Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  13 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Laib Louisa Hinz Hoffman 1851-1944
Landmark Hans Laures 1870-1947
Lane Florence Evelyn Smith 1899-1968
Lane Richard P "Bert" 1892-1943
Langemo Larry Lane 1949-1949
Langemo Lillian Rebecca Jones 1926-1952
Lapp Clive Henry 1944-2005
Lapp David 1952-2017
Lapp Gertrude Claire Denby 1913-1964
Lapp Grace Winifred Foreman 1919-2001
Lapp Henry 1917-1965
Lapp John Link
Lapp Robert LeRoy Link
Larsen Blaine Robert Link
Larsen Caroline Olson Link
Larsen Gary H Link
Larsen Laura June Walker Link
Larsen Louis J Link
Larsen Robin Louis Link
Larson Elizabeth "Eliza" Johnson Link
Larson John Link
Larson Oscar Link
Larson William M Link
Lassle Berta Doffinger Hintz 1923-2000 
Lassle Christian Edward "Christ" Link
Lassle David "Dave" Link
Lassle Edward Link
Lassle Gottlieb Link
Lassle Karolina Link
Lassle Leona Link
Latimer John Harold "Lum" Link
Latimer Verne William "Bill" Link
Laub Ruth Link
Lauer Clarence J Link
Lauer Fred P Link
Lauer Mary Eleanor Fellows Link
Lauer Mercedes Link
Lauer Philomena R "Minnie" Kohls Link
Laurence Harold Eugene Link
Laurence Mary Olga Olson Link
Lea Sigurd Tonnessen Link
Leach Donald Dean Link
Leach Edna R Falkenstern Link
Leach Glen Dean Link
Lednik John Link
Lednik Lydia Vinklarchik Link
Lee Anna M Lunde Link
Lee Bernt Olai "Ben" Link
Lee Derrik Bertram Link
Lee Einer Link
Lee Elisabeth Link
Lee Elizabeth Link
Lee Evelyn Ann Sweet Link
Lee Florence V Cravath Link
Lee Harry "Bert" Link
Lee June Link
Lee Maddel Elizabeth Link
Lee Mons Olai Link
Lee Mrs Valborg Link
Lee G R Link
Leitholt Maria Link
Leitholt Oscar Link
LeSuer Dorr Link
LeSuer Emma Link
Lewis Lou I Link
Lian Aagot Link
Liermann Maude K Berry Link
Liermann William A Link
Like Arthur Charles Link
Like Frances May Alberton Link
Like Fred A Link
Liles Bernice Lucille Fisher Link
Liles Boyd Kenneth Link
Liles Clifford Marion Link
Liles Dale Garry Link
Liles Dennis A Link
Liles Dick Marvin Link
Liles Elmer Augustus Link
Liles Gleda Pauline Kuehn Link
Liles Ila Marie Ross Link
Liles Mabel V Bader Link
Liles Maynard V Link
Liles Michael Kem Link
Liles Sylvia Catherine Parmley Link
Liles Vernon Paul Link
Linaburg Barbara Link
Lindenmeyer (baby) Link
Lindenmeyer Carrie B Gross Link
Lindenmeyer Florence Anna Link
Lindenmeyer John A "Jack" Link
Lindenmeyer John Levi Link
Lindenmeyer Phyllis Carol Suffridge Link
Lindenmeyer Robert Link
Link George John Link
Littledale Elfreida Josephine Gross Link
London William Henry Link
Longfellow William H Link
Loomis James W Link
Lorenz Leo Jr Link
Lorenz Leora Jorgene Varner Link
Losey Leon Artemus Link
Louis Mary Elizabeth Wilson Link
Louis William Dee Link
Love Charles Link
Love Kathy Ann Link
Love Mabel R Moos Link
Lull Emmett J Link
Lund Donnella Siotha Link
Lund Elmer Edwin Link
Lund John W Jr Link
Lund Katheryn Kalfell Link
Lund Lawrence Silas Link
Lund Leo Hartwig Link
Lund Martin Hartwig Link
Lund Olga M Link
Lund Sophie H Leskala Link
Lund Tobin Link
Lundquist Karin Catharina "Carrie" Edfors Link
Lutz Fred Link
Lutz Mary Link
Lynch Mary Nugent Link
Lynch Richard Edward Link
Lyons Vincent Patrick Link
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