Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  13 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Jacobus Britan L "Bertie" Bacon 1872-1929
Jacobus Lynn W 1872-1942
Jakobsen Einar Johan 1881-1961
Jarvis John W 1861-1921
Jens Adele Hertha "Dele" Falkenstern 1911-2010
Jens August Peter 1874-1956
Jens Ella Augusta Curtis Kusche Revell Pate 1884-1947
Jens Lester Luverne 1914-2004
Jensen Axel Link
Jensen Charles Axel Link
Jensen Daniel E Link
Jensen Irene Talberg Link
Jensen John Christian Link
Jensen Marie Sorenson Link
Jerke Arnold Allen Link
Jerke Daryl Link
Jeske Mack M Sr Link
John Kelly Ronald Link
John Sharon Jo Martin Link
Johnson Albert S "Sid" Link
Johnson Anna Link
Johnson (baby) Link
Johnson Blanche Kountz Link
Johnson Carl Roy Link
Johnson Carol Ann Marmon Link
Johnson Darlene J Link
Johnson Elizabeth M Hess Link
Johnson Emma Mae Morrow Link
Johnson Georga Jayne Fluss Link
Johnson George Howard Link
Johnson Geraldine "Gerry" Kee Link
Johnson Harvey Jonas Link
Johnson Helen Genevieve LaRowe Link
Johnson Henry Ivan "Knute" Link
Johnson Jean Belle White Link
Johnson John Link
Johnson John I Link
Johnson John Leonard Link
Johnson Jose Leon "Joe" Link
Johnson Katie Elman Link
Johnson Korse Link
Johnson Mary Elvina Weest Link
Johnson Mary Lois Gabrielson Link
Johnson Milo Lavern Link
Johnson Olive Nell Somerville Link
Johnson Ralph R Link
Johnson Rose Meidinger Link
Johnson Walter Roy Link
Johnson Warren Arthur Link
Johnson Waylon R Link
Johnson William H "Bill" Link
Johnston E Glen Link
Johnston Ida E Braley Link
Jonas Etta Elaine Huseby Link
Jonas Josef Link
Jonas Mary Annie Watipka Link
Jonas Raymond Rance Link
Jones Fred Link
Jones J D Link
Jones Jennie May Johnson Link
Jones Jess Carroll Link
Jordan Lloyd E Link
Jorgenson Ole Erwin Link
Jorgenson Ruby Link
Joubert Estella "Stella" Kasper Link
Joubert Estella Mabel Link
Joubert (girl) Link
Joubert Ned Link
Joubert Steve Edward Link
Jundt Katherine Ulrich Link
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