Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  13 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Kalfell Alvin Robert 1912-1931
Kalfell Bruce Frederick 1933-2020
Kalfell Burtram Frederick "Fritz" 1918-1930
Kalfell Florence Margaret Devine 1909-1930
Kalfell George Gotlieb "Gub" 1908-1967
Kalfell Gladys Elizabeth Ross 1902-1976
Kalfell Gotlieb George 1861-1950
Kalfell Kate Moore McMurray 1875-1952
Kalfell Kevin 1955-2018
Kalfell Murray G 1906-1966
Kalmbach Adam Link
Kalmbach Adam Jr Link
Kalmbach Ed Link
Kalmbach Fred Link
Kalmbach Johannes "John" Link
Kalmbach Katharina Wittmer Link
Kalmbach Kathryn "Kattie" Link
Kalmback Adam J Link
Kalmbach Anna Marie Necker Link
Kalmback John Link
Karsten Elizabeth May Hall Link
Karsten William C Link
Kasper Rudolph Henry Link
Kasper William Steve Link
Kasten Lena Link
Kaul Annie M Leithod Link
Kaul Caroline Gaub Link
Kaul Christina Gaub Link
Kaul Frederick Link
Kaul Friedrich J "Fred" Link
Kaul Gottlieb Link
Kaul John Link
Kaul Katherine Voegele Link
Kaul Vernon Victor Link
Kauzlaric George Anthony Link
Keller Solveig Dorthea Davidson Link
Keller Wilhelm Gottlieb "Bill" Link
Kelly James T Link
Keltner Lawrence Christopher Link
Keltner Mary Nolia Kuder Link
Kempton Alma Wilhelmina Lundquist Link
Kemptom (baby) Link
Kempton (baby) Link
Kempton Berney Edmond Link
Kempton Charlotte Magnuson Link
Kempton Edmond Foote Link
Kempton George Link
Kempton Henry Norman Link
Kempton James Berney Link
Kempton James Berney Link
Kempton Kora Kartevold Link
Kempton Lillian McQuoid Link
Kempton Maria Emma Gerry Link
Kempton Marie A Link
Kempton Martha Magnuson Link
Kerr Elaine H Issel Link
Kerr Rex Lamont Link
Kesler Dorothy Rose Ames Link
Kesler Wilhelm F "Bill" Link
Kester Joseph Link
Khan George Muhtashan Link
Khan Joe Akbr Link
Khan Louise Surak Link
Kibler Mary Ellen Beems Link
Kibler Silver Emma Catherine "Babe" Louis Link
Kiehlbaugh Joseph Link
Kimball Roy S Link
Kinkade Belle Link
Kinney Glen William Link
Kinney Lawrence Calvin Link
Kinsey Brice Maxwell Link
Kinsey Lois Jean Moody Link
Kinyon Elizabeth G Link
Kirkpatrick Charlotte May Noid Link
Kirkpatrick Doris Cyrena Nold Link
Kirkpatrick Ernest Irvin Link
Kirkpatrick Linda Kay Link
Kirkpatrick Myrtle Edna Tusler Link
Kirkpatrick Vernon H Link
Kirkpatrick Wilbur Otis Link
Kittelson Cornelius Link
Kittelson Sarah Betsine Johnson Link
Kiyoko Uto Link
Knopp Daniel Link
Knopp Emma Sackman Link
Knopp Fred Link
Knopp Marvin A Link
Knopp Mary Lou Scranton Link
Knopp Richard Eugene Link
Knopp Violet Link
Knopp William Link
Knowles Adela Bryant Link
Knuths Hallie Thea Link
Knuths Ralph C Link
Knuths Trent Douglas Link
Koch (baby) Link
Koch Howard L Link
Koch John "Skip" Link
Koch Katherine Olson Link
Koehler Walter Harold Link
Koenig Agnes Marie Link
Kogele Christina Mueller Link
Kogele Esther Gackle Link
Kogele Jakob Link
Kogele Karen Kay Link
Kolasky Anna Stoos Link
Kolasky Frank Link
Kolasky Frank M Link
Kolasky John Link
Kolasky Nick Link
Konig Joe Link
Koppenstein Emma Bobermin Link
Koppenstein Reinhold Link
Koppenstein Rhonda L Link
Koppenstein Rosina Link
Kowalczyk Darla Jean Link
Kowalczyk Vincente "Joe" Link
Kranzler Friedericka Zimmerman Link
Kranzler John Link
Krieg Helen A Cole Link
Krieg Herbert Joseph "Joe" Link
Kron Bertha Ustivitz Link
Kron Elizabeth Koppenstein Link
Kron Fred Link
Krone Montana Mae Goekey Link
Krontz (baby) Link
Krontz Mattie M Wisler Link
Kruger (babies) Link
Kruger Marian F Link
Kuehn Clarence Link
Kuehn Frederick Link
Kuehn Freida Scheid Link
Kuehn Georgiann Link
Kuehn Gottlelf Link
Kuehn Gust Link
Kuehn Jean Claire Lodtvedt Link
Kuehn John Link
Kuehn Kevin Clarence Link
Kuehn Margie Irene Link
Kuehn Patricia Ellen Neuman Link
Kuehn Rose Lydia Reinschmidt Link
Kuehn Sam Link
Kuehn Violet Neiffer Link
Kuehn Wayne Sam Link
Kulhanek Francis Link
Kunisawa Fukami Link
Kunkel Frances Eleanor "Ellen" Agnew Link
Kunkel Hellen S Link
Kunzel Christ H Link
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