Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  07 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Paddock Allyn Warner Link
Paddock Gladys Marks Link
Paddock James Loren Link
Paddock Robert Linn Link
Palmer John L Link
Papst Alvin Link
Papst Frank Link
Parker Archie William Link
Parker Charles Walter Link
Parker Darla Bergk Link
Parker Ella Regina Kuehn Link
Parker Francis Earl Link
Parker George Walter Link
Parker Glenn Walter Link
Parker Harry Bezleel Link
Parker Lee Owen Owens Link
Parker Mary Julia Archer Link
Pastove John Link
Patterson Frank Llewellyn Link
Patterson Mathilda W "Tillie" Lytle Link
Payne Ruby Marguerite "Bubbles" Martin Link
Peabody Harry Buell Link
Peabody Margret Moser Link
Peacock Ethel M Link
Pehl Alice L Youngquist Link
Pehl Anne LaVerne Lane Link
Pehl Charles Edward Link
Pehl John A Link
Pehl Mary D Fleming Link
Pehl William Sr Link
Pehl William H Jr Link
Pehrson Dennis C Link
Pelette Angus N Link
Pelette Evelyn Myrtle Link
Pena Carl M Link
Pena Diego Link
Pennell John W Link
Perkins Merle C Link
Perry Francis Link
Perry Joseph Randall "Randy" Link
Peterson Gerald Milton Link
Peterson H P Link
Peterson Julia Constance Amundson Link
Peterson Stella O Aldinger Link
Pfau Cora Belva Wetherbee Link
Pfeifle Beverlee Ann Ross Link
Pfiefle Kristoffer Reid Link
Pierce Ada Wilson Link
Pierce Lloyd Link
Piper Priscilla Gerry Kempton Link
Pisk Bertha Maria Netzer Link
Pisk Carl Bud Link
Pisk Darlane Jane Kuehn Link
Pisk Frank Fabian Link
Pisk Joseph "Joe" Sr Link
Pisk Katie Fornall Link
Pisk Rickey Link
Pisk Ronald Kay Link
Pisk Shane Eric Link
Plath Emma Swendiman Link
Plath Patricia K Link
Plath Walter Henry Link
Pomeroy Bernice Haidle Link
Pomeroy Darla Jean Link
Pomeroy Fern Electa Tusler Link
Pomeroy Frank Jay "Bill" Link
Pomeroy Howard Ray Link
Pomeroy Mabel E Nichols Link
Pomeroy Melvin S Link
Pomeroy Shepard Sheldon Link
Pomeroy Sylvia M Hamlin Link
Poshusta Fred A Link
Poucher Debra Drummond Link
Poupa Arlene Rosella Coraine Link
Powers Anna Link
Powers Dale Link
Powers Rex Link
Powers Richard Joseph Link
Powers Richard Joseph Link
Powers Samuel Richard "Sammy" Link
Prevo John Link
Proudfoot Lester Link
Putman (unknown) Link
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