Prairie County, MT

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
MacDougall Robert Dixon 1957-1957 
Macioroski Alberta Jane "Bertha" Rossa 1886-1916
Macioroski Alexander P 1880-1944
Macioroski Barbara V 1929-2020
Macioroski Chester O "Chet" 1908-1986
Macioroski Chester Victor 1917-1990
Macioroski Clement Peter 1899-1930
Macioroski Edward 1905-1986
Macioroski Elsie Alice Sczcesney 1893-1970
Macioroski Joseph Alexander 1914-1940
Macioroski Josephine "Josie" 1929-2008
Macioroski Katherine Bator 1880-1967
Macioroski Mamie Jonas 1919-1996
Macioroski Matthew "Matt" 1903-1984
Macioroski Paul 1876-1951
Macioroski Pearl Kasten 1920-2006
Macioroski Peter John 1919-1981
Macioroski Roy A 1931-1944
Macioroski Stanley Paul James 1934-2003
Macioroski Thomas Walter 1927-2008
Macioroski Tony Alex 1922-2013
Macioroski Vernette Rose Christianson 1926-2010
Mackin George Traverse Link
MacLeod Isabel Link
MacLeod Neil Link
MacLeod Roderick J "Rhodie" Link
MacLeod Violet Marie Anderson Link
Madden Joanne Ruth Carlson Link
Madden Laura Maybelle "Mabel" Crinklaw Link
Madden Maurice Charles Link
Madden Maurice Charles Jr Link
Madden Monica Mullen Link
Magnuson Andrew Link
Magnuson Cajsa Link
Magnuson Olaf E Link
Mahon (baby) Link
Malcolm Irene Mary Erdman Link
Malcolm Russell W Link
Malcom Althea Mitchell Link
Malcom James M Link
Malicot (unknown) Link
Malicote Ann Marian Link
Malicote Fred Everett Link
Malone Joseph Link
Malvern Briscoe Warren Link
Malvern Glenn Olin Link
Malvern Helena R Jensen Link
Malvern Ida May Duncan Link
Malvern Omer W Link
Mangnall George D Link
Marikle Dewitt C Link
Marks Anna Marie Steffens Link
Marks Charles Joseph Link
Marks Charles Rolin Link
Marks Charles Tilden Link
Marks Chester Frederick Link
Marks Julia Anne Smith Link
Marshall Jacob Link
Marshall Lydia Caroline Wallace Link
Marston Henry "Hank" Link
Martin Arthur Otto Link
Martin August Carl Link
Martin Bertha Anna Marie Sabrowski Link
Martin Christ Link
Martin Edison Eugene "Eddie" Link
Martin Ella Mae Morehouse Link
Martin Ella Pearl Guenther Link
Martin Ford "Pepper" Jr Link
Martin Ford Edison Link
Martin J Link
Martin Margaret Link
Martin Marian J Kimball Link
Martin Marie Link
Martin Melvin W Link
Martin Pearl Lilas Heagy Link
Martin Robert Link
Martin Robert Raymond "Bob" II Link
Martin Robert Roland "Buddy" III Link
Martin Vern Link
Martin Vernon Roland Link
Martin Zane A Link
Martinsen Christ Link
Martinsen John Link
Martinsen Mollie Mae Cameron Link
Martinson Bernard Link
Martinson Carol Minnie Link
Martinson Hans Elling Link
Martinson Junior Link
Martinson Martin Link
Martinson Marvin Otis Link
Martinson Myrlin Phillip Link
Martinson Russell Jonas Link
Martinson Sigurd Nels Link
Mason Alicia Mae Link
Mason Fred B Link
Mason Jack "Shorty" Link
Mathiason Adolph S Link
Mathiason Annette J Link
Mathiason Germanda S Andreassen Link
Mathiason Helen Shear Link
Mathiason M Erling Link
Mathiason Oscar S Link
Matlock (unknown) Link
Matyka Anton F Link
Maurer Myrtle Link
Mayo Sadie Sheein Link
McAtee Benjamin J Link
McAtee Bernice I Brown Link
McAtee Darwin Gidley Link
McAtee Susan Malinda Ewalt Link
McBroom Warren Debs "Debs" Link
McCaffree Deborah Jean Link
McClaron George Link
McClure Helen Link
McClure Louis Grant Link
McColley Albert "Shorty" Link
McCollum James Archibald Link
McCollum Richard Leland Link
McCrea (baby) Link
McCrea (baby) Link
McCrea Eugene Link
McCrea James Link
McCrea Leander Link
McCrey Jim Link
McDermott Thomas Link
McDonald Beatrice Link
McDonald George R Link
McDonald James Link
McDonald James Alexander Link
McDonald Joanna Alene Link
McDonald Red Jack Link
McDougall Robert B Link
McDowell Ada May Brubaker Link
McDowell Elam H Link
McDowell Irene M Grady Link
McDowell Kathryn N Link
McFarland Pearl Leroy "Pearly" Link
McGraw Delmar A Link
McGraw Lucille "Lucy" Hauk Link
McGraw Miles Harold "Tweeter" Link
McGraw Miles Leslie Link
McGraw Norma Evelyn Dersham Link
McGreggory John Link
McLarnon Anna Belle Crandall Link
McLarnon George Albert Link
McLaughlin (baby) Link
