Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  11 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Gackle Alma 1924-1995
Gackle Alvin Walter 1923-2011
Gackle Betty Jo Nagel 1936-2002
Gackle Christina Kalmbach 1893-1972
Gackle Cynthia 1919-2005
Gackle Gottfried Jr 1886-1978
Gackle Howard Gottfried Jr 1962-2016
Gackle Howard Lloyd 1928-2020
Gaffney Catherine Mary Bresnahan Link
Gaffney Edward M Link
Gaffney Ellen Bresnahan Link
Gaffney Louis H Link
Galbraith Fannie Frances Link
Galland Elvina Janet Stokke Link
Galland Orris Irwin Link
Gallimore Elizabeth A Link
Gallimore Frederick Link
Gamber Doris Mildred Cole Link
Gamber Faith Opal Link
Gamber Joseph Francis Link
Gamber Mary Elizabeth O'Loughlin Link
Gamber Robert "Guy" Link
Gamber Robert F Link
Gambriel Ethel Ann Feldman Hickman Link
Ganson Florence Amanda Johnson Link
Ganson William Lawrence Link
Gardner Emmett M Link
Gardner Florence H Theodorsen Link
Gardner Lucille "Lue" Hurd Link
Gardner Thomas Link
Garst (baby) Link
Garst Virlinda Britton Link
Garton Gladys Lucille Ebling Link
Garza Coleen Maria Gaub Link
Garza Joseph "Mexican Joe" Link
Gaston Dorothy Lucille Link
Gaston John W Link
Gaub Bertha Knopp Link
Gaub Bertha Helen Link
Gaub Carl Link
Gaub Christoph Link
Gaub Dolly Mae Grainger Link
Gaub Edward Gottlieb Link
Gaub Eva Buechler Link
Gaub Fredericka Link
Gaub Gottlieb Link
Gaub Gottlieb G Link
Gaub Henry Link
Gaub Hilda Kalmback Link
Gaub Jacob J Link
Gaub Johann Link
Gaub Joseph Link
Gaub Joseph M Link
Gaub Judith P Parker Link
Gaub Magdalena Hein Link
Gaub Margretha Hohenecker Link
Gaub Martha Link
Gaub Pauline Kalmback Link
Gaub Reuben Link
Gavin Franklin Ray Link
Gebhardt Anna Marie Weiss Link
Gebhardt David Link
Gebhardt Emma Ruele Link
Gebhardt Gottlieb Link
Gehnert Jacob H Link
George Maude Nina Krueger Michelsen Link
George Tom Link
George William Link
Gibson Violet Ethel Link
Gifford Albert C Link
Gifford Angelina Pearce Link
Gifford Jacob K Link
Gilbertson Carl Reuben Link
Gilbertson Fredericka E Trask Link
Gilmore Alice Noreen McDowell Link
Gilmore Hiram R "Harmie" Link
Gilmore Mary J Link
Gilmore Ralph J Link
Gladney Charles Link
Glaeske Hilda Feser Link
Glaeske Richard H Link
Glasscock Peggy Lynne Breen Link
Glidewell Sylvia May Guiberson Link
Goekey (unknown) Link
Goff Ella Link
Goplen Bette Lue Schott Link
Goplen Vaughn Stewart Link
Gorde Holly H Link
Gorde Marie Kullunki Link
Gothard Leon "PizRick" Link
Grady Bertha Link
Grady John Ambrose Link
Grady Katherine M McDermot Link
Graf Joseph "Joe" Link
Graf Katharina Nusz Link
Graf Theobold Link
Graff (child) Link
Graff Jacob Link
Graff Richard Link
Grammer Richard Joseph "Dick" Link
Grandey Charles William Link
Grandey Effie Mae Kirkpatrick Link
Grandfield William H Link
Grant Leonard Jarvis Link
Grant Olive Janetta Harris Link
Grant Polly Alwilda Shaw Link
Graykowski Benjamin E Link
Graykowski Walentine "Walenty" Link
Grebeldinger Anna Schaff Link
Grebeldinger Mildred Forster Link
Grebeldinger Nicholas Link
Grebeldinger Nicholas Francis Sr Link
Greenwood Bertha Good Link
Greenwood Earl W Link
Greenwood Ida Marie Link
Greenwood John Wilbert Link
Gregg Horatio "Harry" Link
Gregg Mary Catherine Sluss Link
Gregory Thelma Phelps Link
Grimes Jeannette "Nettie" Purdy Link
Grimes Samuel Link
Grist (baby) Link
Grist Celia Mae Flint Link
Grist Forest L Link
Grist Glenn Raymond Link
Grist Harry Judson Link
Grist Lyle Alfred Link
Grist Marah Harriet Goodwin Link
Grist Marjorie Marie Allen Link
Grist Wayne Wilson Link
Griswold (baby) Link
Griswold (baby) Link
Groot Dick Link
Groot Jacoba Fredericks Link
Grovert Anna Marie Link
Grue Carl C Link
Grue Cecelia Maria Martinson Link
Grue Charles M Link
Grue Helen Marie Warner Link
Guenther Edward J Jr Link
Guenther Edward Jacob Link
Guenther Pearl Hickman Link
Guenther Robert L Link
Guilerson (baby) Link
Gullidge Gordon Payne Link
Gunsch Maria Gackle Link
Guy Lola A Ripple Link
Guy Stanley Link
Guy Stella May Kingsbury Link
Gwin Lizbeth Rockie Link
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