Link
Shutler John W Link
Sickler Ann M Haughawout Link
Sickler Clayton A Link
Silva Antonio R Link
Sink William Frank Link
Sinneman Donald Steven Link
Siostrzanek Mary Link
Sisson J A Link
Sjostrom Carl John Link
Siostrom Charlotte Sarabelle Shepherd Link
Slack Mark Link
Smalis Clinton James Link
Smalis Emma Tschaekofske Link
Smalis Frank W Link
Smalis James Frank Link
Smalis John Link
Smalis Mary Strom Link
Smith Agnes C Poupa Link
Smith Alma Link
Smith Amelia Propp Link
Smith Arthur Charles Link
Smith Frank Leslie Link
Smith George Link
Smith George Washington Link
Smith Green T Link
Smith Henry T Link
Smith Jessie Laratt Link
Smith John A Link
Smith John M Link
Smith K M Link
Smith Marjorie Ann Devier Link
Smith Roy Gerald Link
Smith Steve Frank Link
Smith Velva Ruth Carsly Link
Smith Vera Mae Cross Link
Snow Albert Button Link
Snow Susan Isabelle Schooley Link
Snyder Verne Link
Solle Alfred L Link
Solle Edwin Leslie Link
Sommerfelt Barbara Haber Link
Sommerfelt Peter Link
Sonnek Paul Link
Spangler William L Link
Spar (baby) Link
Speaks Arthur Link
Speck Gotthilf Link
Speck Johanna Gebhardt Link
Speck Johnny Link
Speidel Arthur Link
Speidel Gottlieb Link
Speidel Lydia Link
Sperle (child) Link
Sperle John Link
Sperle Mary Gebhardt Link
Spidel Anna Gaub Link
Spidel Emanuel Link
Sprague Albert Link
Sprague Alfred Link
Sprague Frank Link
Spray Sarah Ann Oddell Link
Stanley Frank Agnew Link
Stanley John Wesley Link
Stebbins Archibald W "Archie" Link
Stebner (child) Link
Steinel John C Link
Steinel Nellie Warren Link
Steinel R M Link
Stepper Betty Jean Linquist Link
Stepper Emilie "Emma" Goetz Link
Stepper Friedericka "Frieda" Gaub Link
Stepper Matthais "Matt" Link
Stepper Robert Link
Stepper Walter Alfred Link
Stevenson Cheryl Kay Link
Steward Thomas Link
Stickel Albert Link
Stickel Alvin Link
Stickel Edwin Link
Stickel Erna Straub Link
Stickel Fridrika Link
Stickel Friedrich Link
Stickel Herta Kron Link
Stickel Jacob Frederich Link
Stickel Johannes Link
Stickel Katherine Sackman Link
Stickel Louise Sackman Link
Stickel Nathaniel Link
Stickel Reuben Link
Stickel Ruth Schock Link
Stith Beryl N Link
Stith Cornelia Hamilton Link
Stith Dorothy Ann Williams Link
Stith Hamilton Clay Link
Stith Jack William Link
Stith Jill Hamilton Link
Stith John Wesley Link
Stith Kenneth Link
Stockett Lee Link
Stockman Abraham Link
Stockman Charles C Link
Stockman Martha Moyer Link
Storck Marcia Anagos Link
Storlie Stanley William Link
Stotz Christina Hettich Link
Stotz Jakobine "Jackie" Koppenstein Link
Stotz Philipp Link
Stotz Phillip Link
Stotz Rosina Magdalena Flemmer Link
Strasheim Raymond B "Ray" Link
Strobel Anna Maria Widmer Link
Strobel Barbara Link
Strobel (child) Link
Strobel Darwin David Link
Strobel David Link
Strobel Dorathea Stickel Link
Strobel Dorothy E Wennemar Link
Strobel Elizabeth A Sackmann Link
Strobel Emma Opp Link
Stroble Friederick Link
Stroble Friedericka Stickel Link
Strobel Gene LeRoy Link
Strobel Gottfried G Link
Strobel Gottlieb Link
Strobel Gottlieb Link
Strobel Gottlieb F Link
Strobel Harvey Marion Link
Strobel John D Link
Strobel Lester David Link
Strobel Ludwig Link
Strobel Mary Haidle Link
Strobel Theodore "Ted" Link
Stroby Mary A Kolasky Link
Sutherland Chester Herbert Link
Sutherland Lois Marie Link
Suthuren Oliver Link
Sutton Jeanette Catherine Edgar Link
Svihovec Norma T Miller Link
Swanson Olaf Peter Link
Sweedland Ethel Elizabeth Eaker Link
Sweedland Kenneth George Link
Sweeney (baby) Link
Sweet (baby) Link
Sweet Gabriel "Scout" Link
Sweet James D Link
Sweet John Clayton Link
Sweet Myrtle Josephine "Jo" Kirkpatrick Link
Swenson Janet Delores Nelson Link
Swenson Lyle Allyn Link
Sylvester Sampson Link
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