McLaughlin Harry C Link
McLaughlin Mary J Neal Link
McLaughlin Robert Link
McLean Anna Walsand Link
McLean Charles Russell Link
McLean Imogene Clayton "Jean" Link
McLean John Bowers Link
McLean Ledson Russell Link
McMakin (baby) Link
McMakin Clara A Keeler Link
McMakin James Ponder "Mac" Link
McMakin Lorenzo Dow "Ranzy" Link
McManigal Agnes Bernice Link
McManigal Frederick LeRoy "Fred" Link
McMillan Andrew Link
McMillan Andrew William "Andy" Link
McMillan (baby) Link
McMillan Flora Belle Parr Link
McMillan John Link
McMillan Margaret Ferris Link
McMillan Mary Helen Roddie Link
McMillan Thomas Link
McMurray Araminta Link
McNabb Barbara E Rahner Link
McNabb Fred Edgar Link
McNaney Coleman K Link
McNaney David Link
McNaney Everette Eugene Link
McNaney Jeanette Stanhope Link
McNaney Terrill E Link
McNaney Wayne Link
McNaughton Naughton Malcolm Link
McQuoid Charles T Link
McQuoid Lafe Link
McQuoid Sarah Martha Sallee Link
McQuoid William L "Willie" Link
McRae Anna L MacLeod Link
McRae Christopher Link
McRae Duncan Link
McRea Donald Link
Meehan Caroline "Lena" Link
Meehan James Link
Meidinger Amanda Christina Ketterling Link
Meidinger Arnold Rupert Link
Meidinger Arthur M Link
Meidinger August A Link
Meidinger August J Link
Meidinger Barbara Meier Link
Meidinger Emanuel Link
Meidinger Evelyn Maxine Link
Meidinger Gerald Link
Meidinger Gottlieb Link
Meidinger Harold Link
Meidinger Harold Link
Meidinger Ilene Mae Zinzli Link
Meidinger John G Link
Meidinger Johnny Link
Meidinger Leonard Link
Meidinger Lois L Lynn Link
Meidinger Magdalena Shultheisz Link
Meidinger Martha Katherine Freier Link
Meidinger Mathilda "Tilly" Ehman Link
Meidinger Oscar Link
Meidinger Oscar Eugene Link
Meidinger Roger Jr Link
Meidinger Roger D Link
Meidinger Ruth I Kirkpatrick Link
Meidinger Vicki Jo Link
Meissel Daniel Joseph Link
Meissel Mathilda Harsch Link
Mellentine Christina Semler Link
Mellentine Gottlieb Link
Mende Joseph Roylston Link
Merideth Hellen Jean Link
Merideth (unknown) Link
Michelsen Katherine Jame Link
Miller Bernelda A Schwindt Link
Miller Carrie Louise Clark Link
Miller Christian "Chris" Link
Miller Henrietta Link
Miller Mary Arth Link
Miller Ray Lamont Link
Miller William J Link
Milne Jessie Evelyn Link
Milne Ronald James Link
Mins Lucille E Johnson Link
Mins William James Link
Moates Rolly Joe Link
Mocko Michael John Link
Moe Angelina Phoebe Lupanicci Link
Moe Arthur James Link
Moe Arthur Nelson Link
Moe Sherman Grant Link
Moffett Charles Ira Link
Moffett Retta Lee Cooley Link
Monaghan Charles Peter Link
Mond (unknown) Link
Montague John West Link
Monteith Gertrude Walton Cornell Link
Monteith William H Link
Moore Phyllis Warner Link
Moos Edward Link
Moos Emma Lachenmaier Link
Moos Henry Link
Moos Lydia Link
Moos Roselle Jane Link
Moos Wayne Eddy Link
Morast Arthur Link
Morast Christina Wolhgemuth Link
Morast Clemens Duane Link
Morast Elsie Kathrine "Katy" Kilber Link
Morast Emil Link
Morast George Sr Link
Morast George Jr Link
Morast Inez Sandum Link
Morast Jerry Link
Morast Julianne Jerry Link
Morast Katherine Link
Morast Lloyd A Link
Morast Melvin Leonard Link
Morast Pauline Doffee Link
Morast Robert Arthur Link
Morast William Link
Morehouse Earl Link
Morehouse Flossie Rebecca Butler Link
Moren Irene Margaret Schwartz Link
Morgan (baby) Link
Morrow Kenneth Dale Link
Morrow Luard Vernon Link
Morrow Margaret Campbell Link
Morrow Marie Christenson Link
Morrow Marjorie Fae Link
Morrow Russell James Link
Morse Ann Marie Link
Morse Sarah Ophelia Hammond Link
Mothershead (baby) Link
Motherhead Emily E Poshusta Link
Mothershead Francis I Link
Mothershead John William Link
Motherhead Lloyd G Link
Motherhead Louise O Smith Link
Muehle Bertha L Link
Mulloy John William Link
Mulloy Laura Agnes Maher Link
Munson Leona M Link
Murn James Emmett Link
Murn Theresa Ann Link
Murn Thomas Michael Link
Murn Thomas Michael Jr Link
Murphy (baby) Link
Murphy Linda Bennett Link
Murphy Myrtle E Rhoads Link
Murphy Phillip Link
Murphy Robert Link
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